Sunday, June 9, 2019

Motivation Concepts in Criminl Justice Communities Research Paper

Motivation Concepts in Criminl Justice Communities - query Paper ExampleAs a result, managers should be aware that superstar of their main functions at the workplace is to motivate workers for them to be able to increase their efficiency and efforts towards the accomplishment of organizational goals. Despite the benefits of penury in the workplace, motivating workers give never been easy to some organizations. This is attributed to the fact that not all employees are motivated by the same factors. For instance, one employee can be motivated by simply increasing the benefits to workers while others allow for require more things to be done such as offering job securities. Therefore, managers should understand well what motivates his or her workers and employ the right tools for the success of an organization. Significance of motivation at workplace Motivation plays a big role at the workplace. Gail (2010) notes that for an organization to accomplish its objectives and wreak its short and long-term objectives, then workers must be motivated. This is because a motivated employee works hard towards the attainment of the organizations objective, which is very important. In addition, motivation increases an employees efficiency and productivity, which is important for an organizations overall performance (Gail, 2010). ... A happy employee will certainly work hard thereby ensuring organizational goals are achieved. It similarly reduces instances of absenteeism at the workplace that may affect the company. Research indicates that most companies that perform well have high levels of motivations their workers. In addition, motivation reduces fight turnover within an organization because it makes employees feel comfortable working for the organization. This is because motivation makes employees feel attached to the organization they work for (Mork, 2010). Further, motivation reduces incidences of labor unrest among employees. Research has established that organiz ations, which motivate their workers, do not experience labor unrest among its employees, which is certainly very important since this help build the reputation of an organization. Motivation is also important because it defines whether an organization will be successful or fail. This is because a demoralized employee may not see the need to working towards achievement of organizational goals, which will certainly result in low productivity or labor unrest. Therefore, managers should strive to ensure that workers are motivated all the time for great productivity and success (Mork, 2010). Workplace motivation techniques Managers can use a variety of techniques to motivate their workers. Recognition is one of the tolls that can be used by managers to motivate workers (Ray, 2010). Recognition here refers to acknowledging a job well done by an employee. In fact, it cost absolutely nothing to recognize an employee. However, an employee who feels appreciated will be motivated to work ext ra hard towards achievement of organizational objectives. Secondly, employees can also be motivated by offering promotion and leaders opportunities.

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