Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Edge of the Water

On The Edge Of The Water Teens growing up in modern the States face challenges daily that help them grow into a productive part of society. In the obligate, Edgewater Angels by Sandro Meallet, the story is set in the projects of San Pedro, California, a straining gang influenced town that is a part of Los Angeles. The hold up exposes the y appearhfulness of festive Toomer, a mischievous teen al moods faced with the decision amongst right and wrong in a neighborhood where you can describe jumped for walking on the wrong side of the street. mirthful is just trying to rally a way out of this life-style he was born into. non much(prenominal) an easy task when you grow up with a superstar mother who runs hard to provide for her tidings, and a father who has met his son only a few times. buoyant and his friends face a stria of challenges finishedout the novel and they always manage to find a way to weasel themselves out of it with the help of Sunnys cleverness and abilit y to conceive of on his feet. Sunny Toomers goal that he wishes to achieve is to see out of San Pedro and live a safe life.Edgewater Angels is both heartwarming and kindle because where the author set the story (San Pedro), the use of the character tomcat-Su, and Sunny Toomers library that he spends most of his free time. The story takes place in the projects of San Pedro, California. San Pedro is known for gang violence and drug trafficking. The main character Sunny Toomer and his friends all live here. Having the story take place in such a low-income neighborhood in truth sets the tone for the unanimous book. It makes the reader really connect emotionally to Toomer because of his dream is to succeed in school and finally live a better life.I feel bad for him because its hard enough to have goals and aspirations as a kid. Its especially hard for Toomer because of where he lives. Basing the book in San Pedro also makes for a lot of frolic for the reader. Toomer and his frie nds face problems and dilemmas throughout Edgewater Angels like when Beefy was about to fight Monet and the Sunny came up with the idea to have a swim off. That showed how even be gang members in a diverse community can scotch together for some(prenominal) friendly competition.The way Sunny matures throughout the book intrigued me as a reader because I know that even though this book is fiction, there are situations like this in L. A. Meallet At the actually beginning of the book, a character was briefly introduced just now was significant. His name is Tom Su. Tom Su was a little weird but liked to mending with the boys. So the boys let him hang out with them as a comely gesture. One day, they boys maxim Tom Su standing outside his apartment with his dad. They were call back and forth for a firearm and then the dad knock Tom Su.This shocked the boys and they didnt know what to do. They thought their parents were rough until they saw what Tom Su had to go through daily. Me allet included this character into the book because infant abuse is a real problem in America but a lot of people either are not awake or do not do anything about it. Tom Su was a character but also a symbol because he correspond all of the kids in America that are abused but do not speak up and get help. Sunny strives to be a good student and get good grades. So he spends a lot of time believeing and reading.However, those things arent so easy to follow through when you live where Toomer lives, so he had to find an alternate place to go when he needed to study. The library was that place for him because it was a place where workers got happy-faced at the site of a young guy like me (Toomer) walking through the door. (121) Toomer loved the library so much that he was in the library every chance he could get. The library was like the lose piece to his puzzle because he could get away from his moms boyfriend who he hated and get peace and quiet while he works on his studies.I h ave had ADD almost my whole life and it has really effected my studies and school work. I just couldnt focus at home and that would result in me not coating homework and then reflect poorly on my grades. Like Toomer, I also needed to find somewhere I could go to study and do homework. My mom works as an elementary school teacher and she has a huge classroom with an enclosed office space in the back. My mom would let me go in there whenever I cute because that was the only place I could ever get anything done.After about a month of countless hours in the office space, I saw a huge improvement in my grades and I developed really good study habits. I really connected with this part of the book because I could relate to Toomer and his situation. Edgewater Angels painted a perfect picture of how it is to be a teenager and grow up alimentation in the projects of L. A. This story was all-important(prenominal) because a lot of people are not aware of living conditions of the families li ving in the projects. Its not like they chose the gangbanging life, many teenagers were born into it and had family members in a gang.There are not a lot of options for them to get out and start a brand new life. So its rare to find a kid like Toomer, that had all the tools to become a abandoned and a so called thug, who strives to become a better student and live a better life. That is the overall message that Meallet is trying to display, If you work hard enough at something your passionate about, you can achieve it. This book has definitely opened my eyes to the world and spreads awareness of the living conditions some Americans live.

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