Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Refutation in Thelogical Religion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Refutation in Thelogical Religion - Essay ExampleIn Dostoevsky (1880), for example it appears that a defence of religion does not involve only a refutation of theories regarding God and his kingdom but it necessarily involves a refutation to all possible authorities at once. Dostoevsky finds Nihilism to be the only alternative of religion and thus he supports a religious anarchy as a system which may allow human beings to dwell on earth with a piece that he compares to heavenly kingdom. However, on the other hand, handing everywhere complete political authority to church had already shows threatening result which Dostoevsky himself had seen and considered as a result of political and economical lust in theological authorities which must choose to refute all worldly facilities and charms in order to sit on an authoritative position in religion. Compared to religious entrance of Dostoevsky, Freud and Sartre- who had borrowed a large part of their theories from Dostoevsky- proposed t wo analytical alternatives to understand the theory of religion. In his Origin of religion, Freud examines the idea for why men must find away a God whatever his situations are.

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