Thursday, March 28, 2019

American Time Essay -- Argumentative Persuasive Essays

American TimeIf I had to point to the one thing that reveals the most exactly about American culture, I would look at to say it is our obsession with meter. We seem to accommodate this constant fear of wasting clock time. Our lives are saturated with charges to redeem time. We see it in our fast food restaurants, ATMs, and even our sayings (Time is funds). Why are we like this? What drives us to be eternally search for ways to speed up our daily routines? Finding these answers means understanding the most basic values of American culture. It is amazing to look at the number of ways that American ingenuity has made almost both aspect of our lives move just a little faster. The most open way is our fast food restaurants. With the invention of these we no longer surrender to wait for a meal. We simply place an order, our food gets pulled out from underneath the heat lamp, and we are on our way. If were really in a rush, we can just zip through the drive-through a nd have our order without constantly taking the exceptional time required to step out of the motorcar and walk into the restaurant. Many drive-through windows even have a little timepiece on them so you can know just how much time you have saved. Is the food any good? Did you even get the especial(a) sour cream you ordered on that burrito? It doesnt matter. When was the last time you ate at McDonalds and thought to yourself, Man, this is the best burger I have ever eaten Probably never, scarcely I bet you were impressed if you got it spare fast. Banking has also become faster and faster. With the invention of the bank drive-through window and the ATM, we move intot even have to go inside the bank anymore. We just slide in our cards, type in the numbers, and get our money. This is wonderful. I l... ...nother of our ethnical values hard work and productivity. Maybe we need to change this. possibly we should learn to value leisure time as well, and stop objective those who already value leisure time of being lazy. Time for Americans has gotten way out of hand. Of course, it is difficult to change the basic instinct of a culture, but we need to learn to stop obsessing about every minute that we king possibly save or lose. It is entirely too self-destructivea cultural trait that affects the culture itself in some very ostracize ways. If it does relate to the more factor then perhaps we should look for something else to name more of. If not, then we should at least learn to be a little less productive and a lot happier in the extra time that we create for ourselves. That should not be too difficult because ingenuity is a part of our culture as well.

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