Thursday, May 9, 2019

Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 6

Law - Essay useIn this paper, laws are discussed as far as their determinations of the levels of freedom people enjoy are concern (Locke 15).In America, there is a law governing each activity. From handling children to the amount of sugar in a Coke bottle, everything in America follows given guidelines. Operating without these guidelines a great deal lands people in untune ending in jail terms and fines. While the breaking of laws occurs in every country, the United States is often ridiculed for having laws on subjects that could be easily resolved using otherwise methods. Being the most elaborate constitutions on earth, the United States constitution has a profound effect on the way people handle other people and live life in general (Locke 24).First, having some rules in place limits peoples freedom of movement. For example, moving from one state to the next requires that one informs their original states segment of Motor Vehicles and then updates their driver license to that effect. Failure to do these often results in ones license being suspended. It is actually illogical that a nation with a single currency, president, and national droop should have different laws on the same issue.Secondly, having too many laws limits peoples imagination since it scares them into believe whatever they are up to could land them behind bars. In this sense, many people fear incoming businesses such as the trading of commodities since one just does not know to differentiate between level-headed and the illegal.In essence, being without laws has its advantages and disadvantages. While not clouding peoples judgment, it gives people freedom to carry on out evil deeds unchecked. As Hobbes once said, the existence of such a dissolute physique of master less men, without subjection to Laws, and a coercive Power to their hands from rapine, and revenge would be a breeding grounds for all vices bent on curtailing civilization and comfort. Laws shall thus remain

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