Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Assessing Crime Trends as a Security Specialist Essay -- Crime

Crime is known as an action or omission that constitutes an evil that may be prosecuted by the state and is punishable by law. Depending on where one may reside, different punishments from certain discourtesys can depend on the governmental bodies. Also crimes can vary by the jurisdiction from state to state. For most crimes, after a completion of affirmative action one can be punished for the conduct. Many people have the assumption that crimes are the result of intentional conduct, when most of the time it is negligent conduct such as speeding. When in that respect is a significant change in the nature of chosen crime types within a defined geographical region and stretch of time, is known as a crime trend. When crime trends in different areas are being assessed, various methods are used in order to collect the data that is needed.When send-off assessing crime one may ask, What is the coiffe of crime. Criminologists have looked at a ride range to explain the factors on why peo ple tend to adorn crimes. Many of these factors can be looked at with different societies, cultures, and families. These aspects can be brought on by certain emotions such as anger, greed, jealousy, and sometimes through getting a rush for carrying out such acts (for example stealing). In the article 10 Causes of Crime By Talidari, reveals 10 different causes on how crime commences Weakness regarding lack of faith and/or imbalance, Poor judgment lack of proper education, Lack of love living in a dysfunctional family, meagerness poor families tend and unemployment, Deprived neighborhoods Economically impecunious neighborhoods, TV violence, Being a victim in a chain of events being in the ruin place at the wrong time and getting sucked in, Poor parenting... ...The report will also be more precise for the security specialist from the media taken and the reports. Just by looking off charts off of the internet that can be compared to the average in the U.S. without evidence c an be sometimes cause disbelief. In order to be able to fully implement protection the different factors stated will make for safer living.Works CitedCareless, J. (2012). Video evidence. Retrieved from http// and term of enlistment reports. (2012). Retrieved from http//, A. (2010, January). Documenting the crime scene. Retrieved from http// (2012). Hub pages. Retrieved from http//

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