Thursday, May 16, 2019

Christmas Day Essay

Speak about angiotensin converting enzyme of the holidays celebrated in Great Britain/Moldova Ein truth country and all(prenominal) nation has own traditions and customs. Its very important to know traditions and customs of other countries. It helps to know more about the history and line of opposite nations. side are proud of their traditions and carefully keep them up. As I know all English people celebrate Christmas on the 25th of December. Its the season of good will. Its the most exquisite time of the year the time of love, joy and hopes. Is remarkable that children of Great Britain still believe in get under ones skin Christmas and write letters to him. Christmas Day is a family holiday. All the people look forward to it, expecting something special. The Christmas trees is the mark of British people. The trees are adorn with candies, cookies and bulbs and are taken down only twelve days after Christmas. after(prenominal) preparation of the Christmas fir-tree British sta rt preparing a festive table.The table seems extremely tempting and is gorgeously decorated with fruits and candles. It is necessary that the Christmas pudding contained thirteen ingredients, of which, one is for the Nazarene and the rest for the twelve disciples. A silver collide with is dropped in the pudding mix which is meant to bring prosperity and good luck to the family. Turkey, served with cranberry sauce, and potatoes are the centre of devotion of the entire feast. After a heavy meal, all members of the family watch the customary Christmas special speech by the British Monarch. In the evening, people pay visits to their relatives around Britain. Certain churches have services in which every child is given a candle wrapped in a red ribbon. These candles represent Jesus Christ and the red ribbons symbolize the blood of Jesus and the Gods love for the entire world.

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