Monday, June 10, 2019

U.S. HISTORY (What did the Gilded-Age city offer to newcomers) Essay

U.S. HISTORY (What did the Gilded-Age city offer to newcomers) - Essay ExampleSpecifically, in the realm of industry, people who were moving to the cities in bet for employment were able to see the greatest growth in technology, development of politics and economic systems.One of the greatest strengths of America, even to modern day, has been in American ingenuity in the research and development of technology. Especially after the Civil contend and after reconstruction, many new technologies and ways of creating goods were revolutionizing the American way of vitality as well as the goods and services that were be provided. Industrialization was especially important as the second industrial revolution took place. During this time, the greatest growth was seen in the steel and coal industries. This allowed the creation of new jobs, although this did not always mean that the pay and safety concerns were adequately met. In addition, electrical production was becoming more of a commo n day occurrence. There was withal experimentation in chemical refining such as the production of newer and better metallic alloys which were being used in the construction of buildings and in other applications. Not only was the second industrial revolution an impact on the United States, but it was also having a major impact in other parts of the world such as in Europe. It can be extrapolated that without the increased industrial and expert growth that occurred in the Gilded Age that the United States and the other Allies would not have been able to fight as efficiently during World War I.Especially after the Civil War and Reconstruction, the face and development of politics had radically changed. Corruption was growing as quickly as the monopolies of the steel and railway tycoons. These larger cities were dominated by political machines in which politicians would be backed by special interest groups who were funding their campaign and office. This was also

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