Tuesday, May 14, 2019

MIS- Hersey Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

MIS- Hersey - Essay ExampleIt appears that the company is sincere astir(predicate) living up to its mission statement Bringing sweet moments of Hershey happiness to the world every day.1Hershey made a decision to up date their hardware and software with a four-year plan. The company clique goals which included standardizing the hardware and changing from mainframe to TCP/IP network. The company-reviewed information from Grocery Manufactures of America and this showed they were swell behind on system updates, and expenditure on systems compared with similar companies in the industry.The upgrading proved to be a bittersweet lesson2 for the company and cost them considerably in sales and credibility over nearly a 12-month period. The food and beverage industry in the country works on low profit margins and highschool volumes due to extensive competition. As a whole, investment in modernization of IT systems is low. But the Y2K threat demand them to make major changes in their sys tems, and hence the Hershey management decided to go in for a major overhaul instead of tuning and adjusting the current system consisting of mainframes to client server environment. Many distributors and retailers felt that the voice communication system of the company could be better tuned in order to reduce inventory costs. At that time, orders for compass point time demand (Halloween) needed to be placed several months in advance for timely delivery. Unless Hershey complied, on that point was a chance that retailers and distributors may switch over to other manufacturers. Moreover, rising competition and low margins infallible higher turnover and a better equipped IT infrastructure was the only solution open. Customer devotion is not high in the industry and they lead switch over to other brands if Hersheys products became unavailable. It will also enable Hershey to tackle high seasonal demand.Due to peak demand during Halloween, Hershey

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