Saturday, April 27, 2019

Assignment 8 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Assignment 8 - Essay ExampleThrough, personal experience, interviewing and observation, a possible solution to the current state of affairs in the universitys system offer be improved for the benefit of the students and the universityPrevious studies have shown that the prime(a) of pedagogics or work in an institution can be improved if a variety of activities and courses exist. The esprit de corps of the students and the quality of education is also determined by the existing structures in an institution. Trent University has limited its ability of providing quality education in certain fields because of its inconsistent programs. Consistency bring home the bacons value addition because of the maintenance of standards. This makeup aims at providing some clear benefits that a review in the current system will attain for Trent University. This consultation report will therefore provide a guideline on how to pursue the changes that can be applied to the university.The scope of th is project aims at providing the students with a chance of pursuing their desired courses without existence forced to pursue courses that they did not have in mind. This system will be flexible so that changing courses for a student will be their own prerogative and not because they lack otherwise options. Availability of options for the students to change courses ensures that the university offers enough courses hence the intake of students will also increase. The current system is as depicted in Diagram 3 (Appendix C).The decision support system will therefore provide guidance to students into picking the courses that are in their G.P.A range and their qualifications. The system will also be slavish in ensuring that courses are scheduled in a balanced manner giving major courses and hapless courses including electives different scheduling. The short courses will be placed in appropriate times like during summer and holidays or fixed in appropriate times like weekends.The impl ementation of this

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