Thursday, July 25, 2019

Speech Presentation on Research Paper on Audition Memoir by Barbara or

On Research Paper on Audition Memoir by Barbara Walters - Speech or Presentation Example Journalism and media students will do the same, and predictably, all students will prefer to be like the US top interviewer and TV personnel, Barbara Walters. Barbara, in her memoir, outlines with a lot of lucidity, the stages she went through before making it to success. She talks of her inspirations, efforts, as well as the challenges she faced on her way to success. I will discuss, in brief but succinct manner, these three aspects present in the memoir. Just like several other successful professionals, Barbara Walters has led an extraordinary life. She has undergone what most motivational speakers would give as examples of success challenges. She talks of her father, Lou Walters, who is the owner of most of the nightclubs, the main one being the popular Latin Quarter Nightclub. She describes her father as a man who never bothered about risk taking. His risk taking lifestyle made Barbara aware of challenges or the difficulties that comes in when an individual makes a decision to ta ke great risks. Analyzed, Barbara's consistency amidst all the challenges came as a result of her father whom she treated as a role model. Her father left her with a Daddy thing with her: susceptibility to older, sometimes men who are already married. Her popular story of a long and secret affair with the then Massachusetts senator, Edward W. Brook is one of the first auditions that hit the tabloids (Oppenheimer 87). Her struggle and fights to maintain and survive in relationships and several others provided a fundamental background for her to move on and manage her carrier amidst challenges arising from the internal and external forces. The audition makes it clear that Ms. Walters is very careful and keen to keep in touch with many of the people whom others who had enough evidence said killed her lovely parents. She will not hesitate in case Lyle Menendez could give her chance to interview at the prison. She will also do the same if O.J. Simpson confesses (Wonder 57). Besides, the most challenging part of her career is one of the interviews she carried out with the killer to John Lennon. The interview, which did not do any good to Mark David Chapman, was a heavily protected one. It is always very common for people to have and control their emotions. However, there are levels when it becomes a hard nut to crack, for an individual, to continue holding and controlling his or her emotions. Imagine yourself talking face to face with your father or mother’s killer. What will you do? Will you be armed and make a perfect revenge? Will you be confident all through the interview? That is what Barbara went through. She managed to hold a successful interview with the killers of her father (Walters 478). Arguably, she is more than any other woman from any part of the world who claims courage and self-control within herself. Barbara is also an epitome of forgiveness. She is ready to let go any form of enmity between herself with anyone. Her forgiveness nature and re adiness to take things the way they were provided a good foundation for her success as a journalist. Journalism is one of the careers that rely a lot on the feedback given by the audience. As a journalist, Barbara knew quite well that, without certain qualities, she would not make it to the level where she is actually at as we talk today. In addition to the mentioned challenges, Barbara

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