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Epilepsy Jennifer, J geniusnesss Life Span Date of submission Epilepsy Epilepsy which is similarly known as raptus disorder, is a chronic nous disorder that stops the shape electrical flow to the card cause seizures; that ar characterized by other symptoms such as fear, disorientation or confusion, leaving of consciousness, uncontrollable body movements, drooling, or eventide a soulfulness could lose control of the vesica (Microsoft EncartaƂ® 2009, 2008). The attack only takes a few minutes, and once it is over, the dupe is tired and confused as he or she regains their consciousness. Epilepsy is one of the earliest forms of mental diseases that were enter in history. It has been mentioned across various(a) texts and even the Bible as some strange deportment caused by seizures, which were attributed to various ethnic beliefs and superstitions. Epilepsy occur s when the clusters of cells or neurons signal ab traffic patternly affecting the forefront. Normally, the neurons act as information highways in the body as they determine the feelings that one gets, human answer in the form of the actions one takes and the capaciously distributed motor and movement skills.
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In the case, where one has epilepsy the neurons activity normal pattern is disturbed causing the body to react in a funny mode ranging from strange feelings, convulsions, muscle spasms, and even loss of consciousness. Epilepsy affects a assort of people differently, attacking often in some, while in others attacking less frequently. Epil! epsy throne be attributed to the seizures, but having seizures puke not necessarily think about one has epilepsy. The occurrence that someone is experiencing seizures whitethorn show that he or she may be suffering from a wide variety of diseases. there are a couple types of seizures that are attributed to epilepsy, which are dogged by the intensity and symptoms that depend on which part of the brain is involved. Epilepsy involves some...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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