Friday, April 26, 2019

Linguistics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Linguistics - Essay Examplebserves that the homosexual body and brain atomic number 18 built in such a way as to make language an inborn quality, and something which just comes naturally because of the physiological way humanness are made. A second theory, which we could call the social theory, looks at the interactions between human beings, and incidentally also animals, and suggests that language is an advanced form of a cognitive/behavioural process. In dictate to determine how appropriate these two theories are in explaining the origins of language, it is important to look for evidence which supports either of these views, or evidence which suggests some other explanation.When one considers the physical equipment that was needed for humans to begin speaking to to each one other, it is clear that there is a complicated mouth structure which can make sounds using argumentation coming up from the lungs and friction or stops using lips, teeth, and tongue. Very similar physical attributes are exemplify in quite a number of animals, including parrots and other birds which can mimic the human articulation real closely. This is not true language use, however, because birds cannot hold a real conversation, beyond just iterate phrases they have learned to imitate. The sounds that speaking birds make are resign of meaning, and so they are just empty signs. This means that they can produceThe great apes have more idea of what language is, and a a few(prenominal) have even been taught to communicate true lexical units and sentences through sign language even though they lack the physical equipment to make sounds that approximate human speech. The utterances that apes make among themselves may be a very rudimentary form of language but there is not the range of sound possibility that humans have. Apes have not developed sign language on their own, even though they have demonstrate the capability to learn it. These two examples of talking birds and signing a pes show that partial language abilities are present in animals but that only a specific

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