Friday, August 9, 2019

Public display of affection Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Public display of affection - Essay Example Lenny would see his sea turtle friends, Liam and Levon, kissing and showing affection to the Lady Leatherbacks without a single thread of emotion or care for who was around. And the next day he would see these same friends displaying affection with new Lady Leatherbacks. Lenny wanted nothing to do with this. Lenny thought that affection was personal and wanted to meet someone who shared the same thoughts. He searched and searched for many years. He grew larger and larger. He waited and he waited but he never seemed to find that special Lady Leatherback. Instead he always seemed to find Liam and Levon up to the same old tricks. Oh, how Lenny longed to meet someone like him. As Lenny grew older he decided that perhaps he should give up and began to realize that maybe he really was one in a million. He thought the chances of him finding his dream turtle were also 1 in a million. He crawled up on the shore and came to terms with his new realization. Minutes passed and as Lenny lay content in the sun he realized he was not alone. Within turtle tails reach was a Lady Leatherback. Lenny started a slow turtle conversation that has now lasted over 30 years. At the point in his life where Lenny became content with himself he found his lady leatherback and she found him. Though, to this day, there hasn’t been another turtle to verify their affection Lenny is now a proud father to 8 turtle children, 23 turtle grandchildren, 45 turtle great grandchildren, and 100 turtle great great grandchildren. And Lenny and his Lady Leatherback are as happy as

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