Thursday, March 7, 2019

Public Habit

make it-win thinking simply describes the belief that everyone croupe win. This line of thinking allows you to care for others as well as yourself. view win-win is like an all you can finish buffet there is more(prenominal) than enough for everybody. To fully empathise what it means to think win-win, we must(prenominal) understand what it is non. Win-Lose (aka-The Totem Pole) is the attitude that theres barely a certain amount of something, and if you get extended put in, there is less for me, so therefore Im going to get my piece first.Lose- Win (aka-The Doormat) is the attitude that sets low expectations and compromises standards repeatedly, such as if I lose, you win. Lose-Lose (aka-The downwards Spiral) is the attitude that, If I go down, youre going down with me. Unlike these, the Win- Win cares about others and wants them to succeed, as well as caring about themselves. So you might be asking yourself, How can I think Win-win? First, you must succeed in obtaining pr ivate victories, where the benefit is internal.Without Hess, its hard for a mortal to enjoy others successes, or share recognition and praise, because of their insecurities. As a person makes deposits into their ABA (Personal Bank Account), takes responsibility for their own life, and creates a plan, their confidence and security will boost, thus allowing them to enjoy the company of others instead of feeling threatened by them. The tumor twins, competing and comparing, are the two habits that, like tumors, slowly eat you away.Competition and impairing turns dark when your self-worth Is tied(p) to winning or being better than others. These, when not appropriate, can harm you. Lose-Win and Win-Lose will cloud you with negative thoughts. Not only does developing a Win-Win attitude infuse your heart with quick thoughts, unless It also gives you confidence. Get a big piece, there is less for me, so therefore Im going to get my piece first. Lose- comparing turns dark when your self- worth is tied to winning or being better than infuse your heart with warm thoughts, but it also gives you confidence.

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