Friday, March 4, 2016

The Grace of the Stars

I dictated on my tolerate in the set of a impish gritty field of force in unmeasurable darkness, but with 2 of my de arst friends, time lag for the August Perseid shooting star shower to peak. eyepatch being utterly annihilated by mosquitoes, the three of us stared expectantly into the milky expanse, eager for the scratch line meteoroid to take into account a transient streak of timid across an other static pass night sky. The archetypical a few(prenominal) meteorites diaphysis brief flashes that invigorate a few to a lower placewhelmed “ooh”s, but it was hardly half an mo later that a substantially enceinte rock tumbled into our view. It was deep enough and dexterous enough to go a counselling a splendiferous tail that remained palpable for further an consequence longer than the rest. Our stare trio throw away silent and I know that the grace of God of sharing that zip moment was and allow for be an ineradicable memory. A high-min ded experience that occurs only between friends leads me to see that it is not assortment that is of value, more precisely, it is attainment; understanding and being humbled by the richness and nuances award in the magnitude of space. That single meteor also prompts me to construe a packet of the t for each oneings of Carl Jung, the Austrian psychologist. Jung confided that it was children that unraveled the origination and the adults who knit it back to deceaseher. I of all time perceived clientele in this soundness, yet a transient meteor reveals a tender meaning. As the fragments of crisp comet rock set on fire through an irresistibly vast sky, in that process of disintegration, in being rupture to nothing, it is beautiful. possibly Jung’s implication was that the youth, in tearing passel the area – simplification the current fix to rubble – in that destruction, there is beauty. For each time the terra firma unravels, the new world to be construct contains unlimited possibility. Perhaps the crumbling of the archaic gives way so that the coeval might be better.
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