Friday, March 15, 2019

The Spanish-American War :: American History Essays Spain Papers

Throughout history, at that place bring on been many fights that have been caused by many different reasons. Also, the effects of the contends may greatly impact, ripe(p) or bad, either side of the fight. One great fight in history of the United States was the Spanish-American War of 1898. The Spanish-American War was caused by many things. The war has left a lasting effect of both countries snarly, the United States and Spain. two Spain and the United States were greatly impacted by the war.The Spanish-American War was not started by one thing in particular. It was because of a large amount of reasons that build up until it erupted in war. It started with the explosion of the USS Maine. When Spain sent in General bloomer Weyler to stabilize the situation in Cuba, he put the majority of the community into concentration camps. The US sent the Maine to protect its investments there. The USS Maine was on a hearty mission to wait and rescue any US citizens that may be hurt in the conflict. At 440 pm on February 15, 1898, the Maine exploded and sank in Havana Harbor. The source of the explosion was not known. around thought that it may have been from a Spanish mine. Others thought there may have been a spy on board the ravish sent to destroy it.Even though the United States said it energy have been an accident on board, the US citizens were sent into a rage by yellow journalism that was published by men equivalent Pulitzer and Hearst. The information posted by these yellow journalist increased the anti-Spanish feelings and make more and more people favor war. Also, when Congress passed the Fifty cardinal Dollar bill, which gave the president 50 million dollars to prepare for a war before it is declared, it made people more and more ready for a war and it also made them support it.Many countries in atomic number 63 tried to intervene in the situation without actually getting involved into the conflict. Most of Europe expressed sympathy for Spain and tried to talk to the US, merely they would not support Spain in the conflict or in the publication of a war. Also, Great Britain supported the United States all through the war and gave them advice. The two countries became uneasy as they both began to prepare their army and navy blue for a war in the sea and on land.

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