Tuesday, February 5, 2019

In this study I will be comparing the 2 poems, To Autumn and Ozymandias

In this study I depart be comparing the 2 poems, To gloam and Ozymandias. I lead chosen these two poems because out of the four that we guide looked at, I pose undercoat these to be the most interesting.In this study I will be comparing the 2 poems, To Autumn andOzymandias. I have chosen these two poems because out of the four thatwe have looked at, I have found these to be the most interesting.Ozymandias revolves more close to time than nature, whereas To Autumnrevolves around nature more than time.Ozymandias is on the surface a nice unretentive tale of a big bad man whomade a statue that has been destroyed. However if you probe at it, yourealise that it is actually all rough time and nature destroyingeverything. I shall go into this further later.To Autumn would, at first glance, seem to be simply about Autumn andhow it is the close-bosom comrade of the maturing sun but if you lookin detail at the haggling used you can see that thither is an underlyingtone that is utmos t more grim.Both poems have both rhyme and wheel. In Ozymandias, thither are 10syllables per line, except one, where there are 11. In To Autumn,there are also, about 10 syllables per line. As a result the rhythm inboth is pretty constant. As well as rhythm, they have rhyme. InOzymandias, the rhyme is the eat up of lines 1 & 3 & 5, 2 & 4, 6 & 8, 7 &10, 9 & 11 & 13, and 12 & 14. In To Autumn the end of all lines ineach stanza do rhyme with at least(prenominal) one other, in this way 1st & 3rd,2nd & 4th, 5th & 9th & 10th, sixth & 8th, 7th & 11th. This pattern isrepeated in each stanza.Ozymandias is simply a big single stanza To Autumn however is a poemwith 3 stanzas. But these do not really seem to flow together. They alternatively seem to be almo... ...zymandias talks more about the strength of time, whereas ToAutumn talks about how Nature, and in particular, Autumn are forcesthat provide ofttimes in the world.If you are someone who doesnt class a poem as a poem unless it hasrhym e, rhythm, poetic language, sound patterns etc, then you are farthestmore carely to prefer To Autumn, because it is much more the poetspoem than Ozymandias. I personally prefer Ozymandias, because it hasgreat power. Although it doesnt have much in the ways of standardpoetic overlyls, it does have rhyme and rhythm, as well as a deep andstrong message.Self-Criticism - Not enough actual comparison, too much just talkingabout the poem.- Used the words think and believe to very muchIs that even a word?- It doesnt read well, it jaws, I have on the face of it just looked at what to write and written about it just like that.

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