Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Thesis sample Essay Example for Free

Thesis sample EssayIntroduction The town of San Antonio is a second class municipality in the province of Nueva Ecija. It is located in between Jaen,Zaragosa, Cabiao and Concepcion. San Antonio is devided into 16 barangays. San Antonio is just an unfrequented dumbfound in Nueva Ecija furrowes argon well introduced to the public. And since the town starts to compete in the market, varieties of products atomic number 18 opened like service and high quality products. In search for a caper to engage at, the look forers considered the continous need of merchandise to be sold. Hardware supplies are items continously needed in search for knowledge and to earn living.The system of concern of his strain organization is simple as buying and reselling the items to prospective consumers. But due to present market condition where management is becoming complex due to the emergence of scientific methods of management tries to out-do each other, a need for a evaluation study as a means of preparation and planning is of outmost importance of this study. Venturing into business is the only alternative income and at the same time provide employment even just to a few. Statement of the Problem This research work is aimed to look into the viability of establishing a hardware supplies business in San Antonio, Nueva Ecija.specifically this study sought answers to the following 1. Who is the target market of the pruposed business? What are the marketing strategies and programs of this proposed business? 2. What are the technical and production processes needed in the operation of the proposed business? 3. What type of organization is necessary for the proposed business? 4. How much initial capital is (needed) to establish this kind of business? How long did the initial capital paybacked? 5. What are the potential problems that may arise during the operation of the proposed business?What possible solution to these problems? Significance of the study This research work pro vides the following significance 1. To The Researchers It will help the researcher to find if their study will be succesful in the future. 2. To The Students It will be the guide to the students if they will do their own research. 3. To The Future Investors It will be their referrence if they will invest to this business or not. Scope And Limitation The E. B De Guzman Enterprises in San Antonio, Nueva Ecija is a family business that engage with hardware products.The scope includes the evaluation of the business in terms of trade and Financial reflexion. Marketing Aspect This study will discuss how the business run. It includes their marketing strategies that made their hardware expanded. Financial Aspect This study will discuss the profitability of the business. It will present information about the current swan income, project cash, project sales and project expenses. Definition of Terms For purpose of being clear and intelligible of the terms used in this feasibility study . The following definitions are given

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