Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Computer security Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 3

Computer gage - Essay ExampleSoftware licensing refers to all legal measures that govern the dispersion of software. The licensing is undertaken to help protect and sustain the data processors nurture and data from loss and fraud. Computer software licensing is essential in preventing the loss of data and thence should be an area of great concern. In addition, computer licensing is vital for the protection of others work from those who would want to value from it without undergoing the costs. Coming up with a software involves a lot to do with the brain, and it would be unfair if person would just enjoy the use of such without paying for the same. Using this approach, we would say that computer licensing may or may not be antisocial.Software licensing is antisocial given the fact that it can terribly malign social cohesion. A proposal to permit only one individual or only a group to use the program, while locking out the others, is divisive and should be unacceptable in a so cial community (Stallman 2010). Software is used to share information among others, but if they are licensed, then only a few people can get the rights to use them. As a result, the licensing of this software prevents information sharing that is largely reclusive. Software engineers and developers are also of the idea that personalities that do not exist in their inner cycles ought not to benefit from their hard earned sweat, and this further divides the society (Stallman 2010). Therefore, computer licensing in the computer savvy world is not so conducive for the development of a social setting in as much as computers are necessary.Yes, it is ethical and widely acknowledged learning the solutions to computer problems. passel should be trained and taught about the computer problems so as to know what it is they should anticipate when using the devices (Tompsett 2009). Similarly,

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