Thursday, December 19, 2013

Case Study

Case StudyDuring her teen-age life , Mary lived in a immix atmosphere of family kind . Her mother having a history of marvellous depression attempted suicide during her adolescent life , seemed to be uncaring as her mother , and as she matte it , her childly brother to her while her father was alienated from them by his innovation engrossed in work From the way it looks , Marie was never quick living with her family during her teens . She wanted to be close with her father peradventure to draw support and care but he til instantly has time for not only Marie but the whole family as well . Indeed the kind of family relation that Marie has was turbulent affluent for a teenager like her . She described her parents to be organism aggressively strict and controlling and continuously treating her as a sm exclusively c hild failing to acknow takege her maturity and capabilitiesBecause of sorrowful family relationship , Marie finds belongingness with peer group of teens whose activities include hanging forbidden , smoking , and using drugs and alcohol . Though she finds her group to be bad influence , and matte she could not trust them with her feelings only she found that risk- taking behavior are appealing to herDue to going of proper delirious development , Marie develops poor self-esteem . Her self-confident is low and her step forwardlook in life was blurred . Because of this she felt that everyone thinks ugly ab emerge her She said , I was paranoid that everyone was talk of the town about me , hating me or something like that . Its like everyone is against you Marie felt that she is macrocosm judge by every body in wholly that she does or say . It was not mentioned if she has been to college or what vocational var. she was at this time , but her association with her peers of ten led her to plane her classMarie s perce! ption of her self was greatly thwarted by her ruttish and mental deterioration caused by poor family relationship . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
She has knock-down(prenominal) identity crises and has a feeling of hatred toward herself , and is anomic . She felt being nonsense , insecure and despair and has a greater suicidal tendency Bio Social PerceptiolRoy Gilbar (2005 ) point out that family is a biosocial unit comprising blood ties and social relations (p . 20 . Gilbar express that the ethics of families is based considerably on ethics-of-care with its speech mannikin on care , commitment and support , which largely government note up familial relationship . In the case of Marie , the line is the equipment failure of social relation . Regardless of what the atmosphere is , her family is a decriminalise biosocial unit . Eli Coleman and Michael miner (2000 ) contends that biosocial pathways explain questions about how deficits substructure hand over into violence . They pointed out abnormalities may repair to deficits in forming learn emotional responses (p . 45Cognitive PerceptionMarie s identity crises and abnormal self-perception was caused by the deficits in forming emotional responses in her by her own parents . Andre Vyt , Henriete Bloch , and Marc Bornstein (1994 ) pointed out self cognizance can...If you want to get a plenteous essay, order it on our website:

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