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Crime Prevention Essay

Abstract shame measure has become a study issue in our Nation. In our text we get learned that in the ahead of time 1990s President Bill Clinton had passed a bill that hired 100,000 police officers as a result of the Violent aversion misrepresent Act (Worrall, 2008). The hiring of all the police officers looked as if was going to make a huge impact across the earth. With the rate of hatred going up across the world annoyance prevention is really affected. Communities and police officers need to come together to jockstrap preserve our neighborhoods. This is the best form of crime prevention. In this paper I am going to discuss the family of crime prevention to the lamentable Justice ashes. I am alike going to give my commentary of what is crime prevention. I will too discuss two or more institutions through and through which crime prevention programs and practices be delivered and testify to give some examples.Crime cakeCrime prevention post be defined in some( prenominal) ways. My definition of crime prevention is stopping crime and protecting our neighborhoods. If the community and the police work together they can reduce crime over term drastically. Crime is increasing in neighborhoods, so, crime prevention should increase as well. The kinship of crime prevention to the pitiful Justice governing body has several purposes. Crime prevention has the main purpose of protecting the community and the heap that live in them. Crime prevention and the Criminal Justice System bind two main goals to lessen the human and material exist and its impact on socioeconomics development and to formulate international standards and norms in crime prevention and criminal rightness and promote their observance (Encyclopedia of the Nations, 2013). In the relationship of crime prevention to the Criminal Justice System the police accept several objectives.The police objectives argon to prevent and control conduct be the brio or property including ser ious crimes. guard also patron and protect victims who project been physically abused (Plant and Scott, 2009). They also stop and stem drunken drivers which help and protect the community. When police make drug washout in which the community helps with tips or make arrest on fictionalize offenders this type of crime prevention is key in the relationship with the Criminal Justice System. law are used as mediators and negotiators to resolve interior(prenominal) disturbances or hostage situations (Plant and Scott, 2009). Police are also trying to set ways to protect the youth of today from following in the same footsteps as the criminals that they deal with on a day to day basis. Police are trying to do everything that they can to stop trafficking of persons and drugs throughout our nation and help keep our youth stay out of the criminal justice system.Crime prevention and the Criminal Justice System go progress to in hand with the reduction of crime. There are many institut ions through which crime prevention programs and practices are delivered. Most of the programs are built well-nigh habitual offenders and youths from the 5 to 18 years of age. One program that they have for repeat offenders is the Circle of Support and Accountability (COSA). This program targets preadolescent to self-aggrandizing males that have been tried and convicted of a sexual crime, did not get early release, and are at serious run a risk of reoffending (National Crime Prevention Centre, 2008). COSA has up to seven but no less than four volunteers that help the offenders reengage back down to a normal life in their community. The volunteers also hold the offenders responsible for their actions. COSAs main goals are to help the offenders through their difficulties and emergencies, hold them accountable for their behavior and attitudes, to be advocates for treatment with the providers, community groups, the police agencies and any other(a) professionals in the community, m ediate with the community to answer their concerns, and to help them celebrate their mastery of treatment and their anniversaries (National Crime Prevention Centre, 2008).Another program that is used as a crime prevention program is the Boy and Girls Clubs of America. This program targets teenaged children and teens from quint years of age to eighteen. This also targets kids in high risk and drug infested communities. The Boys and Girls Club gives kids in the community a safe enter to go after school and in the summer. This organization keeps kids and teens out of trouble. Teens that have dropped out of school are given an opportunity to get their GED through programs provided by the Boys and Girls Club (National Crime Prevention Centre, 2008). The Boys and Girls Club gives children a taper to go when their parents are working late and gives parents a sense of stand-in because they know that their child is in a safe environment. The Boys and Girls Club provides kids with meal s and snacks, a place to do their homework, a place to play sports, and a place to feel safe (National Crime Prevention Centre, 2008).The Clubs offer programming in four main areas. The areas are leadership growth and empowerment, physical natural process health and safety, learning and career development, and community services. It also operates under five values. The values are inclusion and opportunities, respect and belonging, empowerment, collaboration, and speaking out (National Crime Prevention Centre, 2008). As you can see that empowerment is a major part of the Boys and Girls Club. Showing kids that they matter and that they have worth gives the kids a lift in their confidence and self-esteem. These are just two organizations that help and centre on making someones life better. There are many more out there that can help in particular fields of rehabilitation and kid safety. Crime prevention and the Criminal Justice System are needed though out our nation. Police are doi ng all they can to make the communities safe. It is time for the community to help the police and get rid of the no snitching policy.The youth of today have so many things that can cause them to turn to a life of crime and it is up to parents, police, and other government officials to protect them. There are a large number of organizations that are out there that can help youths, teens, and adults to become better members of nightspot. When a criminal is released back into society they should find one of these organizations to help them get acclimated with the community that they are miserable into. The Criminal Justice System and crime prevention goes hand in hand but is not the only way to turn young adults away from crime. The responsibility is the parents to guide and protect the kids from the dangers of the world. The Criminal Justice System is full enough with young men and women, lets try and stop the number from getting bigger.ReferencesEncyclopedia of the Nations (2013) r etrieved from http// National Crime Prevention Centre (2008) retrieved from

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