Thursday, February 7, 2019

How To Upgrade You Computers Memory Essay -- Process Essays

How to Upgrade Your PCs MemoryA memory nurture is the easiest and most cost-effective get along that you can make to join on the transaction of your personal electronic computer (PC). The RAM, or random access memory, temporarily holds entropy and instructions as the central processing unit (CPU) processes them. As you increase your PCs RAM, its performance will be faster, and it will have fewer syllabus or system crashes.When you purchase a PC, it usually will non come with the maximum amount of RAM possible, leaving you room to upgrade the amount. The process of adding additional RAM memory modules is relatively easy to do yourself if you have a basic understanding of how to operate a computer and how to operate Windows XP. Because Windows XP is the most commonly used Operating System, it is assumed that it is installed on your computer. If you be unsure of your skills, consult a PC Technician for the installation. It is possible to price a PC while installing new compone nts.The first tread that you should take is to determine how much RAM that is currently installed in your PC. First, leaf on the Start button. Next, you should right- traverse on My Computer. On the Shortcut menu, select Properties. Finally, click on the General tab. This will display the version of Windows that the PC is running, the PCs mainframe computer type, and the amount of RAM that is installed.The second trample is to check your PCs documentation or the manufacturers website to gather important information. This is a very important step because not all memory modules work in all PCs. There are different types. You should find out the type, speed, and category of RAM that can be installed, the maximum amount of RAM that your PC can handle, and where the memory modules... ...ct slots in the correct position. When you have the module lined up, insert it into the slot. Gently fag straight down with firm force. The module will lock in, and the backup arms on the slot will lock into place. If the module is not going in properly, do not force it. Instead, remove it and sweat again.For the final step, replace the side panel and screws. Reconnect the monitor, keyboard, mouse, and any other cables that you disjointed earlier. Then reconnect the power cord to the PC and plug it in an outlet. release on your PC. When the computer powers up, it will automatically count the memory make and show it onscreen. Check that the number is correct. You can also repeat step one to confirm that that correct amount of memory is installed. If the number is correct, and you hear no error messages, you have successfully upgraded your computers memory

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