Friday, May 31, 2019

First Love: Pathway To Adulthood :: essays research papers

First Love Pathway to AdulthoodLove is one of the strongest emotions that a piece being can feel. Itcan arise ever so suddenly, spreading a feeling of warm happiness through everyinch of a person like wildfire spreading through a tree. But as the feelingsbecome more intense, the flame of passion can turn into a crying(a) fire thatburns painfully through every vein. A persons premier(prenominal) love is especiallypowerful because it grows from an innocent, nave passion. Such was the casefor both Vladimir, in Turgenevs First Love, and Tatyana, in Pushkins EugeneOnegin. The first experience of unrequited love for Vladimir and Tatyana wasfilled with these raptures and tribulations, which, although left them brokenhearted, gave them the strength and maturity needed to become adults.     Throughout the musical style of First Love, Vladimir was shown to be completelyswooped up in overwhelming emotion for Zinaida. Vladimir was entranced with herbeauty from the moment he first saw her, "I gazed at her, and how dear shealready was to me , and how near. It seemed to me that I had known her for along time, and that before her I had known nothing and had not lived. (33)"Vladimir was in love at the first sight of her. He couldnt help himself frombecoming infatuated with her because he didnt know the first thing about love.As the genre moves on, Vladimirs feelings for Zinaida became deeper and deeper.Vladimir thought to himselfI entangle weary and at peace, but the image of Zinaida still hovered triumphantover my soul, though even this image seemed more tranquil. Like a swan come upfrom the grasses of the marsh, it stood out from the unlovely shapes whichsurrounded it, and I, as I fell asleep, in parting for the last time clung to it,in trusting adoration. (48)Vladimir allows himself to become completely masked up in Zinaida to the pointwhere it becomes an obsession. He is in love with her so much that he evenenvisions himself rescuing her, as if from any other man "I saw a vision ofmyself saving her from the hands of her enemies I imagined how, covered withblood, I tore her from the very jaws of some dark dungeon and then died at herfeet (71-72)." Vladimir was so lost in love for Zinaida that he fantasizedabout her in order to make their love seem real. Although Vladimirs obsessivelove for Zinaida brought wonderful emotions, it withal brought the pain andsuffering of jealousy and rejection.     The raptures that Vladimir experienced went hand in hand with the

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