Saturday, March 16, 2019

The Juxtaposition of the Normal and the Abominable How do the Authors :: English Literature

The juxtaposition of the Normal and the Abominable How do the Authors bedeck this description of World contend star? Pay Particular management to the Details they Highlight and the Methods and Language they utilise to do so?The Juxtaposition of the Normal and the AbominableHow do the Authors illustrate this description of World War unrivalled? PayParticular attention to the Details they Highlight and the Methods andLanguage they Used to do so?In the trenches behind the lines, men and women struggled to hold onor recreate fragments of an ordinary flavor - a letter from home, a lavof jam, a kiss - to remind them of their own humanityToday I sawing machine pictures of Britains brave sol become flatrs leave for war inIraq. As a state we be able to watch a war unfold forwards us in a waynever experienced before. The continuous pictures of the death,destruction and disgraceful nature of war help tribe to overhear theatrocities of war. In many wars of the past the horrors of war havenot been lendable to the public due to censorship and lesscommunication I incur a contrast to the British people in World WarOne who also watched their soldiers leave in glory to fight a war witha dream of seeing the world and the glory of war, fortify with littlemore than the old lie Dulce et decorum est Pro patria mori. Whilstwith much(prenominal) vivid images of our boys it is hard for us to forget aboutthe men who are fighting, in World War One so many soldiers left hand withaspirations to see the world and got as far as France - their destinyto die in a muddy field. The Iraqi people today are experiencing a newand dangerous life as their nation is gripped with war. One thingoften forgotten about as we watch on BBC News24 is that people arestill living in Baghdad and life goes on for Iraqi people. BenMacintyre in A Foreign Field depicts how the lives of the peoples ofFrance continued as their nation, same Iraq, was ravaged by warBen Macintyre cleverly highlights the way that, whilst the war brought such horror to the people of Villeret, life still continued and therewas roughly form of normality. Normally Macintyre uses a quote from adiary or record to bring meaning to help his audience understand howpeople felt. The book has a journalistic style and, as withjournalism, the author tends to capture to facts for most of the bookMacintyres style is descriptive but largely unromantic.

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