Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Vegetarian Diets Essay examples -- Healthy Lifestyle Essay

Growing up in India, I eat up heard much about vegan nutritions. M all people possess on vegetarian diets due to religious beliefs, personal interest, ethical issues, and many separate reasons. So what exactly is a vegetarian diet? Is it better for the body? Vegetarian diets evict provide the necessary nutrients as well, as reduce the likelihood of chronic diseases caused by unhealthful diet however, if the food inlet is non nearly monitored it can lead to deficiencies. Then the question becomes, if vegetarian diets are better, then why exactly do we need meat products in our diet? In this research paper, I want explore the pro and cons of vegetarian diet and its implications. The vegetarian family defines a vegetarian as one who consumes predominantly fruits, vegetables, grains and fix products without eating carnal products such as meat, fish, poultry (Vegetarian society). Although vegetarians are defined as those who do not consume animal products, there are diver gent levels of vegetarianism semi-vegetarian, pescovegetarian, lacto-ovo-vegetarian, lacto vegetarian, ovovegetarian, strict vegetarian, macrobiotic diet, and fruitarian. The level of strictness in food intake varies with each type of diet that it becomes harder for the person to acquire the daily requirements of nutrients. Semi-vegetarian is also known as Flexitarian. This type of vegetarian consumes a large amount of plant products, eggs, dairy items and from time to time eat red meat, poultry, at propagation even fish (Thompson, Manore, Vaughan, 2011 pg. 223). A flexitarian as the name sounds does not overstep up meat completely but they take on this diet because they have become more conscientious of their health and the ecology. Since they are not completely limiting an... ...Based on research, it seems that all vegetarian diets other than strict vegetarian, macrobiotic diets and fruitarian diet provide the body with essential proteins derived from animal products. In any type of diet, the individual must follow the requirements in order for it to have good benefits to health. ReferencesBecoming a vegetarian. (2009). Harvard Womens Health Watch, 17(2), 4-6.Lacto Ovo Vegetarian Diets. Lacto Diets, Lacto-Ovo-Vegetarian Diet. Retrieved on March 25, 2012. http//, A., & OMalley, R. (2009). rust right. Retrieved March 25, 2012 from http//, Manore, Vaughan, 2011. The Science of Nutrition. Benjamin Cumming, San Francisco. Vegetarian society. (n.d.). Retrieved March 25, 2012 from http//

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