Thursday, August 8, 2019

Philosophy and Pornography Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Philosophy and Pornography - Essay Example Some people derives pleasure from watching pornographic materials whereas others taking inspirations from such materials and engage in sexually abusive activities. According to James McConvill (2006), â€Å"the incidence of rape in the United States has declined 85 per cent in the past 25 years while access to pornography has become freely available to teenagers and adults† (McConvill). It should be noted that the last 25 years witnessed tremendous growth in the internet related technologies. Since internet is the prominent channel for spreading pornography, any growth in internet related technologies growth, development and spreading of pornographic materials across the world. There are many countries and states which restricted the spreading of pornographic contents through internet because of the concerns about the possibility of increased sexual violence cases. However, it is found that â€Å"the four US states with the lowest internet access had the highest increase in r ape incidents (53% increases) between 1980 and 2004, whereas the four states with the highest internet access, experienced the largest decrease in rape incidents (27% decrease)† (McConvill). ... Accumulation of any kind of energy at a particular place is results in unfavourable incidents. Teenagers, who are deprived the opportunity to access internet pornography, will try to release their sexual energy through rape like sexual violence. There are many arguments against the spreading of pornography. â€Å"Pornography promotes destructive practices and can lead to progressive addiction† (So what's so bad about pornography?). The general belief prevailing among most of the societies in the world is that pornography has more destructive elements than constructive elements. In many countries, access to pornography is regulated only to the adults. It is a common belief that teenagers derive inspirations from pornographic materials and may try to imitate it in their real life also. In countries where strict laws prevail, sexual violence cases are less even if the access to pornographic materials is easy. For example, in many of the Middle Eastern countries, sex related crime s are less compared to that in other parts of the world because of the stiff laws. On the other hand, in democratic countries like India or America, sex crimes are increasing day by day because of the absence of strong laws to punish sex offenders. The above facts clearly indicate that the response to pornographic materials is different in different countries because of the differences in the criminal justice systems in different countries. In China also, people engage in less criminal activities related to sex, even though they have access to pornographic materials. In other words, culture, belief in morality, criminal justice system and political frame works play an important role in public behaviour in response

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