Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Firda Kahlo Art Critical Analysing

Critical Analysis This is an oil on canvas delineation by Friday Kohl c wholeed Cropped Hair, made in 1940 at a size of coxcomb. It is a self- portrait of her with a scissor in one hand and her cop creeping everywhere on the floor. As you can see in the painting, the fore ground busy because of the long dark blur that is primed(p) totally over the floor. In the middle ground of the portrait, it shows Friday Kohl sitting in a check, wearing an oversized causa, that by the looks of it isnt hers while holding a serious, upset or pain face.As if she was thinking of the pain that someone had cause her, expressing it survey her minting. The way she is position in the painting is pop out of proportion, from her neck and at a lower place it is different from her neck and upwards, fashioning her looks stiff and uncomfortable. The chair also stands out more than the rest of the portrait along with the hands, face and neck she had used a bright fond(p) yellow to out-stand the other d ark and unfounded, fond(p) and cool colors. The toning of the middle ground is also very clear, showing all the shadows that are in the gibes and her face.The background of the portrait is different from the rest. She had particoloured it plain, as well s making it look want they are clouds, ingest all the attention to the foreground. The top of the background shows some text edition and euphony notes. The used of Friday Kohls Line, Tone, Color, Shape, Pattern and shapes are very unique. She had used manly tender color in her portrait. A cool blue for the suit, a warm red for the floor, a warm yellow for the chair and a assortment of colors for the wall but mostly yellow.The tones she used made the chair and herself look AD and the rest AD. The pattern she had used is clearly sh suffer in the wall behind her it is soft and has a repetition of smudge pots making it looks like clouds. This is very different from the rest of the portrait. The texture of the background, her sk in, chair and suit are smooth rather than rough. The way she painted the portrait floor, from light transitioning into dark to make it seems spacey and how she placed the horizontal line utmost back.This make also made the room more spacious and simple as if she is in an empty room and by herself. The focal backsheesh of the portrait is of Friday Kohl sitting on the chair and the hair surrounding her. Your look would be more attacked to the hair that is on the floor cause it gives sour creepy but also sad look to it, your eyes wherefore moves to her in the oversized suit then to the plain background. This it because of her use of red in the portrait, your eyes are usually more attacked to warm colors.Friday Kohl painted this portrait later on she had a divorce with her husband, for cheating on her with her own blood sister. She wanted to express the self- independence and self- confidence that she had gain after the divorce. Showing him and others that she does not need him a nymore. I believe that the oversized suit she is wearing in the portrait is Diego. She did this because her husband liked her to wear dresses and nowadays that he is gone, she does not need to dress to impress. The scissor that she is holding in her hand, tells me that she had cut off all her hair.This was like a sacrifice to her. Her hair was the one subject her husband loved most about her, by cutting all her hair off. She is trying to show that she had cut all ties that she had ever had with her husband. If Diego had left her, then why goes she need the one thing her loved most about her. Your hair is like your Identity. No hair, no identity look it was because of your hair, owe you are without hair, I dont love you anymore this is what the text in the portrait says. This was a big sacrifice she was willing to make.The portrait looks very empty with Just her in the middle could maybe develop the feeling she was feeling after the divorce, depress, sad, lonely and empty. In my o wn tactile sensation I dislike this portrait. It looks creepy and gross, with all the hair loosely determined on the ground and her proportion isnt correct. This is something I would not want to descend up on a wall. It gives off an unpleasant and uncomfortable feeling, like she is looking at you every second, staring at you with hateful eyes.

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