Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Speech on Hammurabi

Hammurabis virtues Fair To bring about the rule of righteousness in the land, to destroy the wicked and evil doers, so that the strong should non harm the weak This is a quote from Babylons king, Hammurabi, about his set of 282 laws that he wrote around 1750 B. C. Historians and scholars agree that these ancient laws were the first to cover all aspects of association. However, historians and scholars do not agree whether Hammurabis laws were fair or cruel. Honestly, I count on his laws were fair because it stated what all good deal needed to know, it brought order and justice to society, and it modulate m both incompatible activities.His laws stated what all people needed to know about the rules of their society. All of his laws were written d hold so anyone would know anything about their society and so they couldnt be changed. His laws were known as the laws of an eye for an eye. Law number 5 states if a judge chooses an error through his own fault when trying a case, he mu st pay a fine, be removed from the judges bench, and never judge another case. Law number 233 states if a contractor builds a house for someone and the walls start to fall, then the builder must use his own money and labor to make the walls secure.His laws are also fair because they brought order and justice to society. Law 122 states if someone gives something to someone else for safekeeping, the transaction should be witnessed and a contract made between the twain parties. I believe this law is fair because if the person loses the item the other person that gave it to him for safekeeping isnt responsible for it, and wont get into any kind of trouble. Hammurabis 282 laws also regulated many different activities, from business contracts to crime. Law 22 states if anyone is committing a robbery and is caught, then he shall be shake off to death.Law 35 states if anyone buys cattle or sheep which the king has given to chieftains from him, he loses his money. Law 259 says, if anyone s teals a water wheel from the field, he shall pay five shekels in money to its owner. I believe all these laws are fair because its giving rules that all people must follow. There are also people who think Hammurabis laws were cruel because they called for violent punishments, often death, for non-violent crimes. For example, law 202 states if someone strikes a man of higher rank, than he shall be whipped 60 times in public.In which I can understand because whipping is very violent and unfair to do to a person before they can explain themselves. My point of project is more reasonable because all of his laws WERE fair and it made everyones life easier, without them worrying about the BAD people running loose I think all 282 of King Hammurabis laws were fair because they stated what all people needed to know about their society, it brought order and justice to society, and it regulated many different activities, from business contracts to crime. Would you like to have Hammurabi as a k ing? I think I would

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