Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Ming dynasty Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Ming dynasty - Research Paper object lessonAlthough it in like manner saw a lot of problems and setbacks, the Ming Dynasty is considered to be one of the longest eras of solidity and affluence in the history of China. Based on historical evidence, although there were other contributing factors to the success of the dynasty, this time of great progress and flourishing of the life in the country can be largely attributed to the effective giving medication and prudent reforms of its numerous emperors.The Mongols were the ones held power before the formation of the Ming Dynasty. It was the first emperor of the Ming, Emperor Taizu, who led the anarchy against the foreign rulers and overthrew the Mongolian power in China, leaving the locals to rule their own country. Immediately after the geological formation of the new empire, he set out to make reforms that changed all aspects of Chinese life for hundreds of years. Also cognize as the Hongwu Emperor, he began a great feat to refor m China and he did so successfully, kickoff with the revival of the economy. Great efforts were made to improve the yield of the fields and farms, such as the reconstruction of ditches and watercourses, which were managed mischievously and disregarded during the previous dynasty. Many neglected lands were also brought back to life by restarting cultivation and husbandry there. Many other rustic attempts to restore stability and progress in terms of agriculture were made. This include tree-planting programs all over the provinces. As a result, the agricultural yield in the entire nation steady tripled in only less than a decade. (Twichett et al, 264)Hongwu also made these reforms not only to increase the agricultural production of the country, but to also make efforts that would benefit those who were suffering in poverty at the time. In order to allow the peasants to gain opportunities to better their lives, he made many migrate to other areas, and also tried to equalize the dist ribution of property to many

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