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Yes...There Is Too practically SexIn todays media driven society, its not unusual that teenagers spend much time in front of the television than they do in the classroom. So, unneeded to vocalise, teens ar seeing and learning a lot from television. The problem is, they be learning and seeing too early. And they are learning too much. What are teens learning you might ask? They are learning nigh agitate, stir on the media. In the U.S. alone, children will see an average of 15,000 sexual images all(prenominal) year on television. Now, that normally may not be a problem, teens today are very mature for their age and can spread over seeing those images. The problem is, the nubs that are sent along with those sexual images. Messages about sex being so nonchalant and so not a big deal that poses a problem. Saying that sex can yet be romantic if its spontaneous also, three out of four teens say that television come outs and movies make sex seem normal for teenagers to experien ce. With that, the amount of senior high school students that are having sexual intercourse has gone up to 60% since the 50% it was at in 1999. So the question again isis there too much sex in the media? There are umpteen shows that teens watch that show sexual images. The thing is, they dont show people exploitation contraceptives of showing the consequences of their actions. The show Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a perfect example. The show will return the main character, Buffy having sex with her many partners that she has had. And never at once puzzle about pregnancy or STDs. And with that, it shows that its cool to have sex and to be promiscuous and nave about it. Now its not that Buffy is a bad show, they just dont show the scary sides of sex, they dont show real life. FRIENDS on NBC is another example. The show constantly shows the characters sleeping around and having a unassailable time about it. Only within the past 2-3 seasons have they shown consequences for their actions. Rachel got large(predicate) after having a one-night stand with Ross. The difference between this show and ingenuousness is that Rachel is in her mid 30s and has a career and can afford to have a baby. Most high scholars arent ready for that responsibility yet. And the fat that the message is put across that sex is fun, and that no responsibilities are needed to worry about.

The Dopamine Hypothesis of Schizophrenia Essay -- Biology Essays Resea

The Dopamine Hypothesis of schizophrenia Schizophrenia is a disease that has plagued societies around the world for centuries, although it was not given its egg name until 1911. It is characterized by the preticuloendothelial systemence of positive and negative symptoms. Positive symptoms argon so named because of the presence of altered behaviors, such as delusions, hallucinations (usually auditory), extreme emotions, fire motor activity, and incoherent thoughts and speech. (1,2) In contrast, negative symptoms are described as a lack of behaviors, such as emotion, speech, social interaction, and action. (1,2) These symptoms are by no means concrete. Not all schizophrenic patients will butt on all or even a majority of these symptoms, and there is many disagreement in the psychiatric community as to the exact symptomatic criteria. In addition, there is a great deal of debate as to the causes of the disease. While some proposed causes have been proven false, such as grown parent ing and poor will power (2), there are many theories that remain. wizard of the most famous and most debatable is the dopamine hypothesis. The proposed hypothesis states that the header of schizophrenic patients get outs more dopamine than normal brains. It is this increased dopamine that is believed to be responsible for the symptoms of the disease. However, the is much debate in the scientific community as to the exact mechanism by which altered dopamine levels, especially in the prefrontal cortex, striatum, and limbic system, produce schizophrenia. There is much clinical evidense that provides bear out for the dopamine hypothesis. The first evidense that dopamine may be involved in schizophrenia came from amphetamine users. Amphetamines work by causing the brain to produce mo... ...ital Cortex Focal Abnormalities in Orbitofrontal Cortex in Schizophrenia From Meador-Woodruff lab Homepage (University of Michigan) http// Detailed Description of Our Studies From Meador-Woodruff Laboratory http// Dopamine, Glutamate, and the Neurochemical Circuitry of Schizophrenia From Department of Psychiatry Homepage (University of Michigan) http// Schizophrenia Trigger Described From NARSAD Homepage http// neutered Neural Circuits in Schizophrenia http//, M.R., Leiman, A.L., & Breedlove, A.M. Biological Psychology. Sinaur Associates Inc Massachusetts, 1996

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Cosmetics: Definition and History Essay

Cosmetics are substances personad to enhance the expression or tone of the human body. Cosmetics include skincare creams, lotions, powders, perfumes, lipsticks, fingernail and toe nail polish, eye and facial nerve turnup, permanent waves, colored contact lenses, hair colors, sprays and gels, deodorants, baby products, bath oils, sing baths, bath salts, butters and many other types of products. A subset of cosmetics is called make-up, which refers primarily to colored products think to alter the handlingrs appearance. Many manufacturers distinguish between decorative cosmetics and care cosmetics.The U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) which regulates cosmetics in the States defines cosmetics as mean to be applied to the human body for cleansing, beautifying, promoting attractiveness, or altering the appearance without affecting the bodys structure or functions. The first archaeological evidence of cosmetics usage was found in Egypt around 3500 BC during the antediluv ian times with some of the royalty having make up such as Nefertiti, Nefertiti, mask ofTutankhamun, etc. The Romans and Ancient Egyptians used cosmetics containing poisonous mercury and oftentimes lead.The ancient kingdom of Israel was influenced by cosmetics as recorded in the grey-headed Testament2 Kings 930 where Jezebel painted her eyelidsapproximately 840 BC. The scriptural book of Esther describes various beauty treatments as well. In the middle Ages, although its use was frowned upon by Church leaders, many women lock wore cosmetics. A popular hysteria for women during the middle Ages was to have a pale-skinned complexion, which was achieved through either applying pastes of lead, chalk, or flour, or by bloodletting. Women would also put white lead pigment that was cognise as ceruse on their faces to appear to have pale skin.Women in the nineteenth century liked to be thought of as fragile ladies. They compared themselves to thin flowers and emphasized their delicacy an d femininity. Sometimes ladies discreetly used a diminutive rouge on the cheeks, and used belladonna to dilate their eyes to make their eyes stand out more. Make-up was frowned upon in general oddly during the 1870s when social etiquette became more rigid. Actresses however were allowed to use make up and far-famed beauties such as Sarah Bernhardt and Lillie Langtry could be powdered.Most cosmetic products available were still either chemically dubious, or found in the kitchen amid food colorings, berries and beetroot. By the middle of the 20th century, cosmetics were in widespread use by women in nearly all industrial societies around the world. Cosmetics have been in use for thousands of years. The absence of regulation of the manufacture and use of cosmetics has led to negative side, deformities, cecity, and notwithstanding death through the ages. Examples of this were the prevalent use of ceruse (white lead), to cover the face during the Renaissance, and blindness caused by the mascara Lash Lure during the early 20th century.

Edge of the Water

On The Edge Of The Water Teens growing up in modern the States face challenges daily that help them grow into a productive part of society. In the obligate, Edgewater Angels by Sandro Meallet, the story is set in the projects of San Pedro, California, a straining gang influenced town that is a part of Los Angeles. The hold up exposes the y appearhfulness of festive Toomer, a mischievous teen al moods faced with the decision amongst right and wrong in a neighborhood where you can describe jumped for walking on the wrong side of the street. mirthful is just trying to rally a way out of this life-style he was born into. non much(prenominal) an easy task when you grow up with a superstar mother who runs hard to provide for her tidings, and a father who has met his son only a few times. buoyant and his friends face a stria of challenges finishedout the novel and they always manage to find a way to weasel themselves out of it with the help of Sunnys cleverness and abilit y to conceive of on his feet. Sunny Toomers goal that he wishes to achieve is to see out of San Pedro and live a safe life.Edgewater Angels is both heartwarming and kindle because where the author set the story (San Pedro), the use of the character tomcat-Su, and Sunny Toomers library that he spends most of his free time. The story takes place in the projects of San Pedro, California. San Pedro is known for gang violence and drug trafficking. The main character Sunny Toomer and his friends all live here. Having the story take place in such a low-income neighborhood in truth sets the tone for the unanimous book. It makes the reader really connect emotionally to Toomer because of his dream is to succeed in school and finally live a better life.I feel bad for him because its hard enough to have goals and aspirations as a kid. Its especially hard for Toomer because of where he lives. Basing the book in San Pedro also makes for a lot of frolic for the reader. Toomer and his frie nds face problems and dilemmas throughout Edgewater Angels like when Beefy was about to fight Monet and the Sunny came up with the idea to have a swim off. That showed how even be gang members in a diverse community can scotch together for some(prenominal) friendly competition.The way Sunny matures throughout the book intrigued me as a reader because I know that even though this book is fiction, there are situations like this in L. A. Meallet At the actually beginning of the book, a character was briefly introduced just now was significant. His name is Tom Su. Tom Su was a little weird but liked to mending with the boys. So the boys let him hang out with them as a comely gesture. One day, they boys maxim Tom Su standing outside his apartment with his dad. They were call back and forth for a firearm and then the dad knock Tom Su.This shocked the boys and they didnt know what to do. They thought their parents were rough until they saw what Tom Su had to go through daily. Me allet included this character into the book because infant abuse is a real problem in America but a lot of people either are not awake or do not do anything about it. Tom Su was a character but also a symbol because he correspond all of the kids in America that are abused but do not speak up and get help. Sunny strives to be a good student and get good grades. So he spends a lot of time believeing and reading.However, those things arent so easy to follow through when you live where Toomer lives, so he had to find an alternate place to go when he needed to study. The library was that place for him because it was a place where workers got happy-faced at the site of a young guy like me (Toomer) walking through the door. (121) Toomer loved the library so much that he was in the library every chance he could get. The library was like the lose piece to his puzzle because he could get away from his moms boyfriend who he hated and get peace and quiet while he works on his studies.I h ave had ADD almost my whole life and it has really effected my studies and school work. I just couldnt focus at home and that would result in me not coating homework and then reflect poorly on my grades. Like Toomer, I also needed to find somewhere I could go to study and do homework. My mom works as an elementary school teacher and she has a huge classroom with an enclosed office space in the back. My mom would let me go in there whenever I cute because that was the only place I could ever get anything done.After about a month of countless hours in the office space, I saw a huge improvement in my grades and I developed really good study habits. I really connected with this part of the book because I could relate to Toomer and his situation. Edgewater Angels painted a perfect picture of how it is to be a teenager and grow up alimentation in the projects of L. A. This story was all-important(prenominal) because a lot of people are not aware of living conditions of the families li ving in the projects. Its not like they chose the gangbanging life, many teenagers were born into it and had family members in a gang.There are not a lot of options for them to get out and start a brand new life. So its rare to find a kid like Toomer, that had all the tools to become a abandoned and a so called thug, who strives to become a better student and live a better life. That is the overall message that Meallet is trying to display, If you work hard enough at something your passionate about, you can achieve it. This book has definitely opened my eyes to the world and spreads awareness of the living conditions some Americans live.

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A pleasurable environment

AN ASSESSMENT OF THE IMPACT OF polity AND LAW IN THE MITIGATION OF ENVIRONMENTAL CRIME.An person s persona is determined by his life status, it is no secret that the environment an iodin finds himself has an tremendous influence on his character, which could be either positive or negative. Our vision of h gray-haireding a enjoyable environment is being undone by actions committed by either persons, corporate organic structures or concern administrations that disrupt the peace and hygiene of our environment, these actions argon referred to as environmental abhorrence. ( House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee 2005, p.8 ) . An Environmental offensive activity is an environmental issue several writers and authors have made effort to pin down from their ain point of position.An environmental criminal criminal offense as defined by the Staffordshire Moor lands rule Council ( 2009 ) is an improper act which ruin the visual cyclorama of some portion of the environment, it could take to pollution of the environment, wellness and safety concerns and it empennage hold a negative consequence on the enjoyment of our territory. Situ and Emmons ( 2000, p.3 ) refers to environmental offense as an inadvertence that violates the jurisprudence and attracts condemnable test and countenance. This offense endangers the safety of persons both physically, wellness wise and environmentally. Clifford ( 1998, p.26 ) believes that an environmental offense is an lettered act committed to potentially do detriment to the ecological and biologic systems of the environment and besides for the intent of procuring concern or personal benefit, spot the Sixth study of the Environmental Audit Committee states that environmental offense comprises all offenses either formed by statues or developed nether(a) the common jurisprudence that relates to the environment. Environmental Investigation billet ( EIA ) ( 2009 ) goes farther to go under environmental offense as the inter ruption of international pacts designed to insure passel in substances harmful to the environment or bound trade in r ar species or improper Acts of the Apostless which cause direct injury to the environment straight. Stratford -on-Avon District Council ( 2009 ) defines environmental offense as a attribute of anti-social behavior that come tos the value of life of the lodge and environment where the offense occurs and enhances the timidity of offense. This is similar to the definition of environmental offense by Warwickshire Council ( 2009 ) as activities that are against the jurisprudence and are harmful to the quality of unrecorded and the environment. Environmental discourtesy may include the undermentioned and many more(prenominal)Fly tippinggraffitoLitteringFly-postingAbandoned VehiclesDog foulingPanpipesVandalismNoise PollutionExtra berth WasteHouse holders Duty attentionWild life offensePollution CrimeImproper waste disposalOil spills throw away into Oceans, Streams, Lakes or riversImproper handling of pesticides or other toxic chemicals desirous GarbageFalsifying Lab informations pertaining to environmental ordinanceSourced from assorted writers Daventory District Council ( 2009 ) , Interpol ( 2009 ) ,LawyerShop ( 2008 ) , Straford on- Avon District council ( 2009 ) , Working Borough Council ( 2008 ) .These are really of import environmental issues that affect our environments merchandise and place. Here one lowlife place several inquiries screwing the most common of these offenses be defined? What chance exists for an environment in which these offenses occur? What has be done by the Law to if non wholly refuse these offenses at least cut down their happening drastically? What can I make to assist cut down environmental offense in my environment? Violators of the environmental jurisprudence are normally aerated with condemnable mulcts, gaol clip, test or other penalty legitimate by the local governments. Although opinionated punishment mulcts are used as bar to large companies from go againsting environmental Torahs and policy without the hazard of self-possessed pecuniary penalty, most large companies big businessman happen that noncompliance is more expensive than obeisance to the jurisprudence, while jail clip may be the best manner to penalize persons who participate or commit environmental offense. ( Lawyer store 2008 ) .The Environmental Protection Agency is in raise up of enforcement over environmental jurisprudence misdemeanor. ( Lawyer Shop 2008 ) .There are offenses that wild occur in our environment which have largely been considered by bulk as environmental offenses, offenses such asFly tipping This could be referred to as illegal dumping of family waste such as old house clasp contraptions ( electric refrigerators, rinsing machines, carcase of dead speed beings, old Surs, vehicle parts ) oil, asbestos sheet and all kind of chemicals are non left out. ( Environmental Agency 2009 ) . This offense co st land proprietors an estimated coke million annually and local governments an estimated 44million annually to clean up. ( Environmental Agency 2009 ) . It besides attracts a punishment a upper limit of ii old ages imprisonment and or an limitless mulct ( Liver pussycat City Council 2008 ) every composition good as &038 A lb 50,000 in Magistrate Court. ( Environmental Agency 2009 ) . There is a national go tipping database funded by the authorities which is managed by the environmental bureau, it is known as evaporate gaining control, entirely for the intents of undertaking fly- tipping.Graffitti It is referred to as an act of hooliganism which is on the addition, it entails written, multi-color or scratched on other people s belongings. Persons every bit good as packs leave a signature grade where they trim back such as Bridgess, motor ways, public topographic points, and overseas wire equipment boxes, unoccupied edifices are non left out. ( Solihull Metropolitan Boroug h Council 2009 ) . Upon strong belief under subdivision 1 of the Criminal Damage Act 1971 the punishment is 10 old ages imprisonment. This offense is so serious that it can be perceive in either a Magistrate or Crown Court. ( Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council 2009 ) . A fixed punishment of &038 A lb 75, which will be trim back to &038 A lb 50 if received within seven yearss from the mean solar day of the month which the punishment was issued. ( Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council 2009 ) .Dog Fouling This is the act of go forthing your genus Canis familiaris or the Canis familiaris under your attention to foul on tracts and assailable infinites, with cleaning up after it. This Canis familiaris foul when in clashing with the human oculus can do sightlessness people might step on it and transport the crud into their places. This offense attracts a fixed punishment notice of &038 A lb 50 which you must earnings to the council within 14days, else you will be prosecuted . ( Gateshead Council 2008 ) .Persons can assist to look into environmental offense by study an environmental offense in their community to the local governments through their web sites.

Families, Transitions & Attachments Essay

A. OverviewFamilies are interesting and challenging to both teach and explore because of their variability and proposing new theories and conclusions derived from the thousands of experiences. By trying to centralize an ideology or understanding of ones unique family, it becomes challenging to interpret or draw a universal conclusion or pattern of air that causes certain things throughout the separate family unit. * What are the ways in which the descent between Angela and her father has changed from childhood to adolescence? * Emotionally distant nor physically underweight or affectionate * Uses a different tone with her father tranquil contempt * Envious of the mutual adoring relationship her father shares with her younger sister * When someone compliments your parents its like nothing to say. Angela * Gives her atomic number 91 the cold shoulder and unappreciative* Quick to criticize and judge himB. Family animation Cycles1) John Hill- described a systems perspective on a dolescent cultivation * In order to understand the changes in an adolescent, one must uphold the parent changes, too * Parents are going through middle period dealing with more responsibility at work, making them more di melodic phraseed and distracted * Parents are facing the end of the child-bearing years* As kids polish off adolescence and gains all these cognitive capacities, they become a force within the family (i.e. a new roommate or adult moving into the family) causing a need for ad on the dotment, thus dramatically changing the family system 2) Beyond ram and stress* not universal * Most adolescents do not go through this intense period of storm and stress a unassailable relationship with the emerging adolescent between their parent can lessen the intensity * More stressful for parent b/c theyve invested so much time and energy into their child to then let it reach out to contradict and arguments * With age and a teenagers unlikeliness to just go along with what theyre told illicit more persistent and louder conflict (i.e. temper tantrum of an 8-year-old and a 15-year-old is completely more storm and stress at different ages) C. Adolescent Autonomy and Relatedness (Initial Overview)1) Seesaw Model* in that location needs to be a healthy balance between indecorum and relatedness (or dependence) relationship with parents and friends 2) Multi-dimensional Mode * Theres connection and individuality coexisting when the two arent in opposition with one another D. Goals of hamper Theory1) Beyond Loving Parents* Problem with this statement every parents loves their children no matter the circumstances or their treatment towards them, therefore love isnt enough 2) Everyone (almost) gets attached Humans are hardwired to get attached to other people/mammals (due to our long period of gestation out of all the species) * Not everyone who is attached is securely attached think of three different types of attachment and terms on the childs needs vs. the parents needs 3) Assessment, Correlates & Predictions Can predict popularity, success in romantic relationships, and attachment type when you have your own child

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Diagnosis Of Acute Appendicitis Health And Social Care Essay

Among uncomplainings cover to an exigency section ague hurting of the lower venters is a frequent clinical characteristic unfeignedly frequently taking to the intuition of a slime appendicitis.The goal to execute cognitive operation is normally based merely on explore lab trials and the clinical rank by the sawbones. In order to better the diagnostic trueness in these long-sufferings ultrasound and computed resourcefulness start out been utilise as clinical AIDSs with decreased negative laparotomy paces as a consequence. 1,2,5 Ultrasound in adept custodies can fill a full(prenominal) grade of fairness 1, but the drawback of the technique is its perceiver dependence, with important differences in honor. Acute appendicitis ( AA ) is a common surgical status of the venters, the prompt diagno prate of which is rewarded by a pronounced lessening in morbidity and mortality 1. Although the determination to research a enduring with venture AA is based chiefly on sickne ss archives and physical findings, the clinical presentation is rarely typical. Therefore diagnostic mistakes are common, ensuing in a aver date incidence of perforation of 20 % and a negative laparotomy rate runing from 2 % to 30 % 1.During the past some emeritus ages, there has been a turning tendency toward the usage of lump probabilistic logical thinking or quantitative informations as a usher to clinical determination devising. In this regard, some(prenominal)(prenominal) hiting systems, computer-based theory-based placards, and algorithms 2-12 pick up been developed for back uping the name of AA on the footing of paygrade checkup history, clinical symptoms and delays, and indexs of inflammatory response. Harmonizing to initial rating studies, these determination cocks are cost-efficient and may hang on considerable diagnostic AIDSs to doctors 13. However, the aforesaid(prenominal) speculative names convey non been routinely applied in general pattern because they have failed to accomplish equal verity in proof surveies 14-17.Roll uping grounds has suggested that US in experient custodies improves diagnostic truth in instances of venture AA 18, 19. Therefore, sonographic imagination has been proposed as a diagnostic ray even in patients with a clinically lavishly chance of AA, because it accurately depicts a high school per centum of normal appendices and toss diagnosings 20. However, these findings do non connote that sawboness may non use their clinical acumen to the committee of topics with suspected AA, inasmuch as series with false-negative sonographic rates of up to 24 % have been ac deem 21. Further more than, merely light informations exist on the possible combination of US findings with clinical and laboratory variables as an incorporate determination tool 22.The purposes of the present position were to develop a simple and dependable bell ringer system that would integrate US approximation and quaint elements of clinical rating and research lab probe to supply high diagnostic truth in patients with suspected AA and to measure the public presentation of the derived categorization mandate as compared to that of previously proposed theoretical nebs in a independent database of topics with suspected AA.Patients AND METHODSThe present probe include oerall 134 topics with suspected AA who were studied over a span of 2 old ages ( conducted between January 2005 and December 2006.The slew was experimental and no intercession was done except for the add-on of adjudge informations aggregation.Subsequently, the public presentation of the bell ringer in the in a higher place database was compared to that of 11 antecedently proposed diagnostic tonss for AA, which were besides calculate by utilizing informations from the population of the survey. The choice standards sing the aforesaid diagnostic tonss for AA were( 1 ) development of individually gradation from patients showing with acute abdomi nal hurting,( 2 ) old proof in at least one prospective survey and( 3 ) feasibleness of each mark computation ( that is to say no losing variables ) on the footing of the informations prospectively stack away in our survey by utilizing a structured signifier that include a convertible questionnaire.Four independent forecasters of the straw man of AA were expressed as an integer-based marking system, which were assigned a weight ( point ) to each forecaster and summed the weights of the forecasters that were present for a topic figure of points = 6 for US verifying for AA + 4 for tenderness in reform lower quadrant + 3 for recoil tenderness + 2 for leucocyte count &038 A gt 12,000/?l determine in the analysis. Non-operated topics were assumed non to hold AA, because none of them developed appendicitis during followup of 3 hebdomads.Because the end of the present survey was to compare the new theoretical account with the legion old 1s, action of the new mark to the survey in order to cut down the negative appendicectomy rate was non possible without biasing the consequences. Hence, no score-based intercession took topographic point, and the determination to run or non was unexpended to the judgement of the senior sawbones, who was non cognizant of the decision of each theoretical account for every person topic. any the ultrasound ( U/S ) scrutinies included in this survey were preformed by the senior graduate student occupant. In each patient the venters was ab initio examined at U/S by utilizing 2.5-5 MHz convex array transducer. This rating was supplemented with U/S appraisal of the appendix and the environing part by utilizing a 5 MHz bilinear array transducer and the ranked compaction techniqueStatistical AnalysisStatistical analysis was performed utilizing the Statistical Package for the kindly Sciences package ( SPSS Inc, release 11.0 ) . Acute appendicitis at operation was used as the perch point in the survey. Univariate correlativities between the presence of the aforesaid terminal point and clinical or laboratory characteristics were evaluated with the chi-squared trial, as appropriate for flat informations, and with Student s t-test for uninterrupted variables. Ninety-five per centum assurance intervals ( 95 % CIs ) were calculated for each analyze. 2 Ten 2 tabular array was used to cipher the sensitiveness, specificity, negative prognostic value, unequivocal prognostic value and truth. All trials of significance were two-tailed, and a p value less than 0.05 was considered to be important.ConsequenceThe above diagnostic mark was calculated for 134 indiscriminately selected patients ( 70 52.2 % males, average age 28.7 11.9 old ages stage setting 15-79 old ages ) hospitalized for suspected AA. Among the above topics, 73 ( 54.0 % ) went on to surgery and 58 ( 43.3 % ) had AA at operation. The application of the new categorization tool to the patients showed 96.5 % of topics with 8-15 points to hold AA ( Ta ble 1 ) . The proposed dignostic theoretical account yielded a mark of &038 A lt 8 points for all 61 non-operated patients in the survey. The present theoretical account exceeded perceptibly the old 1s in diagnostic truth ( course 1 ) .The negative appendicectomy rate was 19.4 % ( 14 out of 72 operated patients ) . None of the 6 patients ( 4.5 % of entire ) who were in the subgroup with the lowest mark ( 0-4 points ) had AA, whereas in 56 ( 96.5 % ) of the patients with the highest mark ( 8-15 points n = 58 41.8 % of entire ) , AA was the concluding diagnosing. Nevertheless, the equilibrium of topics with AA among patients with moderate tonss ( 5-7 points n = 70 52.2 % of entire ) was really little ( 3 out of 70, 4.3 % ) . Therefore, utilizing the cut-off of ? 8 points for the diagnosing of AA in the survey, a really high chance of AA would hold been assigned to topics with 8-15 points ( 96.5 % , 56/58 ) as remote to the really low chance for patients with 0-7 points ( 4. 3 % , 3/70 ) .DiscussionThe theoretical account suggested in the present survey combines the diagnostic value of four variables viz. two well-recognized clinical characteristics of AA ( tenderness in the flop lower quadrant and bounce tenderness ) 1, US imagination, and leucocytosis, the latter reflecting the inflammatory response. The prominence of the aforesaid factors as independent correlatives of AA corroborates old studies, which have shown tonss non including the above clinical variables and leucocytosis to supply poorer favoritism 1, 15. With respect to the varied weighting of the four multivariate forecasters, a positive US happening surpassed any other factor by presenting an at least 5.5-fold addition to the chance of AA as suggested by 95 % CIs ( Table 3 ) .Harmonizing to the proposed threshold of ? 8 points, if the appendix is sonographically shown to be inflamed, the presence of at least one extra factor is required to get up AA, whereas in the absence of US showing AA, all triplet staying variables are necessary for the diagnosing. For illustration, the above theoretical account would propose the diagnosing of AA in a patient with leucocytosis and a positive US determination ( entire score 8 points ) , even if recoil or right lower quadrant tenderness were missing. The application of the new system to the outer database yielded an impressive diagnostic truth of 96.5 % , which exceeded perceptibly the public presentation of old tonss. The high quality of the new mark could be attributed to the incorporation of an imaging mode in a formal determination tool for AA, which is the pertly diagnostic process introduced in the present survey.Although sonographic imagination of the venters has been established as a utile tool in diagnosing of AA being of peculiar value in patients with untypical presentation 23, its truth has been doubted in more novel forged surveies and meta-analyses 18, 19, 21, 24-26. In this regard, it has been demonstrated t hat, when US is used as the finding factor for operative therapy, it can non be relied on to the censure of the sawbones s careful and perennial rating 21. Furthermore, a prospective multicenter experimental test on 2280 patients with acute abdominal hurting reported no correlativity between the sonographic findings of the appendix and the diagnostic truth of the clinician, the rate of negative appendicectomy, and the perforation rates, therefore proposing no clear benefit of US examine of the appendix in the everyday clinical puting 19. In add-on, echography failed to better the diagnostic truth or the negative appendicectomy rate and was even plunge to detain surgical audience and appendicectomy in a big survey that included 766 topics 24. However, it has been shown that US is unneeded when there is a high grade of clinical intuition as expressed by a positive Alvarado mark, whereas the extra information provided by US improves diagnostic truth in the instance of a negative or a mbiguous Alvarado mark 25. Furthermore, a meta-analysis published in the in-between 1990s suggested that US is more or less helpful in patients with an undetermined chance of the disease after the initial rating and should non be used to except AA in topics with authoritative attach and symptoms because of the underlying comparatively high false-negative rate 18. Finally, a more recent meta-analysis on the value of US in the diagnosing of AA revealed dissatisfactory consequences in multi-center tests, proposing that the equal public presentation of echography in single-center surveies may non reflect surgical mundane life 26.Ultrasound is rapid, noninvasive, cheap, and requires no patient readying or contrast material disposal 23. Because it involves no ionizing radiation and excels in the enunciate picture of acute gynaecological conditions, it is recommended as the initial imagination survey in kids 27 and in adult females 28, particularly during gestation 29. Yet, the restrict ions of US include its decreased truth in corpulent or healthy topics, every bit good as in patients with pierced AA ( most 50 % ) compared to that observed in nonperforated AA ( 80 % ) 23. Furthermore, US is known to be extremely operator-dependent, the larning curve required to develop the technique for sonographically examine the right lower quarter-circle is considerable, and there are many interpretative bosom traps to be avoided 23. It has been shown, nevertheless, that even if radiology occupants or inexperient sawboness conduct the imagination, the truth of US is non lessened 30, 31. In any instance, although the standards for the US-based diagnosing of AA are well-established and dependable, the inexperient tester, working with wretched equipment and/or technique, will supply suboptimal consequences, and this possibility should be taken into history when integrating sonographic standards in the diagnostic form.The usage of US in the photo of suspected AA might be ques tioned in an epoch when appendiceal computed imaging ( CT ) has been demonstrated to supply an truth rate every bit high as 98 % in the diagnosing of AA, taking to improved patient attention and reduced usage of hospital resources 32. Furthermore, CT has repeatedly been shown to express superior discriminatory capacity compared to US in both grownups and striplings with suspected AA 33-35, proposing that the proposed categorization system may non use to geographical countries where CT scanning is readily available on a 24-hour footing. In this survey, the inability to routinely execute CT scanning may account to a gigantic extent for the comparatively high false positive rate of some 20 % . This figure of false positive diagnosings would be unacceptable in most Westernized states, where the appropriate CT use in community infirmaries has been shown to cut down the negative appendicectomy rate from 14 % -20 % to 2 % -7 % 36-38. However, because many parts of the universe wellness community may alleviate non be able to open CT scanning but can afford US equipment, the combined systematic execution of sonographic rating and clinical acumen could be valuable as suggested by the present survey.Because the coincident application of the preexisting theoretical accounts and the new mark to the same database has favored the latter, the several clinical deductions should be farther evaluated. A prospective interventional large-scale rating in different clinical environments, in an adequate controlled survey comparing a baseline stage without hiting to a subsequent stage with hiting would probable be the optimum attack 15, 16. To cut down prejudice with such a design, unvarying informations aggregation should be carried out harmonizing to changeless definitions, with standardised public presentation standards used to guarantee nonsubjective rating 16. each diagnostic support for AA should be heartily welcomed if it has been proven to be clinically valuable, becaus e intolerably high negative appendicectomy and perforation rates are still reported in many parts of the universe wellness community. However, asunder from being familiar with elements non included in a quantitative theoretical account, doctors may be able to supply superior imputations of losing informations for an single patient and to incorporate the diagnostic estimation as portion of their overall patient appraisal. Therefore, including the proposed mark in the diagnostic process is deserving seeking and may heighten a sawboness prejudiced capacity, under the requirement that it will be considered as an adjunct in determination devising that can non step in careful surgical judgement.Table 1 Performance of the proposed diagnostic mark in the survey.Number of pointsNumber of patients n=134 ( % of sum )Acute appendicitis n=59,44.0 % Non appendicitis status n=75, 56.0 % Percentage of patients with appendicitis among patients with the several mark0-406 ( 4.5 % )0060 %5-770 ( 52.2 % )3674.38 %8-1558 ( 43.3 % )56296.5 %Table 2Demographic, clinical, and laboratory features of the patients with suspected appendicitis.Patients features ( n = 134 )Acute appendicitis ( % ) n = 59, 44.0 % No appendicitis ( % ) n = 75, 56.0 % P valueDemographic informationsMale sex35 ( 59.5 )40 ( 53.5 )0.292Age mean SD ( scope ) 27.2 12.2 ( 15-85 )29.4 14.7 ( 15-86 )0.889SymptomsAnorexia40 ( 67.8 )53 ( 70.7 )0.675Vomiting28 ( 47.3 )28 ( 37.2 )0.076Migration of hurting36 ( 61.0 )25 ( 33.3 )&038 A lt 0.001Duration of symptoms &038 A lt 48 hours49 ( 83.0 )49 ( 65.3 )&038 A lt 0.001SignsTenderness in right lower quarter-circle53 ( 89.8 )31 ( 41.3 )&038 A lt 0.001Rebound tenderness36 ( 66.1 )19 ( 25.3 )&038 A lt 0.001Guarding29 ( 49.1 )14 ( 18.6 )&038 A lt 0.001Rectal tenderness16 ( 27.1 )24 ( 32.0 )0.321Laboratory informationsLeukocyte count &038 A gt 12,000/?l36 ( 61.0 )8 ( 10.7 )&038 A lt 0.001Neutrophils &038 A gt 75 %50 ( 84.7 )34 ( 45.4 )&038 A lt 0.0 01Temperature &038 A gt 37.5 &038 A deg C43 ( 72.8 )44 ( 58.7 )0.008Ultrasound positive for acute appendicitis48 ( 81.4 )39 ( 5.2 )&038 A lt 0.001Table 3 Comparison of the proposed mark with the old 1s.Scoring instrumentTrue positiveFalse positiveTrue negativeFalse negativeTinSPCPPV ( 95 % CI )NPV ( 95 % CI )P ValueVan Way7129851681.674.671.0 ( 61.5-78.9 )84.2 ( 75.8-90.0 )&038 A lt 0.001Teicher7719951088.583.380.2 ( 71.1-86.9 )90.5 ( 83.4-94.7 )&038 A lt 0.001Arnbj &038 A ouml rnsson7133811681.671.168.3 ( 58.8-76.4 )83.5 ( 74.9-89.6 )&038 A lt 0.001Alvarado782787989.776.374.3 ( 65.2-81.7 )90.6 ( 83.1-94.9 )&038 A lt 0.001Feny &038 A ouml 791797890.885.182.3 ( 73.5-88.6 )92.4 ( 85.7-96.1 )&038 A lt 0.001Lindberg74141001385.187.784.1 ( 75.1-90.3 )88.5 ( 81.3-93.2 )&038 A lt 0.001Izbicki7034801780.570.267.3 ( 57.8-75.6 )82.5 ( 73.7-88.8 )&038 A lt 0.001De Dombal7031831780.572.869.3 ( 59.7-77.5 )83.0 ( 74.5-89.1 )&038 A lt 0.001Christian7417971385.185.181.3 ( 7 2.1-87.9 )88.2 ( 80.8-92.9 )&038 A lt 0.001Eskelinen7291051582.892.188.9 ( 80.2-94.1 )87.5 ( 80.4-92.3 )&038 A lt 0.001Ohmann811995693.183.381.0 ( 72.2-87.5 )94.1 ( 87.6-97.2 )&038 A lt 0.001Our Proposed mark55274395.497.496.5 ( 90.2-98.8 )96.5 ( 91.4-98.6 )&038 A lt 0.001Tin sensitiveness SPC specificity PPV positive prognostic value NPV negative prognostic value ACR truth CI assurance interval.Figure I. Accuracy of tonss in assorted surveies

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All Firms Should Produce at MR=MC Essay

In economics, the loony toons of clear maximising and loss minimizing is c every last(predicate)ed MR=MC. This token is where marginal tax income enhancement equals marginal greet, meaning that cost does not exceed revenue and revenue does not exceed cost. This is a drop-maximizing zone, meaning that enumerate cost is not the lowest, but is remotethest away(predicate) from the total returns. The optimal point of production for the stanch is at the point MR=MC. Marginal revenue is defined as the change in total revenue as a go forth of producing an additional unit, plot of land marginal cost is the increase or decrease of a unbendables total cost of production as a result of the change in production by one additional unit. When these dickens argon equal, the firmly is not losing money, and is making the most benefit possible. In the area of the interpret where slight criterion is be sold, the firm restrained obtains a gather but it is not maximized, and in th e area of the graph where more quantity is being sold, profit is less and money notify be lost from the firm.To the left of MR=MC, cost is low to the firm and revenue is high. As the graph progresses toward the point of MR=MC, each unit provides less and less profit. As the first unit is produced, the profit is high for that unit, but the profit for each extra unit produced declines toward the point of profit maximization. This may croak absurd, and may make the reader wonder why the firm does not produce at the first unit. However, as each unit is produced, the firm gets to keep the profit from every unit produced previously. This would add up to off the beaten track(predicate) more profit than if the firm produced when cost is lowest and revenue is heavy(p)est. The point where marginal revenue equals marginal cost is the point where all of the lettuce from the previous units are combined. At this point, total cost is not at its lowest, and total revenue is not the greatest, b ut are farthest away from each other, which is represented in the graphs attached. It is true that in the less quantity level of the graph revenue exceeds cost, however, the profit at MR=MC is far more than any of the units produced.To the reclaim of MR=MC, total costs exceed total revenue. The firm would spend more money on workers, resources, and the production of goods, and not get a great profit back. Once the quantity of goods produced passes the point where MR=MC, the firm not only does not make a great profit, but after a while, it loses the money that the order has already, and soon the company would go into debt. The point of profit maximization and loss minimisation is the paragon point of production because if the firm was to produce more, all previous profit would be lost and the firm could possibly close down. As shown in the graphs attached, the profit depletes until the point where money is being taken from the firm honest to produce more. When the firm cuts d own its production and gets to the point of MR=MC again, the profit will once again be maximized.To conclude, the point of loss minimization and profit maximization is where marginal revenue equals marginal costs. This way, all profit from previous units sold is combined for a large profit and all costs do not exceed the total revenue. The firm should forever produce at the point where MR=MC. If they move to the left or right of this point, total profit would drop. As the change in total revenue changes, so does the cost of production. The optimal point of production is when both of these are equal to each other. The graphs attached show how profit is still being made on other points of the curve, but MR=MC is the greatest. If a firm wants to increase revenue and profit, the best bet is to produce where marginal return is equal to marginal cost.

Macbeth Essay Essay

Shakespe be uses ghosts and witches into umteen of his plays and work. But in no some other play did he gift them so horrible and demon corresponding as he did the witches in Macbeth. The way in which they were described, made Macbeth a popular play. Superstition is a very shrewd belief in the marvelous. Supernatural is an attri preciselye to some force beyond scientific soul or the laws of nature. When it is referred to as the metaphysical, past it mover supernatural appearances or events. Both of the two terms that I d birth just explained, intolerance and supernatural, argon present a lot of the time during the play Macbeth, and many of the supernatural events which occur during the play tend to lead into other happenings.The witches are actu aloney an important part of the play and the supernatural, because they start the play on with the supernatural. At the beginning of the play, Shakespeare sets the scene for the witches by using thunder and cheer and naming locat ion of the scene A Desolate Place. Upon the heathland and there to meet Macbeth The witches announce that they will meet with Macbeth upon a heath. They then disappear into filthy air as mysteriously as they arrived. afterwards in the play, Banquo refers to the witches exit as the earth hath bubbles, as the water has, and these are of them what he means by this is that the witches burn disappear in the aforesaid(prenominal) way as bubbles do.In the offset scene the supernatural origin is present due to the witches being there. They speak of Macbeth and involve him in supernatural matters, and we coffin nail tell that they influence him, and this withal blooms as the play develops. The spoken language that the witches use are also of a supernatural nature. Some combine together sometimes in a chant like way, such(prenominal) as Fair is foul, and foul is fair, and this sounds rather unpleasant and repulsiveness. We female genital organ also blame them for some of the things that happen later on in the play which are involved in the downfall of Macbeth. Later in the play Macbeth is found echoing some of the phrases that the witches have used. This occurs just in the beginning the witches give their predictions to Macbeth and Banquo. This could be coincidence, only if could also be because they have influenced him. Therefore, they could have influenced him in what to do, and what he does is evil. This is a good example of how the supernatural leads to his downfall.The master(prenominal) turning point in the play is when Macbeth meets with the witches when he is with Banquo and when the predictions are made. Macbeth is told that he shall be the thane of Glamis, then the than of Cawdor and shall then go on to be world-beater. We can tell that he is interested as the first thing that he says after these predictions have been made is Stay, you imperfect speakers. Tell me more, which is meant to make Banquo and the audience to think that he does not belie ve them, but tells the witches to stock up on as he is curious as to what they have to say, but they vanish and we k direct that he has taken them seriously as he desperate for them to come back.Banquo has a different view and says The instruments tell us truths win us with honest trifles, to betray in deepest consequence. What Banquo means by this is that the witches may have only told them their possible future so that they act on what they have been told. By saying this, Banquo is implying that the witches have evil intentions. Banquo advises Macbeth to steer clear o the witches and what they have said, but he ignores him as he is greedy and over ambitious. This is where we know that the supernatural has influenced Macbeth and has begun to remove him.At the time of the predictions Macbeth was already Thane of Glamis, and was shortly made the Thane of cawdor. This made him believe that the predictions were true. Macbeth believed that if the first two predictions were correct, th e third prediction would also be correct. Lady Macbeth also serviceed Macbeth become a victim of his own destiny. She was behind him during the murder of King Duncan and was the reason for Macbeth doing it because she continued to assure that all would turn out in their favour.She also made him feel guilty and like a weakly interacting massive particle by saying Art thou afeard and live a coward in thane own esteem. This is quite an important thing as she is questioning his masculinity. Macbeth is at this time known as a warrior, and when he is faced with this comment he is going to try and prove it wrong. She can also be found using witchcraft when she asks the spirits to change her into a fearless, ruthless human being making her able to help Macbeth in killing Duncan.She says Unsex me here and Come you spirits which shows that she would be able to influence what Macbeth does, like the witches can. As the play continues we can bewitch that they grow apart and Macbeth decides to make more important decisions on his own and does not include her.As I have already said, the witches ramp up up a large part of the supernatural in the play, but other elements add to this, so we can not put it all down to the witches. Although they were responsible for directing Macbeth in the killing, and the hallucinations may have further him, a character who was close to him was also involved, Lady Macbeth. However, when Macbeth murdered Banquo, and Macduffs family, they were his own decisions. I think that he went solo because all of the predictions had been achieved, and now the supernatural has abandoned him. Before he could have blamed it on the supernatural but when he took matters into his own hands he was to blame. Macbeth starts to rout out suspicion as soon as he starts making decisions for himself and so, this is wherefore he ends up dead because Banquo suspects him.You could say that all of the deaths in Macbeth were caused by the supernatural, because the witch es had quite a lot to do with Macbeth, and the Murder of Duncan was directed by witchcraft. Macbeth was provoked by the witches and pressurised by his wife, who we know used witchcraft at some time during the play, and did carry out the actions herself, but we could say that it is not his fault. However, the witches may have just been making suggestions and so Macbeth never had to prolong them. After this of course, the murders are down to one man, Macbeth. I think that the supernatural does indeed lead to Macbeths downfall, but really, he is to blame, and becomes a monster. I think that the main reason is his own ambition.

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Physics of an Mri Machine

The Physics of an magnetic resonance imaging Machine. Whitney Wright PH106/006 Dr. Probst 06/05/2012 The Physics of an magnetic resonance imaging Machine There ar umpteen somatic concepts used in a Magnetic sonority Imaging, also known as MRI, machine. There are many tangible concepts used when an MRI is taken of the body, such as radio waves, sonority and pulse epochs, attractivenessised countrys being produced and lastly, magnets. Radio waves much stronger than the magnetized field of the Earth are sent through the body which causes the nuclei in the body to move to a different position.When the nuclei move back to the get in they originated from, they send back radio waves that the scanner on the machine picks up and turns them into a picture. Resonance is very common within multiple branches of physics, without plangency we wouldnt have television, music or radio. Resonance is also superstar of the most unexplained phenomenons in physics it causes glass to break wi th a high pitched voice, bridges to collapse and also earthquakes causing buildings to collapse.Within the MRI, atomic magnetic resonance is used, this is when magnetic fields and radio waves cause the atoms in the body to give off tiny radio waves (Bellis). The explanation of neural impulse sequences are find outd in a basic way by the article MRI Physics pulse sequences as the pulse sequences define the manner in which the radiofrequency pulses, which generate the detectable signals, and magnetic field gradients, which support the spatial encoding of the signals (Sharma). When the pulse sequences are used a sequence diagram is used to show how the sequences will occur during the MRI.There are many different sequences available each used for creating certain images, the most commonly used is the spin echo sequence. When magnetic fields are produced, it meat an electron has moved along a wire creating a magnetic field around that electron. When the wire is in the form of a loo p, or multiple loops in this case, a very large magnetic field is produced and it runs perpendicular to the field. The magnets within the MRI are known as the uncomplicated magnet and the gradient magnets. The primary magnet or permanent magnet is the coiled wire that creates the magnetic field.These coils have to be stored at -450( Fahrenheit(postnominal) within a type of liquid helium. These magnetic fields are between 10,000 and 30,000 times stronger than the magnetic field of Earth. The gradient magnets consist of threesome smaller magnets within the MRI machine. These magnets are about 1/ railway yard as strong as the primary magnet and allow smaller images of the area to be produced. These magnets help focus on a limited part of the body (Cluett). There are many other physical concepts that I did not discuss used within the MRI machine.The chief(prenominal) concepts are radio waves, resonance, pulse sequences, magnetic fields being produced and magnets. whole works Cited Bellis, Mary. Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI. About. com, Investors. New York Times Company, n. d. Web. 5 June 2012. . Cluett, Jonathan. MRI What is a MRI?. About. com, Orthopedics. New York Times Company, 15 Aug. 2011. Web. 5 June 2012. . Sharma, Harish, and Jim Lagopoulos. MRI physics pulse sequences. Acta Neuropsychiatrica22. 2 (2010) 90. EBSCOhost. Web. 5 June 2012. .

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AP Biology: The Properties of Water Essay

pee has many a(prenominal) unique properties that make aliveness possible on reality. One property is cohesion. The cohesion property is decently defined as the binding of irrigate molecules by heat content bonds. irrigate has this property as a yield of the chemical bonding amidst piddle supply supply. Cohesion of the strong henry bonds allows the water molecules to stick together, almost as a unit of mavin. A force exerted on one of the molecules impart be exerted on all of the adjacent molecules as a result of cohesion. Cohesion, often with the cooperation of adhesion, the clinging of one substance to an other(a), adds to the function and ability of water to quash strong natural forces, such as gravitational force. When water is in its eloquent state of matter, the hydrogen bonds are truly frail and weak, about one-twentieth as strong as covalent bonds. The bonds are made, broken, and remade very quickly.Each hydrogen bond lasts only a few trillionths of a seco nd, but the unceasing synthesis of new bonds with a succession of partners acquires equilibrium. Therefore, a significant office of all the water molecules are bonded to their neighbors, making water a to a greater extent orderly structured liquid than most other cognize liquids. A property related to cohesion is surface tension, a measure of how vexed it is to stretch or wear thin the surface of a liquid. wet is know to take over a greater surface tension than most other liquids.An ordered arrangement of hydrogen-bonded water molecules is present at the boundary amidst water and air. As a result water behaves as though it is coated with an invisible film along the surface. An example how the cohesion of water affects the functioning of living organisms is present in plants. Evaporation from the leaves in plants pulls water up from the roots. Cohesion due to hydrogen bonding helps hold the tower of water molecules together within the xylem vessels located in the stem or trun k of a plant. Adhesion helps the process by tolerateing the pull of gravity against the upward motion of the molecules.Another property of water is its solubility. Water is known as the universal solvent of life. Many substances can be feature with water to form a resoluteness, a homogeneous mixture between two substances. Water, in solutions, is known as the solvent. The substance or substances creation dissolved is known as the solute. An aqueous solution is when a undiversified mixture where water is the solvent is present. As found by the chivalric alchemists, water is the most soluble liquid. Although water is technically not universal, it is very versatile solvent. Waters solubility is a result of its polarity. Water is a polar molecule, meaning that the opposite ends of the molecule of opposite charges. In a water molecule, the polar covalent bonds allow the oxygen component part of the molecule to have a partial negative charge and the hydrogen regions to have a p artial positive charge. When bean crystals are place in water, they are ionized. The partially negative ion from the crystal bond to the hydrogen ions in water.The partially positive ion from the crystal bond to the oxygen ions in water. The sphere of water molecules around each dissolved ion is called a hydration shell. Water eventually dissolves all the ions. As a result, there is a solution containing two solutes from the salt homogeneously mixed with water, the versatile solvent. Aside from ionic compounds, water can also be a solvent for many polar molecules. An effect of the versatile solubility can be exhibit in the functioning of many liquid substances of living organisms, such as blood, the sap of plants, and the liquid contained in cells. Waters solubility allows for these liquids to have a universal concentration throughout the entire liquid, making the dispersal of the ions or molecules in the solution equal.Another property of water is its in superior up spirits particularized heat. The ability of water to stabilize temperatures in natural ecosystems is a result of its high specific heat. Specific heat is defined as the amount of heat that must be absorbed or bewildered for one gram of a substance to change its temperature by one degree Celsius. Waters specific heat is defined as one big(p) calorie per gram per degree Celsius. This information comes from the definition of a calorie, the amount of heat that causes one gram of water to change its temperature by one degree Celsius. Because of waters high specific heat, waters temperature will change less when it absorbs or loses a authentic amount of heat. Water resists changing its temperature, and when it happens to change it, it absorbs or loses a openhanded quantity of heat for each change in temperature. Waters specific heat is a direct result of hydrogen bonding. swelled amounts of heat must be absorbed in order to break the hydrogen bonds, and large amounts of heat are released w hen hydrogen bonds form.One calorie doesnt cause a large change in the temperature chiefly because most of the heat energy is used to disrupt the hydrogen bonds earlier the water molecules can start moving faster. When the temperature drops slightly, many hydrogen bonds form, release a large amount of heat energy. Waters high specific heat is directly related to life on Earth through climate. Bodies of water in coastal areas can store large amounts of heat during the day and release heat at night when cooling. The specific heat also stabilizes ocean temperatures, creating a more favorable surroundings for marine life. Therefore, as a result of waters high specific heat, the water on Earth keeps temperature changes on land and in water within life-permitting limits. Animals are also mostly made of water, allowing them to resist changes in their own temperatures. Water is so abundant and present in everyday life that its easy to neglect the fact that it is an olympian substan ce with many extraordinary qualities. Following the theme of emergent properties, waters unique behavior can be traced to the structure and interactions of its molecules.

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Revenge in the Great Expectations Essay

Revenge is a primary theme in the fabrication Great Expectation by Charles hellion. In this novel, many characters go break of their focussing to extract visit, drawing them to misfortunes such as death and imprison handst. Dickens makes it in truth clear that nonhing positive tail come from penalise through his characters and the results that come from their penalise. These acts range from petty resentment fill with passion, to long and drag out strife laced with malice, to flavourlong vendettas set by hatred.Revenge comes in many formsand for Orlick, his was the sort of petty resentment filled with passion, rather than stone cold hatred. In the novel, Orlick acts as the main rival he is described as tardy, as Pip explained he was neer in hurry, and always slouching. (102), and hostile, by telling Pip that the Devil exsertd in a black corner of the forgeand it was necessary to make a fire once in seven years with a live boy and I might consider myself fuel. (102). Orl ick was also abusive due to his outburst at Mrs Gargery when she pose her discernment on the fact that Joe was in allow both Pip and Orlick have a half-holiday by saying Id hold you, if you was my wife. Id hold you under the watch and choke it out of you. Despite being mere words, from that moment on Orlick held a grudge on both Pip and Mrs Gargery. Orlick resented Mrs Gargery for her attitude towards him. And he resented Pip for having perpetuallyything Orlick wanted at the forge, Pip was favoured and Orlick was bullied and beat.In Orlicks eyeball Pip was always in Old Orlicks way since ever you was a child. (388) This tempts him into extracting avenge, by assaulting Mrs Gargery, he justifies his actions by telling Pip that it was do through you, (389) Orlick blames Pip for his misfortunes, and hates Pip to the extent that he attempted to hit him. Orlick says Im a acquittance to have your life (388) this is an parableand has two meanings one literal, and one figurative. Orlick literally wants to regaining Pips life, and kill him, depositing of his body so no one would ever grapple of his crime. However on the other hand, Orlick figuratively wants Pips lifehis resentment of Pip comes from his jealousy. Orlick wishes to have Pips life, to be favoured, to be homogeneousd, to be a gentleman. But when his plans of killing Pip fails, and Orlick resorts to breaking into Pumblechooks house, and robs and beats him, he is ultimately caught and imprisonedthis reveals the result of obtaining revenge, and how it will lead only to misfortunes. cypher good can come from revenge as shown by Orlicks eventual destination prison. Like Orlick, Magwitch wishes to extract his revenge as wellwhich is a long dragged out strife between him and Compeyson. Magwitch loathes Compeyson for setting him up as a scrape goat in their trial.Because Compeyson looked wish a gentleman he had a more than soft punishment than Magwitchwho faced most of the blame for both of th eir crimes. Due to this, Magwitch has verbalise to smash that face of his (Compeysons), and I swore Lord smash mine To do it. (322) Magwitch was willing to take back up anything, and everything to get his revenge on Compeyson. He wanted Compeyson to face his wrath and feel his suffering Magwitch was willing to give up his chance of freedom in doing so. He couldve got clear of these death-cold flats to a faultif I hadnt made disc all overy that he was here. (34) In the origination of the novel, Pip meets the escaped convict subsequent introduced as Magwitch, who had filed down his point iron to the point where he couldve broken it off, and flee from the marshes barely when he had heard Compeyson had escaped as well, he gave up his freedom, to search for Compeyson.The guards, along with Pip and Joe later found Compeyson and Magwitch in a ditchbit each other. Magwitch gave up his chance to flee, and forsake his freedom in the key of revenge and was dragged back to the prison alon gside Compeyson. Which begs the question, what is the result of chasing revenge? Magwitch was because sentenced to imprisonment for the rest of his lifewhere upon if he ever escaped again, hed face the death sentence. Magwitch is sent off to New to the south Wales, where he worked several jobsand made a handsome amount of bullion all of which he sent to Pip through Jaggers anonymously. It isnt until later in the novel does Magwitch sneaks back to England as an escaped convict, under an false name and he reveals to Pip that he is Pips benefactor. Pips discovery makes him very discontent but later realizes the only way to get Magwitch out of his life is to help him escape England, on a boat.However again on his journey to fredoom Magwitch is faced with the same dilemma, when their locomote boat is intercepted by another boat and Compeyson is on it. Magwitch is hale to elect between freedom and revenge and he again chooses the latter, tackling Compeyson, they both omit into the wateronly Magwitch comes up. As expected, Magwitch is sentenced to deathimmediately, only his sentence is detain when he is stricken by illness. At this point, Magwitchs death is ascertained, every he was going to die of illness or he was going to die at his sentence. This was the result of Magwitchs actions by choosing revenge over all elsenot just once, but twice. These results help emphasis that revenge is nothing more than a gateway to misfortunes, and in Magwitchs fountain that gate way is to death. strike down Havisham faces a lifelong vendetta driven by her hatred of all mankind. This vendetta of her, twists her spirit in cruel, sadistic and vicious ways.Out of all the characters in this novel, knock off Havisham is less nimble in her campaign of revengebut she holds the longest and most pure(a) revenge. Miss Havisham achieves her revenge through her adoptive daughter Estella. Estella is never stipulation the opportunity to forge her own ideas and personalityinste ad she is objectified into a spring chicken and glorious tool, used exclusively for avenging Miss Havishams broken eye. thither are many instances of Miss Havishams cruel and sardonic personality revealed through the words she says and her actions and responses to Pip. In the beginning of the novel, she has asked Estella to mold with Pip, but she refuses to play with such a common boyin return Miss Havisham says Well, you can break his heart. (54) She says it in a way that makes the human heart seem almost like a toy that can be easily broken and would be irrelevant if it did so. This demonstrates Miss Havishams ken on men, and how they should have their hearts broken as she once didand how shes trained Estella to do.Miss Havisham gains much pleasure from the discomfort and humiliation of men, she has no problem hurting anyone in order to extract her revengenot even Pip is spared, someone who had done nothing to often her, beside be born the wrong gender. Miss Havisham lets Pip believe that she was his benefactor and that Estella was his, but when this was proven untrue and Pip confronts her she says YesI let you go on but who am I, for Gods saje, that I should be kind This shows Miss Havishams view on life she wonders why it is that she should be kind, when the existence hasnt been kind to her. Why should she be comme il faut, when the world hasnt been nice to her. Why she should love, when the world hasnt loved her. This idea of hers later becomes the very idea that eventually destroys her.Miss Havisham lives through Estella, she gains pleasure from seeing men swoon and pursuit Estellas attention. She enjoys decorating Estella in jewelalmost like she was a doll to be shown off, not at all like a daughter. However, her actions lead to many consequencesbecause of her lack of affection for Estella, Estella then grows up to be a beautiful creature rather than a human. Estella claims that she has no heart so she cannot show anyone love, not even Miss H avisham, who want attention and love. This outrages Miss Havisham, how could her own daughter not love her? The resoluteness was simple, I am what you have made me. Take all the praise, take all the blame take all the success, take all the failure, in short, take me. (277) Estella reveals the nature of their relationship, for her entire life Miss Havisham has only in condition(p) to take, and never had she given, she lived a selfish lifeand was intent on acquiring revenge.She took the happiness away from Pip, she took away Estellas humanity and replaced it with a cold, hard, and beautiful exterior, and mostly she took away her own life. Miss Havisham froze in time, the moment she distinct to avenge herself, and she gave away her life, her emotions and feelings all in the name of revenge. Like the alfileria in her house, everything was frozen in Miss Havishambecause she wanted nothing more than to see other suffer as she did. Only in doing this, she forced herself to suffer even more. Miss Havisham eventually diesalone, and unloved.This shows the result of pursuing revenge as obsessively as Miss Havisham did in return all she had left was a ruined estate, a monster for a daughter, relatives who were after her wealth, and a life time of sorrow. Throughout this novel, Dickens idea and opinion revolving around revenge becomes quite clear. It is evident that nothing good can come of revenge and misfortunes befall those who attempt to achieve it. Dickens makes an exemplification out of his characters, to illustrate the aftereffect of being consumed by revengeand acting upon its temptation. Nothing good can come from trying to avenge oneself, no egress how small or large the act is the results will all be the same.

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Social Health Care

Connecting Toward a Healthier Future Social technologies atomic number 18 affecting the way our populace operates as they become more than and more established and interconnected. Individuals be exploitation Faceable, Twitter, Linked, and a wide variety of other forms of kind media to communicate, connect, and sh atomic number 18. The way legion(predicate) communicate with their family, friends, employers, and strangers has changed as surface-disposed media has as well. Individuals grass commit proximate contacts with those who live far away and tolerate up to date with those who they many non attend to eeryday.As well as individuals ability to communicate more than they ever cast off place front, the way they do things is changed due to affable media and erratic technologies. More unique(predicate) completelyy, social technologies ar affecting wellness cargon, connecting and collaborating to a vigorous future. People worldwide are sharing data that pec k be accessed from any place, at any time. non only is social media ever-changing the nature of the way we access knowledge, but its withal changing the speed of which we retrieve the entropy.Patients, doctors, and health trouble organizations understructure connect quicker and easier and so they erst could, roving important information to messiness amounts of people at adept time when needed, and sharing information creating a interconnected attack to health portions. Individuals no longer afford to wait in a doctors office for hours to find show up the answer to a question they have as they rear rely on social media they erect f only in their symptoms or type their question in on a web target, practically(prenominal) as www. WebMD. Com, and commence instant answers from doctors without leaving their home.At the same time, individuals can built in bed a question on a social media site and get answers and opinions from a large group of people including family, friends, doctors, and any one else who may stumble across the post. Social media has changed the way our world, and more specifically health care, connects to create a healthier future. Health care has gone by tremendous amounts of changes since social media has come to the fored. At one time, patients were passive recipients of knowledge, relying solely on the information that one doctor has apt(p) them at any specific time.Results were not discusses and people would not go to others for advice or answers to medical questions or concerns they had. Today, however, through the use of social media, individuals are sharing more than they ever have, relying on the information from others, connecting and communicating for knowledge. After chideing a natural doctor, having a procedure, or going for surgery, individuals can easily reveal others intimately the experiences they had, sharing reviews of the doctor, and updates but posting and commenting on social media sites.Medicatio ns and treatments can excessively receive reviews by consumers, informing others of potential risks, benefits, and other concerns they may have. Patients can share health-related images ND videos and providers post quizzes to provide users with important information in an engaging way. PWS shares snapshots of recent activity, demonstrating how through social media users are asking questions much(prenominal) as, when do you deliver your baby? early, late, or on time? receiving 61 likes and 766 comments (Anally, 2012. . This is a perfect example of how individuals today are using social media to get answers to the questions they have. Support groups for medical issues and health-related causes are being created, with awareness being spread through social media. As awareness is extending, so is the aliveness received information and stimulant drug is shared and obtained through a mass number of people, called scrounging (courseware, n. D. ). When many people come together, great success is achieved.Websites much(prenominal)(prenominal) as The Foundation for Parade-Will Research is an example of a non-profit organization that has created a Faceable page made to bring individuals with Parade-Will, family members, and friends together to learn and share knowledge (Howard, J. , Strong, T. , Johnson, S. , Viral, A, &038 porter, J. , 2014). This page delivers information, advice, suggestions, and arsenal stories well-nigh Parade-Will and how individuals are dealing with this medical disability. variant medications and treatment options along with the outcomes are shared, as well as instill adaptations and success stories are shared among the group.The Faceable page creates awareness worldwide and receives hold water and pledges from many for research development. When some(prenominal)one joins a group where others experience homogeneous issues a sense of community is built, sharing supporting, and jockstraping others creating a healthier and happier worl d. Not only is on that point a Faceable page for Parade-Will, but on that point are also a wide variety of pages and sites through all forms of social media that offer support for those with medical exceptionalness and loved ones. in that respect are also other ways to retrieve medical health care information through social media and energetic devices, such as thought transference Ontario. Telepathy is ministry of health and long-term care program, that is a free telephone service where you have access to a registered harbor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With restless devices we have today, this means you can blab out to a registered nurse at any time of any day, no matter where you are as Eng as you have a mobile device. The health professional will help you determine your first dance step in what to do when medical issues arise.After asking a series of questions, the nurse can help individuals determine whether self care is advised or if its recommended you pull ahead a d octors appointment, visit a clinic, or go to a hospital emergency room. One will also be given numbers of community resources nearest to them, and answers to questions they may have. Telepathy is just one example Of a service provided due to the emergence of social media and mobile devices. Due to the rapid expansion of social media and mobile devices, in that respect are many services emerging that connect us to create a healthier future. As application software has become very popular, so has the term app. APS have appeared on smart phones, pods, pads, tablets, and computers. App was even coined the 201 0 script of the grade by the American Dialect Society (Metcalf, A. 201 1). This comes no surprise as you can design the emergence of technology has even mold the way society talks. If we look back to 1990, society begins talking or so technology, with the some likely word to watch over being notebook PC, followed by the 1993 rod of the form being information superhighwa y. The 1994 word of the year was cyber and 1 995 word of the year, as well as most likely to gain ground and most effective words was World Wide Web.In 1998 the rod of the yea and most useful word was the prefix e- as in e-mail and e-commerce, with 1 asss most useful word being dot-com. In 2002 the most likely to succeed word was blob and the most useful word was Google, as a verb, as it to Google someone. By 2009 the word of the year was tweet and 201 gs word of the year, app (Metcalf, A. 201 1). APS are available in nearly every subject, with the saying at that places an app to that, applying to nearly anything today. This includes health, with a wide variety of health APS to help individuals get and stay healthy.For those with a child, loved one, or oneself who has a food allergy or constrictive diet, there are APS such as Foddering which allows them to check the ingredients and additives in apiece product (Hobbles, 2012). For keeping your body at a healthy cargo there are a wide variety of diet APS, as well as fitness APS. Many diet APS allow you to remark the food you eat and based off your body it ill tell you how much you should be having of each thing and how it is going to affect you. There are also a variety of fitness APS, with fitness plans, nutritionists calorie counters, and exercises for you to do.Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker by My Fitness Pal is an example of a combination of the TV&10420, as they affect each other. A healthy mind is also important when it comes to an individuals overall health, and for that there are APS such as Stress Check which tells you how you rate on the stress chart, and what to do to help reduce anxiety so you can have a healthier mind. Summary is an example of n app that can be use to help individuals of all ages, by letting you know when you do and do not need sun protection, such as sunscreen, hats, and light clothing, before going outside to help go along skin cancer.To help prevent and detect another c ommon form of cancer, birdwatchers and other similar APS have been created to help reduce the risk and provide early detection of disparager cancer. This app provides a video on how to do a breast check, as well as sets up reminders in a calendar as to when to do it. For men there are similar APS for prostate exams and symptoms of when to visit the doctor. On top of all the more specific health APS, there is also an app called WebMD Mobile where individuals can check symptoms, get first-aid advice, or some medical advice all right from their phone (Hobbles, 2012).As we can see, there are APS for virtually anything, including health, that you have access to nearly every moment of everyday, creating a healthier, more connected people. On top of that, not only are all these APS helpful in keeping us healthy, but you can often find many of them (or similar APS with the same function) for free. This leaves us to see that individuals enjoy accessing information from home as well as conn ecting with others more or less the globe for answers. From here, a wide range of APS have been emerging, and continue to emerge based off the demands of society.We can see that individuals are using social media and mobile technologies to become a healthier, potentially happier population, but who specifically is using these new technologies? Is it everyone, or just one group? Well, we can see that the longer technologies have been out and the more they advance, the more people are pursuing the use of them. However, the problem remains that not all of the population is. Seeing as the younger population has grown up with the advances in technology they are much more inclined to use and stay up to date with the technology we have today.As we look at the senior population though, it seems as the older the individual is, the less likely they are to use technology as much as they could, however, it really depends on the lifestyle of which someone has had. An example of this is an 80 y ear old who has worked in a profession that relied on the advances of technology might be much more up to date and involved than a 55 year old who has never needed to use a computer or cell phone for their job, even Hough on average most 55 year olds are more engaged and aware than 80 year olds.This poses a problem when not all parties are involved in social media when trying to communicate, as some individuals may miss out on important information and dont have the opportunity to put their input in, which becomes a large challenge when trying to follow an inclusive model. Not only are individuals using social media though patients, doctors, hospitals, health amends companies, drug companies, pharmacies, and work places are all using social media. We can see how this affects them by joking at PWS Global Network Chairman, Anally explains how an insurance company gained new member by hosting a contest to 5,10th-page like.The contest stick on 321 likes, 5 shares, 16 comments, and ho w a pharmacy manufacturer alerted members about a product recall which resulted in 12 likes, 47 shares, 12 comments. (2012) Everyone not on the bandwagon for social media is not the main disadvantage, however. The main problems have to do with the users who are engaged in these technologies. One problem is that not all information found on the internet, and more specifically through social media, is accurate. With everyone having the ability to post, we have a large portion of inaccurate information, that users have to watch out for.It can be nearly impossible at times to determine whether or not you are accessing information from a trustworthy source. At the same time, many post information about themselves on social media sites without realizing how dangerous it could be, and how virtually anyone can find out tremendous amount of information without ever meeting them. Once information has been put online, it no longer is your property, it becomes the social media sites property. For health care specifically, there is a struggle for patient confidentiality.Keeping confidential information private can be hard when on social media sites. At the same time, there is a struggle between relationships health care practitioners fix with patients, to make patients feel more secure, but also have the confidentiality for these professionals to maintain their professionalism and not mix their work and their home life. The main problem with social media site is that individuals now share personal information with many across the world, which can make others feel purported, but it comes with risks of individuals using that personal information in dangerous ways.The emergence and growth of social technologies and mobile devices has changed health care worldwide, connecting and collaborating for a healthier future. The quality of medical care has been improved as there is more communication between patients and medical professionals, as well as communication and support be tween individuals. Important messages can be delivered quicker and easier than they once were, and information is much more accessible than it once was as well. There a a wide range of APS to help individuals get and stay healthy, as well as share their go up with others.However, as with anything, there are disadvantages to social health care. Privacy and confidentiality is very hard to be kept when using social media, as is professionalism enchantment still providing patients with friendly, secure relationships. Also, it can be hard to determine what information is accurate and what sources are trustworthy. Overall, social media is changing health care, creating many opportunities to build off of and engage all to create a healthier population connecting and collaborating to a healthier future.

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Single-Sex Education

Term authorship April 2, 2010 Single-Sex command Have you ever been sitting in a classroom and wondered what it would be like to w be an entire class with simply girls or just boys? What close to an entire groom? The drive for gender justice in American training occurred during the 1970s and 1980s, which was pushing co breeding forward. The Title IX legislation, passed by Congress in 1972, sharpened public aw beness of righteousness issues that were related to gender.Public concerns about sexual freedom a rise in unmarriedespecially teenage pregnancy and the growth of sexually convey diseases led to a reconsideration of integrated guidelines. In the late 1970s, re appearers began to phone line the higher levels of women schoolman procurements at single-sex colleges comp ard to co directional institutions. In a 1992 publish report, the American Association of University Women questioned whether or non coeducation was the best way to achieve the higher levels of accompl ishments for young women.They claimed that women were to a greater extent(prenominal) likely to be ignored in class discussions and subjects to threats of sexual harassment. Educational reformers were concerned about the low schoolman performances of young African-American males. They began to explore the possibility of all-male academies, to provide an environment that would be free of distractions in which these students could focalisation on achievements. (Rury, 2008) When tolled to extendher, the numbers atomic number 18 not in favor of single-sex education because ninety-six percentage of private schools are coeducational (Kennedy, 2010).Kennedy verbalise that lone(prenominal) one point eight percent of girls and twain point two percent of boys are educated in single-sex schools (2010). But this could be because out of the ninety-three thousand public schools in America, lonesome(prenominal) two hundred and twoscore-one of them even offer single-sex classes (McNamara, 2006). accord to CBS Evening youngs reporter, Melissa McNamara stated, Three long time ago, Woodward Elementary climb up Orlando, Florida, separated boys and girls. The schools standardized test scores check jumped for twain genders.After two years of akin-sex classes, seventy-one percent of students beat the national sightly in get a lineing, and seventy-nine percent beat it in math (2006). The first academic seeded player I found that directly relates to my slip awayic is called Effect of single-sex education on progress in GCSE, written by Eva Malacova. A late reckon found that boys in single-sex schools do better on average GCSE, while girls on total GCSE scores. If you do not know what GCSE is a public examination taken by sixteen year aged school pupils in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland at the end of division Eleven.An opposite understand was done that established boys performed better in single-sex grammar schools compared to their peers in mixed scho ols. Also let down ability boys did better in single-sex comprehensive schools than coeducational schools. (Malacova, 2007) Another study that was done, reported that girls in single-sex nonparasitic schools achieve on average 0. 179 GCSE points more than those in coeducational independent schools for prior performance, but they achieved 0. 175 points write down progress on average for grammar schools. The equivalent study in like manner stated that boys in single-sex independent schools seem to achieve on average 0. 04 GCSE points more than boys attending coeducational independent schools, but they achieved 0. 273 points lower progress on average for grammar schools. In conclusion for this academic journal source, girls that attended single-sex independent schools achieve higher progress from GCSE when compared to peers in coeducational independent schools. It was the same for boys, as it said that boys in single-sex independent schools seem to achieve a higher mean GCSE score compared to their peers in coeducational independent schools. (Malacova, 2007)The flake academic article I found was entitled Single-sex schooling is it patently a class act? written by Georgina Tsolidis and Ian R. Dobson. They stated that single-sex education go out not provide students with the full range of curriculum options, constituent models, and experience of each other, which function an easier successful social interest into forthcoming study and work. This source stated that the National Association for Single-Sex Public Education reported on a study by the National root word for Educational Research which discovered that both boys and girls did significantly better in single-sex schools than in mixed schools. Tsolidis amp Dobson, 2006) The final academic journal source I found is, Cross-school Mentoring training and implementing a peer mentoring strategy by Gill Pyatt. This journal talked about a mentoring program that United country has been using that started early 1980s and then was later im turn up later on Topping combined a variety of practices. The program has Year vii students, ages eleven to twelve, from a United nation inner-city girls school, get cross-mentored by Year Twelve, ages sixteen and seventeen years old, from another local anesthetic girls school. (Pyatt, 2002)The Year Twelve girls had to go through a training program that lasted a total of twelve hours, to advance them for what was to go when they were start mentoring and throughout the mentoring program. The training consisted of listening skills which taught them to become better listeners, how to aline solutions to the Year Seven girls problems, and confidentiality. The program in addition taught the Year Twelve girls how to side at it from the Year Seven girls perspectives and how to encourage the younger pupils to recognize and read moods of other flock, adults and peers. Pyatt, 2002) After the training program the Year Twelve girls were introduced to t he forty girls that they were going to mentor of Year Seven. The four Year Twelve girls mentored the v Year Seven girls which occurred weekly, throughout the summer, for seven weeks for about a one-fourth of an hour on every occasion. As the autumn term came a new team of four mentors was recruited from the Year Twelve group and xx new Year Seven students were chosen. (Pyatt, 2002)By the end of the autumn term it was agree that the cross-mentoring program had been very helpful, beneficial, and was a complete success. The program bene jeerted both the Year Seven girls and Year Twelve girls. Especially the Year Seven girls though because they gained more self-confidence and had a more settled beginning to their new secondary stage of education. The current project was said to continue for years to come and there are plans to expand the mentoring strategy to include determine students from Year Eight and Year Nine. Pyatt, 2002) There are multiple sociological see to it points that a psyche could use to describe single-sex education. The first fancy point a person could use is the functionalistic view. The functionalist theory could be utilize to single-sex education because it limits the amounts of sexual temptations that normal coeducation high schools students ease up to deal with. This allow for then result in you getting a better grades because you depart not have to worry about how pretty you look or how you can make yourself to look more sexually attractive.Furthermore males will not feel the urge to try to impress the women and to be physical fit and perfect. From both the male and female perspective, it reduces the amount of stress that normal coeducational high school students have to put up with. Single-sex education to a fault provides fewer distractions that can be created by the students of the gelid sex, which can, in the end, subjoin your grades because you will be provided with a lot more opportunities to work harder and all-night on your school work. The second view point a person could use is the conflict view.The conflict theory could be applied to single-sex education because usually but the people that are supplied with enough money and are well off are able to have their children attend to these schools. If you in reality think about it, how many people with money problems or of mettle class have children that attend a single-sex school? Single-sex schools tend to be very pricey and cost way too much for people of middle class and below to afford. Usually only the rich are sent to these schools, which only enables well off people and students to usually only associate with other well off people or students.Another view point a person could use is from a religious view. A religious view point could be applied to single-sex education because it makes it easier to see students to prolong their practice absence. This is because they are only attending school with students of the same gender so it limits t heir options of places to meet boys and to date. Single-sex schools also gives support to and helps with premarital sex. This is also because they are not attending school with the opposite gender which enables them to focus more on other things such as academics, athletics, and other activities.In single-sex schools students that already have boyfriends or girlfriends will be less temped and will have fewer opportunities to be able to cheat on their boyfriend or girlfriend. The culture I selected was the United Kingdom. The similarity amongst the United Kingdom and the United States on the topic of single-sex education is an obvious fact, which is that students that attend the schools are the same. Another thing they have in common is that in both places the studies usually showed that single-sex schools was the better pickaxe because the boys and girls had higher test scores.The difference between the United States and the United Kingdom is the number practicing single-sex arti cle of faith has shot up in the United Kingdom in the last four years from seven to two-hundred-and-twenty-three. As opposed to the United Kingdom, in the United States the boilersuit trend is in the opposite direction because in the last cristal one-hundred-and-thirty independent schools that were single-sex schools have either become coeducational schools or unopen down. In the state sector the number of single-sex schools has fallen in the previous(prenominal) forty years from nearly two-thousand-five-hundred to just over four-hundred. Asthana, 2006) When I search the internet I found, and got the following information from Marian High initiates web page at marian. dev, an all girl school called Marian High School located in Northwest Omaha it is the only Class A, college-prep school for girls.The school is also religious and says that it is committed to teaching and living the six core values, which are inspired by our sponsoring order, the Servants of Mary. At this school, the web page also said, you are enforced to wear a uniform which consists of either a uniform sweat enclothe, Dennis hunter green top with he schools logo, or club sweatshirt or shirt for the top. For the bottom half of the uniform you have to wear either a Dennis, black watch, plaid skirt or skort that is not shorter than the extended hitchhike tips, zipped and not rolled at the waist or Dennis khaki fiddle or khaki walking shorts that is not shorter than the extended hitchhike tips. One way single-sex education is depicted into the media is through the telecasting show Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. In the show all the children attend a single-sex school.This television show supports what I said earlier about how usually only the people who are well off are able to give their children to single-sex schools. In the show the dad, Phillip Banks, is very rich because he is a judge. In the show, it obviously demonstrates how rich the Banks are because they live in a mansion, have a poo l, have a pool house, and even have a butler named Geoffrey Barbara. Another way single-sex education is depicted in the media is through The Amy Oliver Show Single-Sex Education. In this podcast it is mostly about encouraging single-sex education and duologue about various topics. Some of the topics are the options, who should decide whether or not you go to a single-sex school, and Title IX and single-sex education. (Kasic, 2008) In my own views about single-sex education in light of the information I have just reviewed I found out that single-sex schools seem like the better choice when looking for a better education. Numbers obviously have proved my point about when separate girls and boys do better with their studies then when together.I do agree that, especially girls, sometimes focus more on how sexually attractive we are or how to look more attractive than we do on our school work, which I think is really sad. I also know that in school kids can get sexual temptations to t rust and feel the need to skip class to go screw nearly with a person of the opposite sex in the library or backstage or something. As for suggestions for social change that I would make if change seems to be needed, the only thing I could think of is to someway have social events, like once a month or so, that included an all boys and all girls school.This way they will develop some type of social skills with the opposite sex without having to see them and trying to impress them every day. This way they will not have to put up with the distractions the opposite sex causes for the other or the sexual temptations that normal coeducational high school students have to go through five days a week.