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A cathedral (derived from the Latin word cathedra, meaning ass) is any church that contains the seat of a bishop. If there was no bishop working within a church, then it is not considered a cathedral. The amount of funding the bishop and the town had, limited the size of cathedrals. Cathedrals became greet as symbols of God, his power, and how much people respected him. Most cathedrals in europium were built between about 1000 and 1600 AD. These cathedrals atomic number 18 in Spain, England, France, Germany, and Italy. Unfortunately, many of these stunning cathedrals catch either deteriorated all over time or confirm been torn down. However, there ar still well-nigh cathedrals left today. Cathedrals were where Christians in medieval europium went to pray, take communion and talk to their priests. Marriages, baptisms or funerals were also many of the services held there. In the Middle Ages, most cathedrals did not have chairs in them and people stood or walked around or knelt on the floor to pray. Cathedrals were not only for religious ceremonies. When bishops, lords or kings had most-valuable declarations to devote, they generally met in the cathedral, which was the biggest indoor place in town. The soonest medieval cathedrals were built in the Romanesque style. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Romanesque style cathedrals are characterized by their thick walls, rounded arches, piers, groin vaults, large towers and overall capacious quality. They also lack windows and thus, have less light than those of the dashing style. Later, in about 1100 AD, this Gothic style emerged. Gothic computer architecture is characterized by the pointed arch, flying b! uttress, and ribbed vault. They also contain salient(ip) stain glass windows, higher ceilings, and an overall more exposit atmosphere. To make these massive buildings, the builders needed a lot of hooey such as stone (mostly limestone), wood, and mortar. Mortar, which was used to wait stones together, was a really primitive form of cement. Wood held up the roof, to hold up flying...If you want to get a full essay, regularize it on our website:

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