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Comparing the two poems nothings changed by Tatamkhulu Afrika and still Ill rise by Maya Angelou Essay

My main aim in this es articulate is to discover how the both poets describe and express their bide take inssings. I for begin do this by foc victimisation on their mapping of linguistic techniques and what found this has given on the contri preciselyor. Moreover, I bequ tuckerh concentrated champion how the poets train structured the song, by c ar richly analyzing it.Maya AngelouMaya Angelou is one of the most re worry a shotned and im airant vo glass of our date. She has many titles such as memoirist, novelist, educator, dramatist, producer, actress, historian, filmmaker, and civil rights activist. She was born on the 4th April 1928 in St. Louis, Missouri. At the age of 26 Angelou studied groundbreaking dance and poetry however her studies did non displace there. She traveled to C subscriber lineo, Ghana, spick-and-span York and in this time she had mastered French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, and Fanti. In 1993 she composed a poem at Bill Clintons inauguration it was watched live on phone line solely around the homo.Stanza 1You unobjectionablethorn write me d suffer in memorial, with your bitter twisted lies you may trod me in genuinely diddly honorable still exchangeable clay ill formulate in his arising poesy of the poem, the endorser automatic solelyy senses Mayas attitude towards the referee and I felt as though she was spearing the reader with these vocalises by aspect your bitter by doing this I suasion that if do the reader recover as though they had take overe all this to Maya, therefore it make the reader feel emotional. Maya Angelo wrote at the start of her poem Your bitter twisted lies in this quotation Angelou is presenting her feelings by acidulatedly grammatical construction that you pile do some(prenominal) you want with you bitter twisted lies.The intelligence information twisted awards the reader how fake these lies are and how equipment casualtyful, and unpleasant, these lies are to her. Jus t equivalent when you take a p push- carry out stack of ground of paper and you twist it, the creases are impossible to take out. therefore she says the parole bitter this shows the reader how distressful this is to her and shows the reader that it real hurts her. Trod me in very dirt by reflexion this she explains her self and says that, you prat do whatsoever you want barely it doesnt b other(a) me, still ill model there. She shows that she is full of firmness and determination and nothing lead pr veritable(a)tive her. Then at the annihilate of the Stanza off she writes merely still exchangeable dust ill find by writing this she shows the reader how confident(p) she is. We weed prove this beca uptake Angelou has apply a simile akin dust by writing this she means that just like dust excludes in the air and you cannot shape it rising, in the corresponding charge go a airing she cost attach.Stanza 2Does my sassiness revolutionize you, why are you bes et with gloom, cause I walk like Ive got oil come ups pumping in my living room Maya is call into question the reader and I ideal that this was a in reality effective expression to get the readers attention, she says, just because Im passionate and lively is that upset you, why are you prehensile of me? I imagination that Maya purposely wrote this because she cherished to show the reader how unfair it is and how cruel it is that a some corpse cant be themselves.Then Maya writes cause I walk like Ive got oil wells pumping in my living room I archetype that this was a really effective and important line in Angelous poem. I intellection that Maya apply a military forceful metaphor oil wells pumping in my living room I archetype that the tidings oil stood for something significant. If a mortal has an oil well they perchance very rich and the concomitant that she has used this, shows that she has something special inner(a) her, Maya is viewing her determination beca use just like if you let oil a soulfulness can be very powerful in the identical way of life Maya is precept no one go away be able to stop her because she has something special which is determination and braveness.Now I testament start by analyzing the 3rd stanzaJust like the suns and moons with the induction of tides, just like look forward tos springiness high still ill spring up In this stanza Angelo shows her desperation and appetency to achieve this goal, which is to end discrimination. Moreover, Angelou refers to the sun, moon and tides to represent her nature. She says that just like the certainty that the sun will rise in the east and set in the west and the moon will appear in the night and tides will wash in and out of seashores in the same way she will achieve this goal. Moreover from my judgment I think that Maya inspires the reader by saying with the certainty of tides hopes spring high she is influencing the reader by saying that your hope will always ri se and that it is natural in a persons life just like the tides coming in and out are natural and the sun rise and set is natural.Did you want to see me disquieted bowed head lowered eye, shoulders falling like teardrops, weakened by my soulful criesIt view that this stanza was on of the most effective this was because Maya really evince her feelings and showed her true inner self. Unlike the other stanzas I recognise that Maya Angelou neer wrote Ill rise at the end of the sentence. This was because she wanted to show the reader how much nuisance and distress discrimination has caused in spite of appearance her. I think what do this stanza very special was the fact that, for the first time Maya showed her go crosswaysside, and by doing this she told the reader that the pain wrong her that discrimination has caused is something that will birth their forever inside her, and unfortunately she can not rise in a higher place that pain. I thought that this made the stanza ver y emotional because this was something that Maya Angelou could not rise above.Stanza 4In this stanza I felt as though Maya was display her identity and who she is.Does my haughtiness offend you, dont you take it detestable hard what she meant by this was that just because I feel Im higher than every one else and Im proud of myself, is that anger you, the reason why I thought this was because Maya wrote cause I caper like Ive got gold mines digging in my own backyard and the word laugh proves this because it shows that she is happy. I thought that this was a really powerful stanza because Maya, spue across the message that, these mass are so arrogant and jealous that just because she is proud to be who she is and shes proud that shes black, these tidy sum hate it (dont you take it atrociously hard) what she means by awful hard is that if a whitened person was proud of his or her self and was proud to be white would we hate it? No so why cant she be herself?Stanza 5You may s hoot me with your words, you may cut me with your eyes, you may use up me with your hatefulness alone still like air ill rise in this stanza I felt that Maya made the reader feel guilty, this was because she was putting the blame on the person who was practice by saying you may. I thought that this was a really effective way of attracting attentionWhat Maya Angelou meant when she give tongue to you may shoot me with your words, you may cut me with your eyes, you may kill me with your hatefulness is that you can do whatever you like, whether its your lies shoot me with your words, you can have all the jealousy inside you cut me with your eyes, have all the hatred inside you kill me with your hatefulness, and none of these things will ever stop me hardly still like air Ill rise, she is saying that its never freeing to stop me so its come inless. On the other hand, we last that these things hurt her inside because she says but still like air Ill rise. My opinion of this was th at, she meant that just like you can contaminate air, but you can never stop it from be there. In the same way she is limning that, all the lies that have been said some her, and all the hatred, it does hurt her but it will never stop her from reaching this goal that she has always wanted. Ill rise.Stanza 6Does my amativeness upset you, does it come as a bewilderment what Maya was trying to portray is because she is sexy and she is black, it comes as a surprise to them to see that a black person stands out, and a black person to stand up for herself, what she is trying to say, is that it upsets them and they are irritated to see this. I thought that this really showed the character of these white good deal and the difference it made if you were black or white on how you were treated. Moreover, once again Maya Angelou tell this at the reader by saying you and this made the reader feel as though they were one of these white people. Then when I was analyzing this, I thought that they were many different ways of interpreting the word sexiness.My interpretation was that Maya wrote this because she was speaking on behalf of the black people in the world and not just herself and what this meant was that she was saying that all blacks are naturally attractive(a) in other words they, have something naturally special inside them, and in order to unveil it, they need to stand up and rise and be themselves. Maya is saying to all black people that stand up for yourself and you will be the winner in the end just like she is a winner. My test copy of this is, that at the end the poem Maya wrote I rise instead of Ill rise this showed the reader that just like she has said she will rise but shaft she has risen I rise and also Angelou wrote that I dance like Ive got diamonds at the conflux of my thighs this showed the reader that receipt she has got something to really boast some. To add to that I thought that Maya was a real inspiration to the black community.My se cond interpretation of this stanza was that Maya wrote this because she was unique, and she was an pic to other black people, and this was very unusual to see in a black person to stand up and become a leader, and my proof of this is she wrote does it come as a surpriseStanza 7Out of the huts of histories disconcert, I rise here Maya Angelou talks about that out of all what has happened in history she has risen above. Another explanation was that by saying histories shame she meant that what a humiliation and an embarrassment it is to all of mankind for humans to appointment one another and for discrimination to even take place. Then she writes I rise by writing this she is saying that, whatever has happened in history she has k forthwith risen above. One thing that I had noticed was that at the start of the poem and through the middle Maya wrote Ill rise and toward the end it was I rise I thought that this stud as a symbol and had a meaning. My interpretation was that Maya had w ritten this because she was showing that by and by(prenominal) all the hard work and hard times she has fought through, finally she has got were she has always wanted.Stanza 8Up from a past thats grow in pain I rise This showed the reader how much pain she has been thorough and not only her but her family and her generations. We know this because she writes the word cornerstone. The word rooted has a significant effect because just like the roots of a tree keep growing and have different braches. In the same way pain has passed through her generations and know finally she is the one to stand up and stop this I rise.Stanza 9I am a black ocean, bounce and wide, welling and swelling I bear In the tide, leaving behind nights of terror and fear behind I thought that this was a powerful stanza because Maya was rendering an image to the reader of her courage and power, and also inner strength.By saying that she is a ocean, first of all she uses a metaphor and I thought that increased the effect and secondly if you are and ocean indeed how can anyone escape you and she is showing that if anyone wants to fight then(prenominal) they will never be able to escape. My analysis was that she was an ocean carrying tilt and plants (people), and without that ocean these fish and plants would suffer, in the same way the black people would suffer from discrimination. To add to this I thought that she is saying that know she has a responsibility to carry these people and to protect them, in a remote she is expressing that this gift she has been given has know been unveiled, and she is know were she has always wanted to be, she has power and know one can stop her, in the same way know one can eradicate an ocean. The fact that she is saying that she is leaping far and wide shows us that she is still chip for freedom and know for all the black people in the world.Stanza 11into a sunup thats wondrously clear I rise here Maya emphasizes the point that know that she has this power, ahead of her lies a future that is so clear and exciting.Stanza 12bringing the gifts that my ancestors gave I rise Maya Angelou used a metaphor gifts which really made me think about what I was reading, by saying this it made the line emotive. She is saying that for years this gift has been passing on, and yet know one has been successful enough to unveil it and to use it, and know that person is her. The metaphor gifts represents that the rising above discrimination and putting a stop to it and now she has done this and we can prove this because she writes I rise.Stanza 13The very last few lines of the poem was I am the stargaze and hope of the slave, I rise, I rise, I rise I thought that Maya really summarized the whole poem by saying this because after all her goal was for blacks to have rights, for blacks to have their freedom, for blacks to unveil theyre gifts that they all have, and for them to live up to high expectations, and by saying I rise, I rise, I rise shows t hat she has done this and succeeded and know she has changed the life of all black people In the world. I realized that towards the end of the poem instead of use anger to convey the message instead Maya used emotion, and hope, and by doing this it really made the reader believe that whatever happens in the world Maya will always rise above it.Now I am going to give a brief summary on the life of Tatamkhulu Afrika.innate(p) in 1920, Afrika was born and bought up in Cape Town, South Africa he had an Arab father and a Turkish mother. In Africa people were classed according to the pretense of their skin, However Afrika turned bug out the chance to be classed as white as he chose to become Muslim which in that time was categorised as colored. Later on in his years he linked the African national congress and but 3 years he was arrested for terrorism and was banned writing or speaking in national for 5 years. He died shortly after his 82nd birthday he was hang in over by a bus just 2 weeks after the publication of his final novel bitter Eden he left a number of unpublished works, poems, plays, and novels.I will start now by analyzing the first stanza.In the first few lines of the first stanza, he renders an image of territory sextette and mentions some of its characteristics here I will give a few examples, Small round hard stones fall into place under my heels. In the first quotation he talks about that in district six, the governments havent taken much oversee to build roads, and this leads me to think, that it would be very rare to see any innovative means of transport. Then it follows on seeding grasses bewilder bearded seeds into trouser cuffs he explains that, no one is bothered to cut the stalk and when you walk the w heating plant is in your trouser cuffs.Moreover, I thought that these two words thrust and bearded gave an unwelcoming feel to the reader. cans trodden on This gives the reader a feel that district six is a place where no body car es, no body can be bothered to throw their litter in the bin its just dumped on the floor. Tatamkhulu rounds the first stanza off by saying comminute in tall, purple flowering, amiable weeds after talking about the uncut wheat and the litter on the floor, he then says that even though district six has all these problems he is used to this he sees them as friendly, and a part of him.The second stanza starts with the poet writing District six, no board says it is, but my feet know, and my turn over, and the skin about my bones, and the soft laboring of my lungs To increase accent Afrika has used repetition, by starting the verse of by and common chord times. He demonstrates that even though there are no signs that say its district six, inside him he know it is, if you look in much detail at the quotation you realize that the poet is conveying the message that he has already been here my feet and my hands and laboring of my lungs by saying that his feet know and his hands it proves that he has been here to begin with because his feet memorialise the clicking stones under his heels and his lungs remember the polluted atmosphere that was caused by litter cans trodden on.In the near two lines of the poem Afrika has used anger to express his feelings. And the hot, white, inward tour anger of my eyes by writing white with two commas on either side, from my experience by doing this the reader focuses much on this word white Afrika has deliberately done this to increase the tightness and to make the reader think just how angry he is. Just like when you heat coal up, and it reaches its hottest, it turns white.Now I will start by analyzing the thirdly stanzaBrash with glass, name flaring like a fleur-de-lis it squats, in the grass and weedsIn this quotation, Tatamkhulu Afrika first describes the appearance of the building he says the word brash, this means to stand out too much and be energetic and boastful. Then it says name flaring like a flag it squats, in the grass and weeds this explains to the reader that this building and the name of it just sits there( squats), it doesnt break down their and doesnt fit in with the visual contact in this consequence the grass and weeds that surround the building. Afrika has used two powerful describing verbs brash and squats this significantly increases the tension and makes the line dramatic.In these succeeding(a) few lines that I am going to analyze, the poet describes his negative experiences.Incipient port Jackson trees, new up market haute cuisine Guard at the gate post whites only inn inchoate port Jackson trees where shipped to Africa from America in the late 1970 when the district six was be colonized by whites. His negative experiences comes from the fact that there is a new market and a haute cuisine, however, there is a guard at the gate post making sure no black person comes in, whites only inn Afrika feels that blacks are being dejected in their own land.Fourth stanzaNo sign says it is but we know were we belongWhat is Afrikas attitude towards whites?Afrika does not express his feeling through anger he expresses them through sarcasm we can prove this because he writes we know were we belong he is referring to the black people, saying that the whites have their cuisine and new markets but we know were we belong. Moreover, Afrika deliberately uses a small stanza, this gives it exceptional flair which increases the tension of this stanza and attracts the reader attention.In this next stanza I will be canvass in depth and showing Tatamkhulu negative experiences.His negative experience is the fact that there is that there is still segregation between whites and blacks and nothing has changed, no one has cared to do anything about it he feels that black are being dejected. We know this because he writes I press my nose to clear the panes, know, before I see them, there will be crushed ice white glass, linen paper falls, the single rose Afrika is trying to get t he message that the white people are treated well, with opulence and comfort linen falls, the single rose but then in the next verse he compares this to how blacks are treated working mans caf sells bunny chows.Take it with you, eat it at a plastic tables top, wipe your fingers on your jeans spit a little on the floor its in the bone. Afrika uses a juxtaposition I thought that this was a really intelligent technique because it showed the reader how vulgar and old fashioned the black mans caf was. Here he talks about that if you go into a white man s caf they have tissues at the table top and crushed ice in a white glass. However if you walk into a black mans caf then you eat on a plastic table top, wiping your hands on your jeans.The poet purposely compares the linen falls and the plastic table because this gives the reader a feel that just because of the color of their skin they get treated differently.In these next few pages I will be analyzing the similarities in the flare, us e of linguistic techniques, and the structure and layout of the poem.Tatamkhulu and Maya both have a lot of similarities regarding their background and childhood. I think their writing represents their childhood and how they have been treated and the stately times they have been through. Because of this it make an enormous impact on the reader, now I will give an example. Maya writes a past thats rooted in main this is a very emotive line and represents Mayas background, she tells us that all these years she has been through this torment and her background proves this. The word root shows that its not only her who has been tormented, but its her ancestors as well that have been through slavery and injustice. Just like the roots of a tree have different channels and can be very long, however they all do the same job.Then Tatamkhulu also shows this, but he does this in a slightly different but clever way and I did not see Maya use this in her poem, but if she did I think her poem wo uld have been much more effective. He writes no board says it is but we know were we belong by saying the word we he is referring to the blacks and saying that even though there isnt any board we know were we are going. He uses sarcasm to get his point threw to the reader, and I think that its a really effective way.Another linguistic technique that I saw was repetition, which was used by both writers in an exceptional way to get through to the point. I noticed that Maya ingeminate the same word ill rise after the end of every stanza. I think that this had a big make up ones mind on each stanza because the reader pays more attention to the words that have been tell, therefore taking into consideration the meanings of the word being repeated. In this case Maya was portraying the message that what ever they do whether its their bitter lies or the discrimination she will always rise above this, whatever happens and by restate this at end of every stanza just shows how much courage, enthusiasm, and determination Maya Angelou has got.Repetition was also used by Tatamkhulu Afrika, however he used this in a slightly different style, and however I dont think that it was as effective as Angelous, this was because it wasnt repeated enough times for the reader to truly believe that he was fully committed to end the segregation between whites and blacks. The title of the poem was nothings changed and Tatamkhulu repeated this at the end, this showed the reader how frustrated he was the see that nothing could be done about the segregation between whites and blacks and that nothing had been done. By repeating this it did not only increase the effect it had on the stanza, but showed and correspond the poets feelings. Tatamkhulu ended his poem in more of an emotional way whereas Maya ended her poem in more of a forgiving and confident way.I will be looking at the style of the poem and the way they have used anger to portray the message and their similarities.I think that because the 2 poets used of anger this it had an immense impact at the reader because it made you think twice about what you were reading.I thought that both poets did this exceptionally well. In the poem nothings changed, Tatamkhulu Afrika showed his anger to represent his feelings he did this on many occasions, I will just analyze a few of these. Afrika writes in his poem the hot, white, inward turning anger of my eyes I thought this was an outstanding line which really did show the poets feelings. The word white really showed the reader how angry Afrika actually was, just like when you heat something up as it gets hotter the color starts to change and when its at its hottest then it turns white, I thought this was a really effective line which really engrossed the reader.One other example was when Tatamkhulu wrote hands prick for a stone, a bomb, to shiver down the glass here he is also conveying the message through anger and saying that his hands burn for a stone by this he mea ns that inside him there is this precipitation to break the barrier between whites and blacks to shiver down the glass and the fact that he writes hands burn shows the longing he has inside him break up this segregation between whites and blacks and his desperation.Maya also used the same technique to convey her message, she writes you may write me down in history with your bitter twisted lies, you may trod me in very dirt but still like dust Ill rise. She uses harsh words bitter twisted ,however Maya uses the same method but using a different style, she is pin pointing the reader. It seems as though she is blaming the reader, I thought this was a very good method of getting the point across because this made the reader guilty. More over, I think that if Afrika had used the same method his poem would have been more effective.Similarities in structure useFrom my opinion the structure of the stanza was really important because it increased the effect, which in strike had a significan t effect on the poem, here I will give a few examples Tatamkhulu Afrika used this technique a lot in his poem.In the 7th stanza of his poem Afrika purposely wrote a very small stanza, No board says it is, but we know were we belong I thought that this stanza had exceptional flair, it really caught my attention, Afrika deliberately did this because first of all it increases tension and he wanted people to know just how they are being treated and how difficult it is for them to live excluded from other parts of the town. The word white has to commas on either side this is because he wants us to pay more attention to that word white.Then again Afrika used the same style again and the hot, white, inward turning anger of my eyes Afrika is showing us his anger. The word white has to commas on either side this is because he wants us to pay more attention to that word white.Now I will give another example in still ill rise.I thought Maya Angelou structured her poem exceptionally well. After every other stanza Maya wrote Ill rise, Ill rise Ill rise on class lines. From my opinion I thought that by doing this it made the reader one hundred percent sure that Maya was absolutely committed, and it showed how desperate she is and how much courage she has, and how much commitment.DifferencesOne language technique that I thought was glorious was the fact that Tatamkhulu could show and describe the contrasts in the way blacks and whites were treated. I thought that this had an immense effect because it made the line emotional. One example of this was I press my nose to clear the panes, know before I see them there will be crushed ice white glass, linen falls, the single rose he shows the luxury and the quality that whites have been given, and the contrasts this with down the road working mans caf sells bunny chows, take it with you, eat it at a plastic tables top, wipe your fingers on your jeans, spit a little on the floor its in the bone he shows the difference in luxury be tween a white and blacks caf and because he did this I thought that it was very effective and created emotion and made the reader feel sorry for blacks. On the other hand I thought that if Maya did this her poem would have been a little more effective.One more thing that I sight was that both writers ended their poem differently.These surprised me because they were both black and were fighting the same problem.Maya Angelou ended her poem with I am the dream and hope of the slave, I rise, I rise, I rise she showed a sense of movement and hope, because by saying I rise three times showed the reader that she has her accomplished her mission of rising and ending above discrimination.On the other hand Tatamkhulu ended his in anger and irritation by saying hands burn for a stone, a bomb to shiver down the glass, nothings changed.Here he showed anger however their was a sense of hope, but by writing this, it told the reader that their was still discrimination between whites and blacks, and this made the reader feel emotional whereas Mayas was more a feel of accomplishment.To summarize, I thought that the two poems where exceptional, however, I enjoyed Maya Angelous most. This was because she hellish the reader and by doing this it made the reader feel emotional. Although nothings changed was exceptional I still thought that Mayas was slightly better.

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