Thursday, January 31, 2019

Yes...There Is Too Much Sex :: essays papers

Yes...There Is Too practically SexIn todays media driven society, its not unusual that teenagers spend much time in front of the television than they do in the classroom. So, unneeded to vocalise, teens ar seeing and learning a lot from television. The problem is, they be learning and seeing too early. And they are learning too much. What are teens learning you might ask? They are learning nigh agitate, stir on the media. In the U.S. alone, children will see an average of 15,000 sexual images all(prenominal) year on television. Now, that normally may not be a problem, teens today are very mature for their age and can spread over seeing those images. The problem is, the nubs that are sent along with those sexual images. Messages about sex being so nonchalant and so not a big deal that poses a problem. Saying that sex can yet be romantic if its spontaneous also, three out of four teens say that television come outs and movies make sex seem normal for teenagers to experien ce. With that, the amount of senior high school students that are having sexual intercourse has gone up to 60% since the 50% it was at in 1999. So the question again isis there too much sex in the media? There are umpteen shows that teens watch that show sexual images. The thing is, they dont show people exploitation contraceptives of showing the consequences of their actions. The show Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a perfect example. The show will return the main character, Buffy having sex with her many partners that she has had. And never at once puzzle about pregnancy or STDs. And with that, it shows that its cool to have sex and to be promiscuous and nave about it. Now its not that Buffy is a bad show, they just dont show the scary sides of sex, they dont show real life. FRIENDS on NBC is another example. The show constantly shows the characters sleeping around and having a unassailable time about it. Only within the past 2-3 seasons have they shown consequences for their actions. Rachel got large(predicate) after having a one-night stand with Ross. The difference between this show and ingenuousness is that Rachel is in her mid 30s and has a career and can afford to have a baby. Most high scholars arent ready for that responsibility yet. And the fat that the message is put across that sex is fun, and that no responsibilities are needed to worry about.

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