Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Introduction to HRM in Canada Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Introduction to HRM in Canada - Essay Example Human resource management is a science that involves the all-inclusive approach that is relevant to the setting up of an adequate and advantageous workplace culture and environment. This paper seeks to analyze the human resource management practice in Canada in a comprehensive context. It particularly places intense focus on Canada’s public service sector as a case study. Human resource Management The general practice of human resource management is usually defined in two broad approaches. From one approach, it can refer to the procedure of supervising individuals in an elaborate and prearranged method (Ronald, 2007:69). These courses of actions include staffing procedures, the effective keeping of employees, the determining of various remuneration processes, and the handling of exits and new entries regarding workers in a venture (Ronald, 2007:89). Another approach to the human resource practice defines it as the act of linking employees to the top management in a company (Ro bert, 2011:83). This approach puts intense focus to the traditional purposes and expected results of the human resource sector in any company. This approach gives the department the responsibility of monitoring all issues that are relevant with the workers in a venture. ... t enjoys a strategic position that greatly influences the resultant perception and behavior of its target market, customers, and the overall business turnover. The business’ human resource arm exerts much focus on the successful selecting, training, and adequately rewarding of top-tier talent. It also supports transparent dialogue, group work, and cooperation. In addition, the department takes steps to discourage bad performances, or any actions from the employees that can potentially derail the company’s long-term objectives in the process of realizing short-term benefits (Ronald, 2007:157). Human resource management methods in Canada’s public service sector The successful administration of human resource departments in all companies and sectors is crucial to the effectiveness of the Public Service of Canada. In addition, it is also vital for the overall qualities of services given by the Canadian administration. The office that houses the Chief Human Resources Officer (O.C.H.R.O.) is the headquarters of proficiency for human resources administration in Canada’s public service. It is accountable for formulating the wide range of strategy directions and ethics that effectively guide all administrations in all institutions on how to enact their principal responsibility that is the efficient monitoring of workers in their ventures or organizations. The office carries out its principal mandate through three main avenues (Hessing, 2005:79). 1. Monitoring and coverage on People supervision This happens through the use of the Management Accountability structure and the Public Service Employee survey. The Management Accountability structure The office monitors and reports on employee management through its Management Accountability structure (M.A.F.), and its public

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