Saturday, May 11, 2019

Transnational Crime Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Transnational Crime - Essay ExampleThese include drugs such cocaine which is harvested in the jungles of capital of South Carolina before it makes its way to the cities of London, New York and Paris. In Afghanistan, the poppies of this country are harvested, sent to heroin processing plants in Eastern Europe before they find their home in the veins of Western Europeans and North Americans. In appendix to the globalisation of drugs and the outside(a)isation of narcotics, globalisation has increased the incidents of piracy, counterfeit goods and organ avocationking. Perhaps most insidiously, globalisation has surface the way for an international traffic in people which involves the smuggling of refugees in addition to the international traffic of women. While some women are trafficked to work as domestic servants or as migrant laborers, the volume are sold into familiar slavery and exist as 21st century slaves. While international piracy, the spread of international counterfeit g oods and organ trafficking are all interesting subjects the study from a sociological perspective in light of the internationalisation of crime, due to the limited scope of this analysis the following pass on focus upon the international traffic of women as well as the internationalisation of drugs. Since the global traffic of women for sexual servitude is perhaps one of the most insidious byproducts of the globalisation movement, the following will begin with an overview of this exploitative trade.It is unclouded that nonionic crime is going through a period of rapid and dramatic change. Globalisation is reshaping the underworld, and as a combination of evolving law-enforcement strategies and technological and social change is breaking down old forms of organised crime (monolithic and identified by physical turf or ethnic identity), and creating new, flexible networks of criminal entrepreneurs.Accordingly, interwoven economic interdependence has increased the avenues for

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