Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Hamlet Essay -- essays research papers

The phrase "there is a paladin to every story" has been heard of by almost in only. But quarter this be true if the hero doesnt survive through the story? It all depends on the definition of hero. A person can still be classified as a hero even if they do not live to see the good that they have done or finish in their lifetime. This type of hero is a tragical hero. A tragic hero is a good and admirable man of high mail service who falls to final stage as a result of some gigantic error he commits or some flaw in his suit. This means can be broken down into three parts. The first is that the person must be in some way distinguished as an honorable person of high stature. The next feature they must make is some sort of fault or flaw in their character that is often referred to as a tragic flaw. The third quality is the destruction of character due to this tragic flaw, which usually means death. These three characteristics cooperate together to create the framewor k for a tragic hero. The Character Hamlet, from William Shakespeares reinvigorated Hamlet fits the mold of a tragic hero perfectly as he meets all three of the requirements.      The first characteristic, a good and admirable man of high position, is easily covered by Hamlet. He was by all odds an honorable person as he was looked up upon by all of the people of Denmark as their prince and next to rule (I.ii.113). This is not the only curtilage for him to be admirable. His mother found security in him ...

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