Saturday, June 22, 2019

Clinical Training I & Practitioner Development Assignment

Clinical Training I & Practitioner Development - Assignment Example check to the Society of Homeopaths Code of Ethics, respecting patient is important to foster and maintain the trust of individual patients and the public (Sec 1. 1.4). Also, the code insists that one can disclose the confidential knowledge only in clearly defined circumstances (1. 10). This involves the practitioners discretion. Since the patient in the given context is suffering from depression, the practitioner has to assess if the bunk involves any risk factor. For instance, highly depressed patients are often vulnerable to suicidal attempt. If the patient is diagnosed for such symptoms, it is advisable for a practitioner to disclose genuine things to someone who would take care of the patient (Sec 2. 8, 14). On the other hand, if the person who referred the patient (here wife) is not aware that the client is suffering from depression and the situation does not pose any risk, the practitioner should not disclos e confidential information. Since family environment plays a major role in cases like depression, the practitioner can foster the couple by giving some common tips that may bring about some positive changes to their living conditions.B. The Society of Homeopaths Code of Ethics has rig some personal boundaries for the registered or student clinical part in respect to their relationship with patients. As Section 3 (28) insists, they are not expect to enter into an intimate relationship with a patient, student or supervisee, for such relationship is abusive in itself and undermines the relationship of trust.Hence, in the given context, the member should not accept the patients offer. However, refusal must not hurt the person too. The member has to be a bit creative in this regard. It is not advisable for him/her to explain that accepting patients invitation for drink is

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