Tuesday, May 7, 2019

3. Discuss the trends in terrorism that you envision for the upcoming Essay

3. Discuss the trends in terrorism that you catch for the upcoming decade - Essay ExampleIt is not a recent issue but a common debate today. The use of technology in much(prenominal) acts has exploited all the means of communion (the internet, telephone etc). These organizations plan to kill a larger number of people in a nominal time period. The ratio of natural deaths has decreased as compared to mob killings due to bomb blasts and terrorism.One burn define it as Terrorism is a term used to describe the method or the scheme behind the method whereby an organized group or party seeks to achieve its avowed aims chiefly with the systematic use of violence. Terrorist acts are directly against persons who as individuals, agents or representatives of authority interfere with the communication of objectives of such groups (Engene, 2004, p. 6)It would not be wrong if one states that terrorism evolved from the 9/11 attacks on the World look at center. Not merely the south East Asian region but the rest of the World as well is highly affected by the terrorist activities. The advancement in the past decade would leave a far more powerful effect of the decade to come. (Conference on terrorism, 2008)The vast use of technology, fewer incidents and larger killings, use of weapons of destructions all these changing trends n terrorism must be carefully examined by the government as well as other organizations. Close check upon such activities would help in calculating future trends, identify and target the anarchist. These trends in terrorism lead to different government policies to secure and reduce terrorism. (Levy, 2007, p. 125)Engene, J. (2004).Terrorism in western europe Explaining the trends since 1950. (p. 6). Edward Elgar Publishing. Retrieved from http//books.google.com.pk/books?id=8VR765amvzAC&printsec=frontcover&dq=trends in terrorism&hl=en&sa=X&ei=mBjIUJXwMOrI0QWt-oHoDg&redir_esc=yConference on terrorism in south & southeast asia in the coming decade. (20 08). InCONFERENCE ON TERRORISM IN SOUTH & SOUTHEAST ASIA IN THE COMING

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