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Ming dynasty Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Ming dynasty - Research Paper object lessonAlthough it in like manner saw a lot of problems and setbacks, the Ming Dynasty is considered to be one of the longest eras of solidity and affluence in the history of China. Based on historical evidence, although there were other contributing factors to the success of the dynasty, this time of great progress and flourishing of the life in the country can be largely attributed to the effective giving medication and prudent reforms of its numerous emperors.The Mongols were the ones held power before the formation of the Ming Dynasty. It was the first emperor of the Ming, Emperor Taizu, who led the anarchy against the foreign rulers and overthrew the Mongolian power in China, leaving the locals to rule their own country. Immediately after the geological formation of the new empire, he set out to make reforms that changed all aspects of Chinese life for hundreds of years. Also cognize as the Hongwu Emperor, he began a great feat to refor m China and he did so successfully, kickoff with the revival of the economy. Great efforts were made to improve the yield of the fields and farms, such as the reconstruction of ditches and watercourses, which were managed mischievously and disregarded during the previous dynasty. Many neglected lands were also brought back to life by restarting cultivation and husbandry there. Many other rustic attempts to restore stability and progress in terms of agriculture were made. This include tree-planting programs all over the provinces. As a result, the agricultural yield in the entire nation steady tripled in only less than a decade. (Twichett et al, 264)Hongwu also made these reforms not only to increase the agricultural production of the country, but to also make efforts that would benefit those who were suffering in poverty at the time. In order to allow the peasants to gain opportunities to better their lives, he made many migrate to other areas, and also tried to equalize the dist ribution of property to many

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Default and Dispute Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Default and Dispute - Research Paper ExampleAcquisition planning and embody containment strategies of political science are two important aspects of the study. Finally, the study will try to recommend some useful strategies to ontogenesis the efficiency of procurement process of regimen. Termination for default can be described as make out of letual right of prime asseverator or the governing body to terminate the agreement or contract partially or as a whole for the reason of contractors failure to finish contractual obligations (in actual or anticipatory). Termination for default causes the loss for an infraperforming contractor in the following way. 1- The contractor will not be able to get reimbursement for undelivered be given and they need to repay for any provided advancement required in the undelivered output, 2- The contractor is liable to the prime contractor to pay the extra cost incurred due to terminated contract. Termination of default is a harsh monetary pe nalty in square practice. Every contractor needs to take possible steps to avoid such predicament (James, 1963). Bases for a Termination for Default The Federal Acquisition Regulation has described various bases for termination for default. The bases can be summarized in the following manner. 1- contractile organ fails to perform or deliver the work within given clock frame, 2- contractor fails to show acceptable cognitive operation to accomplish the work. As a result of poor performance the contractor fails to progress in the work, 3- a government can show debarment notice to contractor, 4- a government can repudiate the contract anticipating future loss that would be caused by poor performance of the contractor. 4- Contractor fails to perform any of the contractual provisions. Example Termination for Default is categorized as government particularized technical term contracting term described in 49.4 of the FAR. When a supplier fails to supply product within the predetermined time frame the government can terminate a contract for default. ideate a supplier did a contractual agreement with the government to supply 60 units of the product afterwards 1 month but managed to deliver only 40 units within given time frame. The government has the right to perform the termination of default due to the failure of the contractor. Termination for Default versus Termination for whatchamacallit Consequences In case of termination for default, the prime contractor is not liable for the cost incurred on undelivered work and contractor is liable to pay advance payments made by a government. The government has the right to allege manufacturing materials and completed supplies after termination of a contract. Contracting officer shall acquire sinless material under the default clause on behalf of a government. Government is liable to pay contract price of finished supplies to a contractor. The payment amount is decided by contracting officer after adjustment with a co ntractor (Acquisition, n.d.). In the termination for convenience, the government may terminate the contract in whole or in part at any time by giving minimum thirty geezerhood notice to the contractor. The contractor will be paid due to payment for completed work by the prime contractor.

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Should We Require Labeling for Genetically Modified Food Essay

Should We occupy Labeling for Genetically Modified Food - Essay ExampleThis essay presents and analyzes their arguments, where they have both provided compelling claims that provoke their interests, although they committed fallacies that diluted the strength of their theses furthermore, this essay believes that without widespread public action, mandatory labeling will not be applied in the near future, and organic labeling can instead sufficiently serve as a guidance for people who want to steer away from GEF, while they prepare for stronger advocacy efforts for legalized GEF labeling. Aside from phantasmal and health concerns of some consumers, GEF is not yet proven to be fully safe for people and the environment, and so they must be properly labeled for the benefit of proper consumer information. Bereano (1998) asserted that religious and citizen groups believe that the government, by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), should enforce mandatory labeling of GEF. They have a right to know because they bespeak this information to concur the right buying decisions. Furthermore, Bereano (1998) noted that the government is wrong to say that consumers do not have to know the process of food production, when other process labeling ways are practiced, such as having labels, which press out that the food is kosher or dolphin-free. In addition, Bereano (1998) believed that because of the precarious nature of GEF, the precautionary principle must be applied (p.278). It is a precaution for people to know what they are eating, so that they can make informed decisions. Moreover, Bereano (1998) maintained that the commercial right to free speech is secondary to the consumers right to food information, particularly when he emphasized that there are material differences between organic food and GEF. He reminded companies that, when they state that GEF have substantial equivalence to other food, it contradicts their need to patent their GE products because they are original and varied (Bereano, 1998, p.278). Hence, Bereano (1998) underscored that mandatory labeling serves the information needs of the general public, particularly in line with the potential or current harms to specific consumers because of health, cultural, environmental, scientific, and religious interests. Another source ascertained that GEF are not dangerous to human/ fleshly health because the FDA conditions their safety. Levitt (2000) provided an FDA study which examined the safety of the most-criticized GM products and findings showed that they were not dangerous to human beings (Levitt, 2000, p.282). He presented his own scientific studies to back up his claims about GEF. In addition, Levitt (2000) explained the laborious process of GEF approval that are based on FDA and US Department of Agriculture (USDA) policies, specifically their 1992 policy on bioengineered food/crops. He stressed that stock-still GEF food additives are subject to FDA evaluation and approval. H e is saying that through these efforts, the government can ensure that all GEF in the market are safe for human consumption. Moreover, Levitt (2000) asserted that the FDA works closely with bio-engineering companies in helping them comply with food production standards (p.285). Consultation is continuous and begins during the early product development process. Hence, Levitt (2000) mat up that mandatory

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Assignment 8 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Assignment 8 - Essay ExampleThrough, personal experience, interviewing and observation, a possible solution to the current state of affairs in the universitys system offer be improved for the benefit of the students and the universityPrevious studies have shown that the prime(a) of pedagogics or work in an institution can be improved if a variety of activities and courses exist. The esprit de corps of the students and the quality of education is also determined by the existing structures in an institution. Trent University has limited its ability of providing quality education in certain fields because of its inconsistent programs. Consistency bring home the bacons value addition because of the maintenance of standards. This makeup aims at providing some clear benefits that a review in the current system will attain for Trent University. This consultation report will therefore provide a guideline on how to pursue the changes that can be applied to the university.The scope of th is project aims at providing the students with a chance of pursuing their desired courses without existence forced to pursue courses that they did not have in mind. This system will be flexible so that changing courses for a student will be their own prerogative and not because they lack otherwise options. Availability of options for the students to change courses ensures that the university offers enough courses hence the intake of students will also increase. The current system is as depicted in Diagram 3 (Appendix C).The decision support system will therefore provide guidance to students into picking the courses that are in their G.P.A range and their qualifications. The system will also be slavish in ensuring that courses are scheduled in a balanced manner giving major courses and hapless courses including electives different scheduling. The short courses will be placed in appropriate times like during summer and holidays or fixed in appropriate times like weekends.The impl ementation of this

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Linguistics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Linguistics - Essay Examplebserves that the homosexual body and brain atomic number 18 built in such a way as to make language an inborn quality, and something which just comes naturally because of the physiological way humanness are made. A second theory, which we could call the social theory, looks at the interactions between human beings, and incidentally also animals, and suggests that language is an advanced form of a cognitive/behavioural process. In dictate to determine how appropriate these two theories are in explaining the origins of language, it is important to look for evidence which supports either of these views, or evidence which suggests some other explanation.When one considers the physical equipment that was needed for humans to begin speaking to to each one other, it is clear that there is a complicated mouth structure which can make sounds using argumentation coming up from the lungs and friction or stops using lips, teeth, and tongue. Very similar physical attributes are exemplify in quite a number of animals, including parrots and other birds which can mimic the human articulation real closely. This is not true language use, however, because birds cannot hold a real conversation, beyond just iterate phrases they have learned to imitate. The sounds that speaking birds make are resign of meaning, and so they are just empty signs. This means that they can produceThe great apes have more idea of what language is, and a a few(prenominal) have even been taught to communicate true lexical units and sentences through sign language even though they lack the physical equipment to make sounds that approximate human speech. The utterances that apes make among themselves may be a very rudimentary form of language but there is not the range of sound possibility that humans have. Apes have not developed sign language on their own, even though they have demonstrate the capability to learn it. These two examples of talking birds and signing a pes show that partial language abilities are present in animals but that only a specific

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Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 5

steering - Essay ExampleFigure 1 shows how this disruptive model works.The focus of this paper is to ascertain the secrets of achiever in sustaining long-term deed and growth in essence, how to become an innovator. In MGT class, we have asserted that it is no simple matter for a firm to be a long-term innovator and that accomplishing this requires capable performance in corporate strategy, culture, architecture, leadership and decision making (taken from topic question). During the process of researching this paper, the realization I came to is that sustainable growth comes from many different factors but they are all under wiz subheadingThis one heading encompasses the myriad of topics that were and still are discussed in MGT. These areas also contain the seeds of creating sustainable growth and purpose in companies. I will discuss how these areas manifested in various companies for their betterment or their detriment. My position is that I agree with Christensen and Raynor in that disruptive sustainable growth, while not yet fully experienced by any company to date (except possibly for Microsoft), is within the realm of possibility.Sustainable growth and innovation is a product of one seamless thread of business concept and application from top to bottom. How this thread is disunite can come from many different areas, one of the most important being from the management team level.Executives are charged with the task of creating profit in various business and product lines within their companies. How does a manager allocate his time and resources to do this? For me, the concept of disruptive growth is a Rosetta stone in this topic. To me, it holds within it the essence of growth and success along with chaos theory. These two concepts create a complexly rich look at how managers can conceptualize and manage their businesses without forcing control onto their businesses.Chaos theory deals with unpredictable complex systems (What is Chaos

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Developing Working Relationship with Colleagues Essay

Developing Working Relationship with Colleagues - Essay ExampleThis relationship enhances the morale and self-assurance deep down colleagues fraternity in the workplace since the workmates have ascertain for continuous support from the employers. It also sets a superfluous surroundings where both the employer and the employee can easily present their views with ease. By setting a free environment with the employees, an individual also improves the doors for future opportunities. The accountability may be through one of the employees that may guarantee the support needed in any of the available opportunities somewhere. Productive working relationships are quite crucial for every professional. At the workplace, are the immediate people that offer training, general support, and advice to new employees who are expect to grow both physically and psychologically. Moreover, a personal analysis must be conducted using the prink terminology adopted from marketing. For instance, through interaction with colleagues, a sales manager must ascertain their strengths in the job, weaknesses, and opportunities open to them and potential threats or coercions to their success. Additionally, such relationships enable employees to draft a force diagram that leave behind pinpoint the forces that drive employees towards accomplishment and those that restrain them from success. Developing productive working relationship may also enable one to establish the best networks that one may not have had before or may not even have in the future. It allows the officer in charge to understand all(prenominal) employee or employer in terms of race, political, social and economic contextual.

Keystone species - Sea stars Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Keystone species - Sea stars - Essay ExampleIt may augment population of a species or limit it through direct competition for resources or through predation.The sea stars are considered a keystone species in the bouldery intertidal habitat because it determines the habitats composition. unity of its significant effects is its control over the population of mussel. It dictates the population of mussels within the intertidal region that it inhabits. redden though it can predate many other invertebrates in the middle intertidal, its preference of mussels determines the preys population in the habitat. This has secondary effects on populations of other species in the middle intertidal. In the absence seizure of sea stars, mussels grow and colonize the middle intertidal. This leads to quenching of other species such as barnacles and large alga in the locality. This means that sea stars control population of different biotic factors and allows for establishment and sustainability of different species in the middle intertidal, a factor that identifies its supreme influence.Sustainable biodiversity is important to an ecosystem. Sea stars affect biodiversity in rocky intertidal by ensuring a fair environment for survival of all factors in the ecosystem. Sea stars happen upon this by controlling population of mussels that is a threat to other species in the habitat. By preferring the prey and by overwhelming it in the middle intertidal, sea stars allows for existence of other organisms that mussels would otherwise disadvantage and eliminate from the habitat.remotion of sea stars threatens biodiversity of the rocky intertidal habitat through facilitating dominance of mussels over other species. It allows mussels into the lower zones and this leads to extinction of other species in the region. Sea stars control population of mussels and their removal leads to extensive dominance of mussel that then disadvantages other

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Applying theory to a practice problem 3 Research Paper

Applying theory to a practice problem 3 - Research Paper ExampleLukes Hospital School of cargon for. She earned two Master of apprehension in nursing and a PhD from Case Western Reserve University in 1987 and 1997 respectively. soon Kolcaba is serving as Associate Professor of nursing at Akron College of Nursing. Kolcaba has received many demonstrates, including the Midwest Nursing Research Society award of Advancement of Science Award and the Case Western Reserve University award Cushing Robb Prize. Since retiring from professional teaching, she has been volunteering with the Honor Society of Nursing and the American Nurses Association. She has done various publications including Comfort surmise and Practice A Vision for Holistic Health Care and Research. On the other hand, Dr. Margaret Jean Watson was innate(p) in 1940 in West Virginia and grew up in an extended family (Watson, 2010). Watson graduated with her bachelors of Science in Nursing at the University of Colorado. Sh e earned her masters in psychiatric-mental health nursing, and a doctorates in educational psychology and counseling (Johnson & Webber, 2010). She joined the teaching profession and became a distinguished Professor in Nursing and holds a Chair in Caring Science at the University of Colorado Health Science Center (Johnson & Webber, 2010). ... Dr. Watson is a fellow in the American Academy of nursing. She has national and international honors (Watson, 1997). When Watson created the caring theory, she had in mind the purpose to capture the medical standard of the patient and the environment in which they lived (Watson, 2008). This paper seeks to let out a nursing theory established by the above described nursing theorists and the influences contributed by the theorists, the concepts and the propositions of the theory, and because check the theory to a practice problem through demonstrating the links to the elements of the theory and the problem. According to Kolcaba (1993), enterta in theory addresses the satisfaction of human needs that arise from stressful health care situations. The paper seeks to apply this theory in the field of patient negligence. This involves the lack of coordination and communication in care, and also the management and tick off of symptoms, before the disease is aggravated. This problem is experienced in both the public and private sector accordingly Kolcaba (1993) sort to address this outgrowth and return sanity in the administration of patient care. According to L.J. Morrison and R.S Morrison (2006), alleviatory care are important in the care of elderly people as they require tightfitting monitoring. The problem is quite a matter of interest, quoting from statistics most patients die due to negligence by nurses. If the issue is addressed appropriately this will prevent the end of avoidable deaths. Kolcaba (1993) acknowledges that various scientific steps such as the muscle relaxation procedure and the therapeutic touch have b een made to ensure that patients are well taken care of. In addition to the acknowledgement of the work of Katharine Kolcaba, The University of

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Constitutional and Judicial Review Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Constitutional and Judicial go off - Essay ExampleCounter arguments are however there and this is to the effect that the Human Rights Act 1998 does break-dance the courts the right to strike down any(prenominal) legislation that it feels is incompatible with the European Convention by stating so. The courts may non choose to exercise this option and may prefer to interpret it as far as possible as required by Section 3 of the Human Rights Act of 1998. Yet the conclusion lies with the court in choosing whether exercise this to option and call for amending the legislation. This is contrary to the traditional understanding of parliamentary sovereignty and should the courts choose to exercise this option it would lead to a constitutional crisis. (Gillespie, A. Alisdair. Human Rights Act 1998 The 5 secondment Tour). British courts feel bound to display Acts of parliament that are inconsistent with the European Law, but not those that are inconsistent with the European Human Rights law, because all twelve articles except condition 13 of the trader Convention articles have been included in the Human Rights Act of 1998. The leaving out of Article 13 was intentional and the official position for not including this article in the Human Rights Act of 1998 is that the Act itself is Article 13 and provides the necessary measures for any citizen to seek relief in case there are of any breaches. It must also be remembered that any citizen of the United Kingdom as a citizen of the European sum total can approach the European Court of Human Rights for relief in case of any breaches.

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Managing Strategy NETFLIX Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Managing dodge NETFLIX - Case Study ExampleAs a result of this rapid success, Netflix began to create alliances with movie studies, much(prenominal) as Warner Home Video, that provided both partners opportunities for sharing revenues. As a result of these agreements, the company released its IPO for shareholders in 2002, as a company that could sustain branch and remain profitable long-term. With new capital approachability as a result of having publicly traded stock, Netflix was now in a substantially sound fiscal business that provided opportunities to expand the business model. Today, Netflix provides customers with a flat rate membership of $7.99 USD per month, with the ability to rent DVDs and side streaming film content. Ease and convenience of using credit cards via Internet sales bring now gives Netflix immediate revenues that improves services and expand the vastness of its online movie libraries.This report explores the strategic position of Netflix, whirl a full str ategic appraisal of the company between the years 2010 and 2014. The investigation consists of analyses of the firms competitive strategy, performs an internal and external market analysis, determines the key strategic issues that have faced the company, strategic growth options for the company, and a description of the most relevant and viable strategies for improving the market performance of the firm long-term.Netflix operates in four key markets DVD by mail, streaming video content subscriptions, original television programming, and video game rentals. The firms original market entry strategy for DVDs-through-mail was as a originate in this service concept in the United States, as a differentiator, giving the company a consumer-perceived uniqueness for providing convenience without having to visit a bricks-and-mortar rental company. Kalyanaram and Gurumurthy (2008) iterate the pioneers have tremendous

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Stock Options at eBay Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

convey Options at eBay - Case Study ExampleWith a diverse and passionate community of individuals and small businesses, eBay offers an online political program where millions of items ar traded each day.It was started in 1995 with one employee and it has grown to employ thousands of employees today. Any familiaritys future success and win depend on their employees and the senior wariness. Even eBay feels that their success was dependant on their key management and their skilful staff. As such eBay tries to retain their key personnel officers for the long-term to gain much take ins, but they dont fork over any long term agreements with employees and they dont even maintain life insurance policies on their key employees. eBay attains more profits in land based auction businesses and those are dependent on specialists and senior management as these individuals have established good relations with sellers who transfer property for sale at auction. As the company is growing and the number of employees is also. The company has to attract more people and has to train them and retain them in the company for the long term, particularly the employees who are highly skilled, technical, and managerial.Stock options issued by a company seize the employee to barter for specific amount of the companys commonplace at a certain price after a set period of time (the vesting period). Stock options are useful to align the interests of the employee with those of the company. Since the stock options will be profitable sole(prenominal) if the companys stock goes up, the employee has incentive to work hard and ensure the success of the company. Also, since the options can only exercised after a certain period of time, the employee has to stay with the company. This promotes employee retention. Furthermore, by giving out stock options, the company can reduce other forms of compensation and reduce its immediate cash expenses. In this way, stock options are a better method of compensation compared to cash or stock.Lets take an example Lets say you are hired by eBay and they offer you options to buy 10,000 shares of eBay stock at $10 within the next trine years. This stock option gives you the right to buy 10,000 shares of eBay stock at exactly $10 after trinity years. Lets say after three years eBay stock is at $15, you can exercise your stock options, buy 10,000 shares for $100,000 and sell them on them for $150,000 making a $50,000 profit. Now, lets say eBays price after three years is $5, your options would be worthless. Thus the options incentivize you to work hard to ensure eBay is successful as measure by a stock price greater than $10. Also, you are required to stay for at least three years to profit from your options. From this example, it is clear how stock options align the interests of employees with those of the company and promote retention. The options did not also cost the company upfront. neither cash nor stock has all these advanta ges, and hence eBay compensates employees with stock options.Question 2 What are at least four benefits of choosing stock options over other compensation methodsCompensation packages are a means by which companies can achieve several different goals related to recruitment,

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Emergency Services Management - ManMade Disasters - Media Essay

Emergency run Management - ManMade Disasters - Media - Essay ExampleSmoke and soot content in air could rapidly extend 1 to 2 hours prior to the fire reaching the perimeter of our town.3. As a safety measure, I have ordered the evacuation initially of the western suburbs of Everyville consisting of the beas west of the canal. Evacuation of additional areas may acquire necessary as we track the advancement of the wildfire. The areas identified for immediate evacuation are shown in the machine-accessible map.4. The evacuation will begin in approximately 1 hour from now and should be realized in a maximum of 2 hours. Police and fire service personnel are being deployed in the area to assist in the evacuation. I request all citizens to help these civic employees, who are putting their lives at risk, to do their jobs effectively. Failure to comply with instructions from police or fire work personnel would be treated as a criminal offence.5. Carry only the minimum essentials with you when you discharge your home. These essentials are shown in the simple chart below. In addition carry sleeping bags and change of dress for each family member and some food and drinking water to supplement what is being arranged at the hangout centers. .You can use your own cars or trucks to move to the refuge areas or use the place vehicles that have been arranged by the civic authorities. The police and fire service personnel would provide guidance.6. The refuge areas identified in the town of Everyville are the Civic Center, The Church of St. Andrews, and the High School. The location of these refuge areas are shown on the map released with this statement.Volunteers have been positioned at each of these buildings to assign spaces and to help people settle in. roughly arrangements for food and water are also being made. Doctors and nurses from the town hospital will be in stock(predicate) to provide medical assistance if needed (CWPP, 2008).7. Before you

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Argument Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 5

tilt - Essay ExampleTherein exists a dilemma it is app arent that all we do is determined and controlled by the mind however, it would require defining features of the psychological condition that are not explicable on the floor of the human physical operations. Descartes argues that the connection between mind and body is a wholly arbitrary without cypher to the laws of physics for instance he demonstrates that a particle striking another will move in a direction that is determined by the angle of the first particle. In contrary, in the human body, thither is no connection between the physical sensations and the ensuing mental reaction he argues that hunger pangs for instance, devote no direct connection to the reaction they provoke (Desire to eat) and can just as well take a crap a desire to sleep or drink (Descartes 54).In modern day, cognitive scientists are more than ever before curious about the engenderment of the human perception and thought process unlike in the past, information process in the abstract are no longer seen as conclusive accounts of the mind. Scientists are concerned with the interactions of the body and the environment and how the relationship contributes in shaping human perception and the mind. Thinkers who support this give instruction of thought postulate that by such examination, the Cartesian rift between the body and mind whitethorn be bridged so the material and immaterial aspect of human existence can be seen a unified whole. (Robinson). One of the areas expected to provide answers is the examination of non-reflexive actions which are not indication of an individuals mentality and whose arbitrary connection is to the motor features of the action in question such as insistence a button. In dualism the mind and body are contrasted however over the years of study diverse parts of the mind have been the focus of attention for instance before Descartes in the mediaeval extremity the intellect was seen as the least likely to be affected by a

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Assignment 11 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Assignment 11 - Essay ExampleThe article gives the reader an opportunity to appreciate the role and impact of action query within the educational setting. In essence, the author captures the figure outes involved in action interrogation in notification to maximizing the benefits. In addition, this is a research process that has the capacity to revitalize the entire learning process in most academic spheres. In addition to adding value to the learning process, action research creates hypercritical grounds to reflect and evaluate teaching approaches (Arnold, 2008). It is therefore a necessary tool that can be physical exertiond to support various initiatives by individual teachers, teaching communities, and organizations.Essentially, one cannot ignore the nature of selective information collection procedures used in action research. The author sheds light on the necessary aspects that one should sell when conducting action research (Arnold, 2008). It is an invaluable tool that o ffers a range of opportunities for the learners and the teachers. Essentially, when one is capable of conducting a probe within their field makes it possible to address issues that are facing a system.The qualitative techniques in use when conducting action research set the stage for solving problems and enhancing practice. The reader further gets the details of how action research can enable the researcher to interpret as well as formulate acceptable solutions and working steps towards local problems. One of the benefits that come with such an approach includes the ability to seek viable and hardheaded explanations to some of the general problems facing an education system.Some of the realities that the researcher faces on a twenty-four hour period to day basis are grounds for gathering factual data. Due to this, the researcher does not have the lavishness of following laid out procedures. Such a position calls for innovative data collection techniques that depart focus on th e importance of the data at hand (Arnold, 2008). The emphasis on the significance of

Critically explore and analyse concepts and debates in contemporary Essay - 2

Critically explore and dismember concepts and debates in contemporary health and - Essay ExampleThis issue is challenging for the physicians and the c are givers. It also suggests the accompaniment though the UKNHS policies and interventions really strive to reach each and every people but they also flunk in some specific sections of the population. In this article the conceptual problems leading to this discrepancy of policy and manifestations are elucidated and discussed.(Unal,2004)Though there has been literature regarding the issues there has been very little work done as to how to alter from this issue. The Health Development has the task of developing the evidence base in health to inform policies and workout to reduce inequalities. The HAD has done reviews on issues like low birth weight, hearty supports in pregnancy, prevention of drugIn fact the HAD reviews implicated that the dimensions of social positions and social differences such as ethnicity, disability, gender, age , place and geography was though not been explicitly denied as important but are underdeveloped empirically and theoretically. so the question of social work requires much more prominent role in policy make in health planning services.In Britain social inequalities has been evaluated by occupations. The occupation of the male head base was used to determine social class positions of all the members of the society including the aged population. Hence in the sound judgement of policy makers the women were thus not distinguished for the social class positions and hence their was little allowance for kinds of social difference other than the occupation of the male head to determine for the health inequalities. Though the society has changed with the women and the gerontological population actively been employed, the decline of manual work that has taken place but the policy makers allow by the earlier rule of occupation based data capture for formulating policies.There are a number of factors of social

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Background of Benjamin Franklin Essay Example for Free

Background of Benjamin Franklin tasteThe Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin was thought by himself to be the blustering and arduous project of arriving at object lesson perfection. It refers to when he was in his twenties, around 1726, he found himself jobless penniless in debt and of a sudden a single father. He was actually intelligent and he knew there was definitely something wrong in his life and he was e festerr to make a change. So he wrote this autobiography not exclusively to tell his son ab give away his life but also to improve his financial situation and to suffer a model for self-improvement for anyone interested. In nine to achieve his goal, Franklin developed and committed himself to a personalized improvement program that consisted of thirteen sexual moralitys. Actually, Franklin found twelve virtues out of thirteen in the reading (124). And another(prenominal) one was from the suggestion of his friend (133). Franklin made a list of thirteen virtues as follow serenity order resolution frugality industry sincerity justice moderation cleanliness tranquility chastity and humbleness (125-126).The first eight virtues relate to peoples attitudes towards their daily activities and their challenges, which belongs to personal virtues . The last five virtues that Franklin verbalize concern ones attitudes toward people with whom one has to be dealings, which fall into social virtues. Franklin set ahead the thirteen virtues in a very practical and rational way. Simultaneously, he gave reasons for the order of these virtues (126). He depute temperance at the top of the list, while humility came last. If a person can conquer temperance, such a primal urge for food or drink, he can keep a imperturbable and clean mind to do something more important, thus making self-development in other virtues. Overall, his rational order for the virtues makes each prior virtue help Franklin involve each following virtue. In order to acquire these thir teen virtues, Franklin charted his daily progress, focusing his attention on one virtue each week, so later thirteen weeks he had completed all the virtues (127-128).Keeping track of his successes and failures in a small book, he kept it with him at all times for many years. either night before going to bed, he would reflect and evaluate himself on what he had acquired and what he had failed. His goal was to minimize faults in his life, thus indicating he was moving toward living a more virtuous life free of mistakes. Although Franklin tried to follow the virtues himself, he sometimes strayed from his good intentions. The most troublesome virtue he met with was order (130-132). It was partly beca aim Franklins good computer storage made order not as necessary. When he was young he remembered whenever he left anything. As he grew older, his memory became poorer and poorer, which caused him problems with order. Partly because he was a business man to be interrupted from the popula r frequently so that he could not focus on something as it was expected. Another troublesome virtue Franklin confronted with was humility (133).Virtually, Franklin was born to be proud, but he had to pretend to be humble in usual so that he could establish a good social status. Though Franklin admitted in his autobiography that he often fell short, he believed the process helped make him a better man and contributed to his success and rejoicing (131-132). For example, temperance contributed to his long life and good health. As for persisting in Industry and Frugality, he put in a lot of wealth and gained a large scope of knowledge to do scientific research. all(prenominal) those virtues together had shaped Franklins very pleasant personality. Furthermore, the autobiography indicates Franklin was very intelligent. Initially, he could list out these virtues in the reading (124) and the method of virtues was very rational for people to follow(127).In all his life, Franklin had foll owed his plan of virtues and make out a person full of virtuousness. He also set a good model for the posterity to follow and expressed his good will for them (132). As for the autobiography itself, I completely agree with his consents the bold and arduous project. It means that it was not easy for people to follow. But Franklin himself had proved to be very roaring in many fields by following his plan of thirteen virtues. Franklin was also a very responsible person because he educated and raised his son on his have got. He was passionate close to science, thats why he had made massive contribution to our society, making a lot of inventions luminosity rod, Franklins stove and odometer, so on and so forth. The autobiography can be of great use to others.If only we descendants can follow his virtues, we can make great self-improvement in our own fields and in moral standards. I have been reckoning how Franklin made his own name? When he was 20-two years old, he was strikingly impoverished and a single father. But by the age of forty-two, Franklin had achieved all his goals, which were not acquired by accident, but by his strong faith in his virtues. For more than twenty years, six days a week with dirty hands, Franklin had been doing the routine work in the printing house.Every night he constantly made self-criticism on what he had achieved and what he should have to acquire. If only I can follow some of Franklins thirteen virtues, I am definitely making great progress in my study overseas and in my future teaching career. Take the virtue order for example, it sounds so minor that we can easily neglect in our daily life, actually, searching for items for class any day is always time-consuming. If I can arrange everything in its place, I would study more efficiently and achieve much higher grades. Of course, the thirteen virtues are a good guide for me to follow. In fact, holding track of how well I do in maintaining the virtues and having positive cha racter traits, as Franklin did, is worth trying.

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Railway Station Essay Example for Free

Railway Station EssayThe stench of boiling coffee wafted nearly the deserted railway station, thither were flutters of pigeons scuffling around, scrounging all the unexpended over nibbles that had been left on the floor by the commuters from the evening before. It was dawn and as the sun was rising, so was a watchful booster cable that every now and then swarmed through the dark station whisking away severely crumple newspapers that on their round, the cleaners had missed with the dust pan and brush earlier that morning. The hustle and bustle of the mine run public hurled its way into the calm, collected station. Information boards began to rustle and the sounds of informs departed from what was now like another world, the malodourous crammed station that had lost all its sense of dignity was now ready and waiting for what the daytime had in store. When people boarded the train that was due to take them to their destination it was like they had no concept of what was go ing on around them, completely oblivious to all the other passengers. Newspapers went up in the hot and clustered train compartment and people tucked themselves away in them for the duration of their journey even if they had already read it all, they would do anything to avoid the eye of a fellow commuter.The old escalators whined as they continually roamed up, and then back trim back again, as they carry frustrated, dizzy passengers who are always having to hurry around, never having anytime to stop on there busy, rushed route to work.Along one of the hard, cold walls a man sat there still, with his quest for as a companion, eagerly anticipating the kind passer by, who frequently would be able to spare a moment of their time to drop in a few valuable Pennines.A warm, soft touch sensation filled the right hand side of the station. The shoe polish from the repair stand that made everyone angle of dip there heads towards as the brushed by. Every now and then a well groomed ancest ry man popped in and had his shoes polished, before returning to his recurring hassle of his job.Throughout the chilled station a repeated yell took place every so often, coming from the four newspaper stalls, which echoed all around the station, Standard, come and get ya standard. The friendly face that occurred in the same place, at the same time, every day of the working year. Desperate to sell the days loads of papers to the commuters passing through the station.The stench of boiling coffee wafted around the deserted railway station, there were flutters of pigeons scuffling around, scrounging all the left over nibbles that had been left on the floor by the commuters from the evening before. It was dawn and as the sun was rising, so was a brisk wind that every now and then swarmed through the dark station whisking away severely crumpled newspapers that on their round, the cleaners had missed with the dust pan and brush earlier that morning.

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Issues in special education Essay Example for Free

Issues in spare education EssayLegal disputes between parents and take officials end be very costly. The cost is non just in dollars. It also involves be in terms of the diversion of resources, the toll on school personnel, and, most importantly, the breakdown in the family relationship between the parents and the school. The best way to deal with a legal dispute is to prevent it from occurring in the low gear place. In 1975 Congress passed landmark legislation designed to provide the nations students with disabilities with unprecedented access to educational services. to begin with known as the Education for All Handicapped Children Act (1975), that legislation is now known by its hot title, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (1997). The statute, as amended, calls for school zones to provide students with disabilities with an appropriate education in the least(prenominal) restrictive environment. The law also provides students with disabilities and their p arents with due process rights, including the right to contest school regulate decisions regarding the supplying of a free appropriate universe education.Consequently, since the enactment of the law in 1975, literally thousands of lawsuits have been filed ambitious school district decisions. The IDEA is not the only law governing special education in the schools. In addition, section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the ADA provide students with disabilities with additional protections. Section 504 prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities by recipients of federal funds. The ADA expands section 504s discrimination prohibition to the private sector, but includes provisions applicable to public entities.In addition, all states currently have laws governing the provision of special education. Procedural issues Evaluation and categorisation The IDEA requires states, and consequently school districts, to establish procedures to assure that all students with dis abilities are properly identified and evaluated (IDEA, 1412, a, 2, 1997). Those procedures, on with the test instruments chosen, may not be culturally or racially biased. In fact, students whose language or mode of communication is not English, must be evaluated in their native language or universal mode of communication (IDEA, 1414, b, 3, 1997).The IDEA stipulates that all assessments are to be administered by trained personnel in conformance with the instructions provided by the test producer (IDEA, 1414, b, 2, 1997). If a student is found to be in line for special education, the school district is required to develop an individualized education program (IEP) for that child, but the IEP can be invalidated if it is based on a flawed evaluation of the child (Bonadonna v. Cooperman, 1985). The student is entitle to an separatist evaluation if the parents disaccord with the school districts evaluation.However, the school district is required to pay for the independent evaluat ion only if the parents can show that the districts evaluation was not appropriate. If the parents do obtain an independent evaluation, the school district must consider the results of that evaluation (Assistance to the States, 300. 503, 1999). However, that does not mean that the school district must adopt the recommendations of the independent evaluator (G. D. v. Westmoreland School District, 1991). Rights of Parents and GuardiansParents are given considerable due process rights on behalf of their children in the special education process. The intent of the IDEAis for them to become partners with school district personnel in the development of IEPs. The school district must provide the parents with proper notice before it proposes to take any action regarding the childs identification or attitude (IDEA, 1415, b, 3, 1997). The parents must be invited to participate in all meetings in which the students evaluation or position will be considered (Assistance to the States, 300.34 5, 1999).If the parents disagree with any decisions made by school district personnel, they may try out resolution either through voluntary mediation or an administrative due process hearing. If the parents disagree with the final result of the administrative hearing process, they may appeal to the federal or state courts (IDEA, 1415, 1997). bankruptcy to provide parents with the rights outlined in the IDEA can invalidate an otherwise appropriate IEP (Osborne, 1996).Change in Placement Procedures Once a child has been placed in special education, that placement may not be arbitrarily permuted. Again, before any smorgasbord in placement may occur, the parents must be given proper notification. The childs placement also may not be changed while any administrative due process or judicial proceedings are pending absent parental apply or a court order (IDEA, 1415, j, 1997). The actual determination of what constitutes a change in placement can be tricky.For example, if a special ed ucation classroom was physically moved from one school to another as part of a school district reorganization, that would not be considered a change in placement as long as the students IEP could be fully implement in the new location. By the same token, the usual movement of a student from one level to another (i. e. , uncomplicated to middle school) is not a change in placement if the students IEP can be fully implemented after the change (Osborne, 1996). However, any move that would see the IEP or its implementation would be considered a change in placement.Obviously, changing a child from a resource room situation to a easily separate class for students with behavioral disorders would be a change in placement. The elimination of a lot of the students educational program would also constitute a change in placement (Abney v. District of Columbia, 1988). electric shaver changes are allowable, however. The key to determining whether or not the change is acceptable is how the mo dification will affect the students learning (DeLeon v. Susquehanna Community School District, 1984).

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Labor Systems Essay Example for Free

Labor Systems moveThere was a decrease in the popularity/ usage of forced labor systems. This was caused by Enlightenment thought and the recent success of the Haitian revolution. Most of the movements that led to this improvement were led by Simon Bolivar. In the Caribbean, slaveholding was abolished. It was abolished several years before other regions like the US because of pressure from British labor unions. However, thus far though slaveholding was legally abolished, slaves were still obligated to stay with their masters and take on apprenticeships. Women became much(prenominal)(prenominal) than involved in society.Women came to Latin America, mainly indentured servants, and they were given work. This was not a large find though because the only jobs they were given would be domestic work like being house servants or maids. Changes There was a decrease in the popularity/ usage of forced labor systems. This was caused by Enlightenment persuasion and the recent succes s of the Haitian revolution. Most of the movements that led to this improvement were led by Simon Bolivar. In the Caribbean, thralldom was abolished. It was abolished several years before other regions like the US because of pressure from British labor unions.However, withal though thralldom was legally abolished, slaves were still obligated to stay with their masters and take on apprenticeships. Women became to a greater extent involved in society. Women came to Latin America, mainly indentured servants, and they were given work. This was not a large uncovering though because the only jobs they were given would be domestic work like being house servants or maids. Changes There was a decrease in the popularity/ usage of forced labor systems. This was caused by Enlightenment thought process and the recent success of the Haitian revolution.Most of the movements that led to this improvement were led by Simon Bolivar. In the Caribbean, thralldom was abolished. It was abolished seve ral years before other regions like the US because of pressure from British labor unions. However, purge though slavery was legally abolished, slaves were still obligated to stay with their masters and take on apprenticeships. Women became more involved in society. Women came to Latin America, mainly indentured servants, and they were given work. This was not a large uncovering though because the only jobs they were given would be domestic work like being house servants or maids.Changes There was a decrease in the popularity/ usage of forced labor systems. This was caused by Enlightenment sentiment and the recent success of the Haitian revolution. Most of the movements that led to this improvement were led by Simon Bolivar. In the Caribbean, slavery was abolished. It was abolished several years before other regions like the US because of pressure from British labor unions. However, level off though slavery was legally abolished, slaves were still obligated to stay with their ma sters and take on apprenticeships. Women became more involved in society.Women came to Latin America, mainly indentured servants, and they were given work. This was not a large find though because the only jobs they were given would be domestic work like being house servants or maids. Changes There was a decrease in the popularity/ usage of forced labor systems. This was caused by Enlightenment mentation and the recent success of the Haitian revolution. Most of the movements that led to this improvement were led by Simon Bolivar. In the Caribbean, slavery was abolished. It was abolished several years before other regions like the US because of pressure from British labor unions.However, so far though slavery was legally abolished, slaves were still obligated to stay with their masters and take on apprenticeships. Women became more involved in society. Women came to Latin America, mainly indentured servants, and they were given work. This was not a large discovery though because the only jobs they were given would be domestic work like being house servants or maids. Changes There was a decrease in the popularity/ usage of forced labor systems. This was caused by Enlightenment thinking and the recent success of the Haitian revolution.Most of the movements that led to this improvement were led by Simon Bolivar. In the Caribbean, slavery was abolished. It was abolished several years before other regions like the US because of pressure from British labor unions. However, even though slavery was legally abolished, slaves were still obligated to stay with their masters and take on apprenticeships. Women became more involved in society. Women came to Latin America, mainly indentured servants, and they were given work. This was not a large discovery though because the only jobs they were given would be domestic work like being house servants or maids.

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Working memory Essay Example for Free

Working memory EssayIn todays society, painting games are becoming ever more popular and the more popularity characterization games receive, the more inquiry that get out be through on the topic. Many years ago you may have comprehend of Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, and of course the classic Super Mario. Today we have better technology and millions of different games course away there that tail assembly put gamers in tough situations and can lure them to play for hours upon hours. With the gamer population stretchiness e genuinelyplace 90 million in the past decade, their strengths and weaknesses will have a huge electrical shock on society (NBC News). The question is, do video games actually correct cognition and have overbearing personal do on large number and how the games can improve learning skills? Loftus, Geoffrey R. , and Elizabeth F. Loftus. Mind at Play The psychology of image Games. New York, NY Basic, 1983. Print. Pgs 46-54 This book examines the mental pr ocesses involved in acting video games, discusses behavior problems patronage players can develop, and compares video games to other fads of the past. The chapter that I look at specifically is Chapter 3 Games and The Cognitive System.This chapter goes over the aspects of the mind which requires complex thinking and actions to do certain operations when performing video games. A study theme is the different strategies that can be apply for accomplishing the mental goals standardised the goal to be right-hand(a) at playing video games. There are sections within the chapter. The sections that I will be evaluating is attending and Memory. In the first section Attention Geoffrey Loftus explains that attention is the filtering process and pot broadly speaking filter information genuinely efficiently. Attention is workd in everyday life.The author goes in depth on how sight use their attention and to play certain games. The ability to manipulate your attention and be open to boil down on one object and then (within a millisecond) be able to focus on some other object. This is the key to video games and improving your skills. The authors evidence he used, he applied to scenarios that people encounter all the time. They used the example of when you are talking in a group of people and the person on the left is talking to and you quickly shift your attention to the person on your right.The transfigure in attention didnt require you to move a muscle, instead it was all done with your mind. another(prenominal) large example they gave is when you are trying to destroy all the helicopters in the air when you realize they dinero dropping paratroopers. You then start concentrating more on the paratroopers because they are going to be closer to you. The note they gave was that your attention process can only take in one set of information at a time.This section Attention will be useful to support my argument because the authors explained that the more you u sed your selective attention the better and faster you would get at filtering information. Thus, it backs up my claim on how video games improve cognition. The other section I reviewed is Memory. The authors explained that Memory has two parts Long-term and Short-Term. Short-term is generally identified as consciousness and very small capacity for ideas. Long-term memory contains information like our name and ability to speak a language and so on.The storage space is virtually unlimited. The authors marque the claim that not only the memory (that your brain can handle) is important, but the speed at which you can manipulate that stored information is very important. They researched and found out reminiscence plays a big part in video games. This is the ability to play games one day and come back the next day and improve your skills or just be able to agnize and play the game without relearning the aspect. The evidence the authors used were great examples.The first I want to point out is Short-term memory is like the amplifier in the stereophonic system system its the heart of the system, and its important to learn to use it as efficiently as possible. He gave many other examples that helped the reader understand how the memory is being used and manipulated while playing video games. This section is very useful to support my claim. It provides people with the background information about skills that you use while playing video games. It too proved that when you use your memory the better it gets. Green, C. Shawn, and Daphne Bavelier.The Cognitive Neuroscience of Video Games. N. p. n. p. , n. d. PDF. Green and Bavelier start off by talking about the effects of video games on chemical reaction time and visual-motor coordination. They then go on to explain the effects of spatial skills, attention, brain changes due to video games, and the uses for video games. The topic of brain changes due to video games is the topic that I will examine the closest. The mai n(prenominal) argument he makes in the section of his journal is that the brain releases significant amounts of dopamine while playing video games.And dopamine has a part in many important functions in the brain, playing a role in cognition, punishment, motivation, attention, mood, sleep, voluntary movement, learning and working memory. Thus, the more dopamine means that you could be able to learn more efficiently. Green and Bavelier use a fold of research from other academic journals, books and psychological tests performed. The argument was very strong because he used actual tests that have been performed so the evidence is upstanding and backs up his argument well.The only question I have about his argument is what might be the side effects of too much dopamine or is the brain limited to producing a certain amount of dopamine. Overall, the source helped me understand how video games produce more dopamine and how it effects learning. The authors were confident in what they said. This will help readers understand how people learn and how videos games help your brain. Way, J. (2011). Video games as learning tools A library perspective.Access, 25(2), 10-16. Retrieved from http//search. proquest. com/docview/868572874?accountid=14576 This article/entry describes and explains the benefit behind games make for learning and games that arent necessarily made for learning but helped students with other aspects of life. Judith Way, a teacher and librarian at a high-school, explained that she used several(prenominal) different video games to help students learn My Word Coach and Guitar Hero, yes guitar HeroShe concluded that the games and programs she used was very helpful for more dense learning with children and not only learning but better attitudes and relationships with teachers and students.She also noted that the kids were much more interested in school and participating than ever before. Judith makes a very strong argument about video games and learning. The reason it is strong is because she conducted the study herself and could personally see changes in the students. Her evidence she presented was in the form of graphs that were clear and depicted gain in most cases. She also provided examples by children themselves. There was sufficient evidence that supported learning can be improved by video games.The piece of work will be very helpful on giving an outlook on how video games can improve learning and learning skills. This article can also help give an insight on how they can improve video games to get more positive outcomes in learning. Prot, Sara, MA, Katelyn A. McDonald, Craig A. Anderson, PhD, and Douglas A. Gentile, PhD. VVideo Games Good, Bad, or Other? Pediatric Clinics of North America59. 3 (2012) n. pag. Print. This article provides an overview of research findings on the positive and proscribe effects of video games, thus providing an empirical answer to the question, are video games good or bad?The article also provides some guidelines to help pediatricians, parents, and other caregivers protect children from negative effects and to maximize positive effects of video games. This article offers the polar of my argument. It is a very strong argument that will help me understand the other side and give me an understanding that along with positive effects there are negative too. The authors have consolidated a lot of research they did into one paper. The research comes from a lot of trials and studies conducted on kids playing video games.The evidence that she gave was quality research and she presented all her data in nice form tables. This article helps me recognize the opposite side of my proposal. This source will help me give evidence of the opposite view and statistics so that I can counter argue the ideas. This source narrows the topic of video games to carmine videos which isnt necessarily what I am writing about but it still gives a lot of negative effects that can come from video games in general.This research that I have done will greatly help narrow my topic to a more specific idea and it reassures my views on the topic. Once I narrow my topic tied(p) more I can get even more specific details. And more details means a better argument. Even though I have found out that there are positive ways that video games effect people, I have also noticed that research proves there are many negative effects too. This will help me in my argument to provide specific examples where only positive effects can happen.

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Thesis sample Essay Example for Free

Thesis sample EssayIntroduction The town of San Antonio is a second class municipality in the province of Nueva Ecija. It is located in between Jaen,Zaragosa, Cabiao and Concepcion. San Antonio is devided into 16 barangays. San Antonio is just an unfrequented dumbfound in Nueva Ecija furrowes argon well introduced to the public. And since the town starts to compete in the market, varieties of products atomic number 18 opened like service and high quality products. In search for a caper to engage at, the look forers considered the continous need of merchandise to be sold. Hardware supplies are items continously needed in search for knowledge and to earn living.The system of concern of his strain organization is simple as buying and reselling the items to prospective consumers. But due to present market condition where management is becoming complex due to the emergence of scientific methods of management tries to out-do each other, a need for a evaluation study as a means of preparation and planning is of outmost importance of this study. Venturing into business is the only alternative income and at the same time provide employment even just to a few. Statement of the Problem This research work is aimed to look into the viability of establishing a hardware supplies business in San Antonio, Nueva Ecija.specifically this study sought answers to the following 1. Who is the target market of the pruposed business? What are the marketing strategies and programs of this proposed business? 2. What are the technical and production processes needed in the operation of the proposed business? 3. What type of organization is necessary for the proposed business? 4. How much initial capital is (needed) to establish this kind of business? How long did the initial capital paybacked? 5. What are the potential problems that may arise during the operation of the proposed business?What possible solution to these problems? Significance of the study This research work pro vides the following significance 1. To The Researchers It will help the researcher to find if their study will be succesful in the future. 2. To The Students It will be the guide to the students if they will do their own research. 3. To The Future Investors It will be their referrence if they will invest to this business or not. Scope And Limitation The E. B De Guzman Enterprises in San Antonio, Nueva Ecija is a family business that engage with hardware products.The scope includes the evaluation of the business in terms of trade and Financial reflexion. Marketing Aspect This study will discuss how the business run. It includes their marketing strategies that made their hardware expanded. Financial Aspect This study will discuss the profitability of the business. It will present information about the current swan income, project cash, project sales and project expenses. Definition of Terms For purpose of being clear and intelligible of the terms used in this feasibility study . The following definitions are given

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Edgar Linton has more right Essay Example for Free

Edgar Linton has more secure EssayThe word grinder conjures an image in one and only(a)nesss head of a valiant, courageous, strong soulfulness one who puts the needs of others before their own, a being who defies evil with their handsome while and fearless nature. However, this stereotypical image does not accurately depict the full extent to which the term hero covers, as there are many different types of hero including the Byronic molar, unspotted Hero, Medieval Hero, and Romantic Hero.Classic Heroes are those in Greek and Roman literature they are often of royal birth or even like the Titan Prometheus half mortal, half god. Although Edgar Linton is not of royal descent, he is from a family of the highest sociable class throughout the country which eachows him to fall loosely into this stratum of noble birth. Heathcliff on the other hand, is from a discernible background and is brought into the household at Wuthering Heights as a gipsy brat by and by Mr. Earnshaw s aw, it starving, and houseless, and as good as dumb in the streets of Liverpool.Another characteristic of a Classic Hero is that they perform extraordinary feats. Throughout the novel Edgar Linton displays no obvious signs of having done anything extraordinary he is a calm, weak natured individual who avoids conflict and allows himself to be easily overpowered twain by Heathcliff and his married woman allowing the latter to do by him, I wish Heathcliff may flog you sick, for daring to think an evil thought of me In origin to this, Heathcliff performs many extraordinary deeds however, few of which are in any way admirable and for the win of anyone but himself for example, after being degraded for old age at the abusive hands of Hindley, Heathcliff disappeared for three years and that space of time turned himself into an outwardly respectable and wealthy man.In addition to the former points, a classical hero must be a perfectly ideal individual but for one fatal flaw. Ones opini on of Edgar Linton put forward be altered to allow him to fit in into this category as he is a well-mannered character who is obviously fully devoted to both his wife and his daughter Nelly Dean observes, I dont believe he ever did speak a harsh word to her. However, his gentle, spoiled upbringing may be his flaw as it has made him subordinate character that lacks the confidence and passion Heathcliff possesses and thus lacks the ability to keep hold of Catherine and make her happy. Heathcliff again, does not fit the model of the Classic Hero as he fails to meet this criterion he is an abusive, evil, sadistic individual who shows no hint of remorse or of possessing any admirable qualities. Although neither Edgar nor Heathcliff perfectly fit the mould of a Classic hero, Edgar has more right to be called a Classic Hero than Heathcliff does.However, Heathcliff does fully bear the right to be classed as the Byronic Hero within the novel as he possesses all the characteristics of on e of these heroes while Edgar has none of them. These heroes are manipulative, violent and unrepentant. Heathcliff shows his manipulative nature when he allows Isabella Linton to fall in savor with him, he tells Nelly, she abandoned them under a delusion, showing he was fully aware of her feelings and utilize them to his advantage, employing them as a tool in which he could gain control and ownership over both properties Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange.His displays of violence are prominent throughout the novel, beginning as a young male child and developing into adulthood. As a young child he, seized a tureen of apple sauce and threw it over Edgar Lintons face. As an adult his violence worsens as, he snatched a knife from the table and flung it at his wife, Isabellas head. In addition to this, he comes close to murdering Hindley and even with Catherine, his true love he does not possess the readiness to be gentle, so inadequate was his stock of gentleness I saw four di stinct impressions left over(p) blue in her colourless skin.Heathcliffs unrepentant nature is evident via the lack of regard he holds toward his victims which stems from his arrogant personality. The height of his arrogance is seen when he tells Catherine in front of Edgar, This lamb of yours threatens like a darn It is in danger of splitting its skull against my knuckles. By God, Mr. Linton, Im mortally sorry that you are not worth bash down. Arrogance is also a common trait of Byronic Heroes.Despite the fact that both men can be called heroes in their own right to a certain extent, it is because of his amiability and good nature Edgar Linton has the right to claim the title of the respectable hero within the novel. However, in saying this looking at all the characters within the novel, it may be argued that neither man deserve the title but a woman does as the women in the novel are strong, independent and highly feministic characters.

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Dead Poets Society essay Essay Example for Free

Dead Poets night club essay EssayWhat ideas about discovery be conveyed by irradiation Weirs Dead Poets family and one other text? The process of discovery has the ability to greatly impact an individual numbering in them having sensitive ideas and perceptions on themselves and others. These ideas differ for all individuals as each has their own experiences and develops from them in unique and individualized ways. This is clearly evident in the film Dead Poets Society by Peter Weir as it is a text which signifi tooshietly focuses on the concept of contrast. Throughout this concept viewers are allowed an in-depth demonstration of the protagonists Neil Perry and Todd Andersons negative and positive experiences which have been caused by their strive to master individualism after a new English teacher John Keating introduces his pupils to poetry and free thinking attitude. Firework a song co-written and per systema skeletaleed by Katy Perry is also a text which conveys that discovery is a process that can go across to enlightenment and enable one to be more acceptive of who they once they disregard the neighborlyly constructed expectations that mass media communicates.Throughout Perter Weirs Dead Poets Society viewers are able to understand that discovery itself is a process of transformation that can lead to new ideas which in turn have positive effects on an individual. This can be seen in the scene where Professor Keating educates his students the act of conformity. When Keating states its definition as the difficulty of maintaining your own beliefs in the face of others the audience are able to identify the contrast between the professor Keating and principal Nolans attitudes and values towards educations throughout the mise-en-scene displaying Nolan in a small, dark and mysterious room caged by the large brand poles representing the strict and prestigious nature of the institution. This allows the audience to realise that the students are ab le to better develop their skills when allowed to be free from the forces of conformity the institution brings. When the students are told to find their own walk it clear that they do so to achieve becoming their own unique individual.Furthermore, during the ending of the film a full shot is apply to capture the majority of students standing on their tables portraying the extent to which professor Keating has made an impact on his pupils. Earlier in the film Keating too stood on his table to remind himself to look at things in a different way hence it can be said that his student are side by side(p) in his footsteps allowing the professor to depart fromthe academy without any regret. Even though discovery may lead to new understandings and perceptions these may not result in positive ways but will also have the ability to result in negative outcomes for both individual and those pen ups by .As a result of Keatings newly introduced philosophies, protagonist Neil Perry further ende avours to fulfil his passion and desire to shape an actor however does so by forging his fathers signature on a consent form that would allow him to perform his act. When Neils father objects to him pursuing his dreams, he is told that he will go to Harvard and become a doctor.Through the use of the low camera angle looking up towards his father, virile facial expression displaying authority and superiority are apparent. As a result viewers are able to comprehend that Neil is in no position to change or even slightly turn his fathers decision. However, when Neils mother advises that he get some sleep a close up of the individuals face presents a mysterious and worrisome smile resulting in the creation of suspense and confusion in the audience. The mise-en-scene displaying a weak and still hand behind a table centimetres away from a gun, viewers are able to reach the tragic conclusion of Neil Perrys death in a confronting and unexpected way.Firework a song co-written and perform ed by Katy Perry is a text which significantly exemplifies the experience of discovering something that has been hidden by of society and in particular the expectations that are constantly forced upon individuals through mass media that mustiness be disregarded to proceed to the new finding. The music video features a number of characters overcoming numerous social issues such as body image, homosexuality, bullying, the effect of conflict between parents on their children and the acceptance of having a medical examination illness. Throughout the chorus the term firework is used to symbolise the spark inside all individuals that must first be ignited or in other words believed in to enable them to achieve their goals and accomplish their dreams.Additionally, fireworks are used as visual metaphors to represent the time when one becomes enlightened and acceptant of who they truly are regardless of what society expects of them. In conclusion, both texts Dead Poets Society by Peter W eir and Firework by Katy Perry complement each other in the sense that they both successfully appropriate the audience with diverse concepts and ideas of discovery. Whether they may be negative or positive,each educates viewers in having varying ideas about the consequences that may be caused by ones decision after they access new, original understandings and perceptions of themselves.

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The novel Lord of the Flies Essay Example for Free

The novel schoolmaster of the Flies EssayImagine being on a deserted island with no rules, no civilization, nix besides the fate to survival. The novel captain of the Flies by William Golding and the short story The Most dangerous Game by Richard Connell ar two fictional stories that deal with this concept, exploring the behavior of kind-hearteds in such(prenominal) a uninstructed, unstructured environment. In both stories, a distinct division develops between hunters and the hunted, and while to each one story conveys and focuses on slightly different aspects, the two stories more importantly sh atomic number 18 the same positive view on the e genuinelyplace in all, underlying theme in regards to human nature. In The Most heavy Game, planetary Zaroff is the hunter. As the title of the short story implies, catch is a fun and thrilling game to Zaroff. His cunningness and his innate(p) sympathy for hunting led to his many successes as a hunter because as he state himself, The living organism had nonhing nonwithstanding his legs and his instinct. Instinct is no match for reason (Connell, 47). Using his instinct and reason, the hunter in this short story demonstrates an exceptional super ego. However, his instinct is repulsiveness.With his superiority to animals, Zaroff was no longer satisfied with hunting animals, so he progressed to killing other animals with both instinct and reason-humans. His disregard for human life shows Zaroffs deformed nature. During his hunt of the human Rainsford, Rainsford thought Only the devil himself could follow that complicated trail through the hobo camp after dark. But, perhaps, the general was a devil (Connell, 54). Through unwrap the book, this being an example, Connell alludes to the evilness of Zaroffs character. Zaroffs mind and his nature decorate him as cunning, but corrupt person.The group of hunters in passe-partout of the Flies also becomes animalistic and savage. At one point, Ralph too w as fighting to get near, to get a handful of that brown, vulnerable flesh. The desire to contract and hurt was over-mastering (Golding, 115). Even Ralph, who is considered to be more mature and civilized than the others, became caught in the thrill of the hunt. This is because in schoolmaster of the Flies, the hunters completely miss their identity and hotshot of reason when they hunt, relying purely on their instinct. The evil actions of the hunters when theyre following their instinct show how humans are evil in nature.Despite the hunters brave act and their domination over the island, they all fear the unknown Beast. asshole, the head of the hunters, describes it as a dark thing, a beast, some single out of animal. (Golding 89) The Beast, which is given a physical form as the pig head and as Lord of the Flies, symbolizes the roil that is within all the hunters and the human race in general. In this aspect, the state of mind of the hunter is Lord of the Flies is similar to The Most serious Game because both stories suggest that humans are primitive and evil in nature. The hunters in both stories enjoy killing, starting with animals and moving on to humans.However, Zaroff also does not seem to fear anything, un desire the boys in Lord of the Flies who fear the Beast. Zaroff also uses his mind a lot more than the boys who completely lose their sense of reason once they become entranced by the hunt. In a sense, Zaroff is the more terrifying one because he reasons that it is completely acceptable to kill humans, whereas the boys senselessly kill. If there are hunters, then there must be the hunted. At the beginning of The Most Dangerous Game, Rainsford expresses his attitude towards hunting in his conversation with Whitney Great sport, hunting. The best sport in the area, agreed Rainsford. For the hunter, amend Whitney. Not for the jaguar. Dont talk rot, Whitney. (Connell, 39) Ironically, later on in the story, Rainsford is the one being hunted. His attitude towards hunting changes. He acknowledges that animals feel little terror, having played the fox (Connell, 54) himself. When being hunted, Rainsford felt panic and dread and knew the full meaning of terror (Connell, 55). Even though Rainsford had previously hunted and been in the war, it was different to be hunted. He would do anything to flummox alive.Rainsford fights to keep his nerve throughout the hunt, but taken over by fear, his instinctual, animal side surfaces. At one point during the hunt, Rainsfords impulse was to hurl himself down like a panther (Connell, 54) even though his reason told him not to. His instinctual act of jumping into the sea and then proceeding to kill Zaroff saves him in the end. comparable Zaroff, Rainsford uses both his mind and instinct-his super ego. Originally a hunter, Rainsford finds himself on the other side as the animal in fear, using his wit and instinct to overcome the hunter.In Lord of the Flies, Ralph also becomes trapped in a si tuation being hunted by others. Through his fear, Ralph tries to devise a rational plan, but he was beginning to dread the curtain that might waver in his brain, blacking out the sense of danger, making a simpleton of him (Golding, 196). Ralph fears losing his reason, and he fights to keep his reason while all the other boys lose theirs. There are moments where Ralph loses it, particularly near at the end of the novel. When being hunted by the savages, Ralph becomes hysteric with fear Dont scream.Youll get back Ralph screamed, a scream of fright and anger and desperation He swung the carry and the savage tumbled over (Golding, 199). With his life in danger, he forgot his wounds, his hunger and thirst, and became fear (Golding, 200). Previously sheltered from danger, Ralph did not know true fear until he became exposed to evil on the island and realized the evil the hunters are capable of. When pushed into a corner, Ralphs panic and his need to survive made him act on instinct, bec oming like a savage as a result because humans are evil by instinct.In both The Most Dangerous Game and Lord of the Flies, the hunted initially start out as hunters. The quick turn of events demonstrates how fragile status can be based on differences in argument and great power. Although Rainsford and Ralph try to keep their nerve, they experience terror and desperation when their life is in danger. Instinct shows dominance when the guttle is in fear, and as a result of the need to survive, the hunted commit animalistic acts to defend against the evil hunters. The incorporation of hunters and the hunted contributes to the theme of humanity in The Most Dangerous Game.The story suggests the caprice that the world is made up of two classes-the hunters and the hunted (Connell 40). It is because of this division that fear, struggle for survival and power exists, bringing out the worst in humans. Humans are degraded to the level of animals in The Most Dangerous Game. In Zaroffs point of view, a thoroughbred horse or hound is worth more than (Connell 49) the human methamphetamine of the earth (Connell 49). Zaroffs heartless view of humans illustrates his evil nature. In his regard, humans are essentially all animals with reason, and like all animals, humans in their simplest form feel fear.Whitney contradicts Rainsfords belief that animals have no understanding I or else think they understand one thing-fear. The fear of pain and the fear of death (Connell 39). maintenance is a primal instinct that everyone harbors. Put into an unstructured environment, fear brings out the worst in humans. It causes community to lose their nerve and act instinctively without thought. In humans, fear of death brings out the raw need to survive. In the short story, Rainsford was willing to do whatever it takes to ensure his survival, even if it meant killing his pursuers.The hunted pass to the same level as the hunters because it is kill or be killed. This shows how human natu re is evil, selfishly treating others to conform to their own desires. The Most Dangerous Game suggests that the bad nature of humans surface when engulfed by fear. Lord of the Flies also contains a substance regarding humanity. In his novel, Golding advocates that humans all feel fear. A concrete example of this is shown in the novel where the boys fear of the Beast tears them apart. As discovered when the Beast addresses Simon, externalise thinking the Beast was something you could hunt and killYou knew, didnt you? Im part of you? Close, close, close Im the reason why its no go? Why things are what they are? (Golding, 143) Tainted with fear, the evil nature in humans grows. The desire for power is also an aspect of human nature that separates people. There is a conflict of power between Jack and Ralph, and as a result, a division occurs between the boys. The fact that most of the boys choose Jacks despotic power over Ralphs democratic power shows how humans respond better to fear and brutality rather than rules and reasoning.Even though the boys have their own system of power on the island, their own rules are very much different from the rules of the civilization they came from. As the story progresses, the influence of the civilizations rules decrease and the savagery of the boys increase. For example, at front when Roger was throwing rocks, there was a space round Henry, perhaps six yards in diameter, into which he dare not throw. Here, invisible yet strong, was the taboo of the old life (Golding 62).Lord of the Flies stresses how civilization protects the innocence of humans, preventing them from being exposed to the evil nature of humans. The evil nature of humans is brought out by fear in both The Most Dangerous Game and Lord of the Flies. There is a struggle survival in both stories, although as the boys in Lord of the Flies lose their sense of reason, they dismiss being rescued, and their management is more focused on the conflict of power and hunting. Both stories are set on an island apart from civilization where havoc activities occur, but the need for civilization is emphasized more in Lord of the Flies. musical composition there are these minor differences, the underlying message about humanity is the same-human nature is bad. The Most Dangerous Game conveys this message by representing humans as animals acting instinctively to survive, and Lord of the Flies emphasizes the message through the symbol of the pig head being the Devil. In the end, both stories effectively express the idea that humans are evil in nature. The Most Dangerous Game and Lord of the Flies are two stories that both include the components of the hunters, the hunted and a message about humanity.While there are differences within these elements, the overall moral about humanity remains the same in both stories. That is, that human nature is bad. Implementing the hunters and the hunted emphasize this idea. Connell and Golding share a similar visio n. Humans stuck on an island with no rules is not a good idea.BibliographyConnell, Richard. The Most Dangerous Game. Currents in Fiction. Virginia McGraw-Hill, 1984. Golding, William. Lord of the Flies. Philadelphia, PA Chelsea House, 1999. Print.

The Necklace by Guy de Maupassant Essay Example for Free

The Necklace by Guy de Maupassant EssayIn The Necklace by Guy de Maupassant, the main character, Mathilde, fails to realise that happiness comes from within. Mathilde borrows a necklace from her friend in order to go to a fancy b both with her hubby. She manages to lose her necklace, with disastrous consequences. Mathilde needed to appreciate what she had and learn that people ar charmed by personality.In order to be happy, people have to learn to appreciate what they have. Madame Loisel had a good life. She had a loving husband and a servant to help her run the house. However she was non happy. She yearned for a privileged life. It was only when she lost everything and came to know the life of abject poverty, did she realise, how little is needed to better or save.People arent necessarily impressed by appearance or possessions, solely rather personality. When her husband gave her the invite to the ball, Mathilde upset. She had no clothes or jewels to wear to such an affair. She thought that the guests at the ball would not be charmed by her ordinary clothes. However, when she reached the ball all of the guests were enchanted by her happiness She was the prettiest char at present, graceful, smiling and quite above herself with happiness.Remembering and celebrating happy memories is all you need to be happy. When Mathilde came stead from the ball, she was upset, disappointed and sad. It was over. She would never see such riches again. What Mathilde forgot to do though, was to celebrate those happy memories she held from that spectacular night, but sadly it ended to soon for Mathilde, and sadly they walked up to their own apartment. It was the end, for her. Later in her life when she was trim down to a life of poverty, Mathilde realised and cherished the importance of happy memories, shethought of that evening long agoMathilde had a loving husband, a comfortable home and a wonderful servant to help her. Yet all she was interested in was possessions. T his had the effect of not appreciating what she had, forgetting to celebrate good times and not focussing on what is important, your inner self.

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Innovation and Change Management: Banqer

Innovation and Change Management BanqerThis study exit focus on an online financial grooming packet which is based in New Zealand. The study will highlight its mission, vision, objectives and its external environment. It will also bring outline impact of the internal environment and will ultimately recommend certain new types of innovation that put up be used by the ac smart flock.HistoryBanqer evolved out of the extensive rise of the financially illite lay children of the society which has ramifications with it. Banqer is a simulated online banking for classroom that provides helps on bionomics for the kids in mark to deposit them creative, curious and confident with money. It pays the students for providing positive behavior and completing the tasks that are charge in the classroom (Banqer, 2017). With the students, they explore budgeting as they educate themselves with the valuable skills of their life by the management of their desks receiving hire for the privilege s of the class. Students aging from 2 to 8 explore various topics that range from savings, interest, and tax to the insurance.Products and servicesBanqer allows the students to gain intimacy more or less the financial literacy responsibility in an extremely engaging and an immersive manner. As far as the output is concerned it is an online software which is concerned with education which the teachers and the students prefer (Banqer, 2017).Mission, Vision, objectivesThe mission lies in improving the financial capabilities of the stainless humanity. Thus making the students well aware of the financial aspects.The vision statement is associating the teachers in order to make Banqer the best.The objective is to improve Banqers space within the domain of where they are positioned now and collaborating with certain movers and shakers in order to understand the worth and the potential of Banqer. Their goal lies in gaining direct experience in terms of education, technology, pay and d esign (Banqer, 2017).In the year 2016, the main focus of Banqer was in building partnerships both in the financial services as well as in the allied industries. The students in this industry were capable of purchasing and investing in the virtual properties as they might need to mortgage and earn rental income in order to pay off the amount they consider borrowed.political factorsNew Zealand has a stable politics.Chances of achievement are huge.Special Education insurance.Inclusive education scheme.Economic factorsRe ancestrys are available abundantly collect to the population of the country.The rate of unemployment is high against 99% literacy.Banqer promotes educational software by hiring skilled staffs. mixer factorsIt is hooklike on different countries for business.Spends a minimal amount on research and development.The banking system is strong.Technological factorseducational system is useful.Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES) to provide license softwareIT techn ology and the usage of Internet.Legal factorsThe government changes after every three historic period.Education Legislation Amendment Act 2016 to support digitalization in education sectorEducation Act 1989 beneficial universallyEnvironmental factorsThe country has a unique ecological system.Latest technology has been adopted to keep the surrounding clean.Steps created to contaminant relieve countryPolitical factorsWhen a certain company begins its business in this country, it takes into consideration political system, the economic stability along with the law and order of the country so that it faecal matter provide the economic strength to the trade and business. As New Zealand has a stable government so at that place is a huge chance of victory due to the impactful rules and the regulations. Hence, the chances of Banqers success is immense. The New Zealand government had conducted changes in the education administration and introduced special education policy along with ot her policies (Ministry of Education, 2017). The policies and political stability of New Zealand would promote Banqer as the country aims to achieve inclusive education system (Banqer, 2017).Economic factorsThe economic condition of New Zealand is excellent with 3.5% GDP growth as in 2014 (Tradingeconomics, 2017). Due to the huge population of the country the resources are abundantly available. The convergences are economical in nature and are easily afforded by everyone. The unemployment is quite high at 3.5% in spite of literacy rate of 99% in the country. Banqer plenty easily appoint skilled staffs who are willing to work. The company would be able to promote the educational tool in the country to further literate children and decrease unemployment.Social factorsThe social system of New Zealand is such which is dependent on business with the other countries.As it depends on other countries for technology so it makes them spend quite an amount on the work of research and developm ent. As the banking system is extremely strong so allows foreign direct investment in the country (Banqer, 2017). Banquer would be force by the social status of New Zealand as education imparted using technology would ensure offbeat of the country.Technological factorsThe country has an sound educational system. With the help of the technological advancements it has introduced IT and the use of Internet which has helped Banqer in the preparedness of its service in this country (Richard, 2012). Due to the various online education facilities it has increased the rate if literacy to almost 99% which is more than most of the countries. Ministry of New Zealand had also launched a program named Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES) to provide licensed program for software which is beneficial for Banqer (Dashper, 2017).Legal factorsAs the government changes after every three years so there is an establishment of new laws and regulations (Moskovitz, 2016). The Education Legislation Am endment Act 2016 and Education Act 1989 positively impacted Banqer as educational institutes abide by the laws and plan and digitalized their educational status using software (Martin, 2016).Environmental factorsPeople of New Zealand are well aware of the unique ecological system. People have adopted the latest technology in order to cope up with the garbage and helps to not choke off the atmosphere (Crossley, et al., 2015). Certain initiatives are taken in order to make the country free from pollution and dust which is also abided by Banqer.The SWOT analysis is an effective framework to understand how a company in sector compare its internal and external conditions within an industry. Banqer as a startup has been effective in simulating financial exercises and helping students to gain literacy in the topic and subject. The following contains a brief word about its various strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.StrengthsThe major strength of the start-up has been to unde rstand the key to develop STEM (Science and Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) among shoal kids. In this regard, the company has tried to the bridge the gap that was lineaged in the endeavours to focus on these subjects in Australian and New Zealand school systems. Another major strength of the company has been word-of-mouth marketing that helped create its credibility, mostly because the teachers who had tried the system understood its ingenuity and efficiency (startupdaily, 2015). The company has also grown on the basis of its partnerships with renowned firms like those in real estate to develop modules for students and attract more kids who would be more interested in such subjects.What has also worked for Banqer is their simple pay model which starts at free of cost for the initial trial period after which 3.5 dollars are charged per student per semester, which can turn out down to 2 dollars if the student signs up for multiple semesters (stuff.co.nz, 2015). It has als o partnered with Kiwibank in order to provide burst flexibility to students who cannot support their subscription fees.WeaknessesOne of the major weaknesses can be famous is the lack of diversification in the kinds of services that are offered. At present, the company is only focussed in the financing subject which could station problems for the company. Another problem that can be noted is to rope in the appropriate investor for the project. The company is tone to reach a high saturation point before entering into other markets. In this regard, it is expression for investors who can form part of the team but also who need to understand the basic pattern of the start-up and not meddle with the inherent strategy of the company.Another initial challenge that had proved to be a weakness in the past was to change the attitude of the schools and parents. While expanding, such a challenge can also be felt in other countries as well.OpportunitiesThe opportunities for the company have already been identify by one of the co-founders, Kendall Flutey. She has noted that the opportunities lie in expanding the services on a global surmount starting with Australia and moving on to the United States. She has also noted that since United States place emphasis on financial based learning, it would be profitable for the business to consider expanding there (Robson, 2016). While finding investors can be an issue while expanding, crowd-funding might also be looked into as a possible source of investment and finding the right of investors who are as motivated on making education expedient rather than making profits.ThreatsThe biggest threat is possibly the over-dependence on the online medium as with the various technological advances, there are several ship canal, nowadays, in which hackers might interrupt and pose problems for the company and the novelty which had make it self-made in the first place. The novelty that has worked for Banqer can also change quickly as mor e companies delay the profit generating capabilities and develop their own versions and certainly with technological advances, there might be better options as well.StrengthsWeaknessesOpportunitiesThreatsFocus on bridging the gap.Valuable partnershipsEarning credibility through word-of mouthLack of diversification in the product range.Getting like-minded investors.Different approach to education can prove to be problematic working outCrowd-funding.Over-dependence on the online mediumTechnological advancesReplication by other companies.With the considerable advances in the technological aspects and the ways in which communication is being impacted all over the world, it would be particularly relevant for the company to administer certain changes and develop modules that are more student ad hoc. One of the new developments that have been made is the CV writing and application process that the company is providing within simulated environments (McNicol, 2016). What is really intere sting to note in this regard is the emphasis on student-teacher interaction which is the value of this innovation to the organization. However, the modules and the courses can be noted to be developed on a comprehensive level, and probably it would be hugely beneficial if specific modules are created keeping in mind the specific abilities and needs of the students.Another important aspect has been the developments in the curriculum innovation that is changing the education on global levels. What had been considered to be the most important subjects in school are now being regarded as auxiliary to the main subjects. So, it would be a by nature evolutionary process to incorporate the various developments that are being made all around the world in order to stay updated with the recent developments.The most effective strategy to motivate the innovation would be to develop a basic plan that is flexible in order to incorporate the changes that are being made on a daily basis. In this co ntext, it can be recommended that the company regularly set up meetings with the schools and the educational experts in order to gain a more comprehensive knowledge about the developments that are being made on a global scale.Also, in order to incorporate the changes that are required to be made in terms of providing personal assistance, it would probably be recommended to set up one-to-one sessions with the students in order to understand their personal lacks and how those can be overcome through effective sessions. The task might be tedious at first, but the whole process can be streamlined if teachers are integrated within the system and involved.Banqer has been one of the most efficient online programs in the recent past that has sought to redefine financial literacy for the students. It has been successful in the New Zealand market and hopes to expand. However, the threats of replication can be major problem. In this regard, the company can start innovating and customize their modules to suit the needs of the students.